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  1. Totally agree with these sentiments & bit of slack needs to be given to young Nicky who will be hurting more than anyone for letting in the second goal. I am not sure how others feel but it was refreshing to watch & listen to the honest interview with Stephen McGinn who offers a honest appraisal of the different attitude now in the dressing room as reflected by the pain & disappointment on his face & from his demeanour. At least we know our captain cares & I reckon with him & the management team any attitude that wasn’t right on Saturday will be addressed in time for Alloa this coming weekend.
  2. McGinn’s suspension could be a huge factor as he has been immense in that holding role plus his clear leadership on the park. Will be interesting to see who is his replacement
  3. Could a win on Tuesday coupled with lucrative draw v one of Old Firm mean an extra player as well as plugging planned deficit
  4. Given we had 4 potential starters in Williamson, McKay, Watson & Kennedy still out missing & to return to match day squad does that spell the end for Sneddon, , Wilson & Ross
  5. Covetable: should have said able to be covered
  6. Fair observation although would have thought this risk would be covetable albeit possibly costs involved prohibitive
  7. Think the article is suggesting he’s looking for a reset opportunity & agree we could at least offer training facilities & take it from there l like his resilience in wanting to keep playing & certainly deserves a chance do why not us
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62543432 Saw this today & had thus thought Hetherington or Allan
  9. Don’t disagree & it could be we have potential replacements already in squad if Nisbett was replaced by Kai Kennedy & Hetherington by Liam Henderson
  10. So true & wonder how friends & family feel about their son/grandson/mate being hung out to dry even before they have gone for a wash I know we have had a difficult few years but hey let’s give these young lads at least the benefit of the doubt before we reject them
  11. Shout to McGlyn for securing his services / wonder if Steve Cooper would like to loan us young Brendan Johnston as part of his development
  12. 10th September has making of a very proud day in Hogarth household if both Nicky & Jay are in opposing teams
  13. Love it when fans question quality of third choice keeper at English PL club Seem to recall that coming to us in loan only served to help the careers of a certain Tim Krul & that young laddie from Manchester by name of Kasper Scmeichal Be great for young Nicky if he was able to use this loan as a springboard for his career Now some young Arsenal loanees aka O’Donnell, Gregg & Stokes wouldn’t go amiss
  14. Those were the days my friend / singalong now
  15. Although Eddie May came from them too if I recall correctly
  16. My other abiding memory of that night was my normally placid mate going ape over the fact that he had put a tenner in us winning at odds of 12 to 1
  17. One of the best night’s supporting local team with full lower section of Away end in bedlam with bouncing Bairns - recall the pies coming over onto us particularly after the sublime pass from Jay’s dad & Richies’s marvellous finish Oh for Fulton & Cadette double act in today’s generation
  18. Dabber Dabber Don’t Twenty posts in a year = Pars troll
  19. Is that you confirming that both injuries are long term
  20. Whilst I don’t know the man personally I suspect that McGlyn learned more from yesterday than he’s ever going to share publicly & would not be surprised to see some wheeling & dealing over next few weeks Also given I was one of his biggest critics shout out & best wishes to Big Brad on what looked a bad injury yesterday- FWIW thought he was one of our better performers on the day
  21. Maybe tad sarcastic however it’s all about opinions
  22. I personally would go for same back 5 with McGinn & Yeats holding in midfield & Ola the offensive option in middle of park followed by a front 3 of Oliver, Burrell Alegris
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