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  1. Agree that it’s a very decent gesture by the club & more in the spirit befitting of the season of goodwill to all men
  2. This is the biggest game in their history without doubt & think we will be fortunate to get 500 tickets if the capacity is 2500
  3. Lovely part of the world as lived in Caithness for couple years although they do have snow gates up there
  4. Totally agree with these sentiments & bit of slack needs to be given to young Nicky who will be hurting more than anyone for letting in the second goal. I am not sure how others feel but it was refreshing to watch & listen to the honest interview with Stephen McGinn who offers a honest appraisal of the different attitude now in the dressing room as reflected by the pain & disappointment on his face & from his demeanour. At least we know our captain cares & I reckon with him & the management team any attitude that wasn’t right on Saturday will be addressed in time for Alloa this coming weekend.
  5. McGinn’s suspension could be a huge factor as he has been immense in that holding role plus his clear leadership on the park. Will be interesting to see who is his replacement
  6. Could a win on Tuesday coupled with lucrative draw v one of Old Firm mean an extra player as well as plugging planned deficit
  7. Given we had 4 potential starters in Williamson, McKay, Watson & Kennedy still out missing & to return to match day squad does that spell the end for Sneddon, , Wilson & Ross
  8. Covetable: should have said able to be covered
  9. Fair observation although would have thought this risk would be covetable albeit possibly costs involved prohibitive
  10. Think the article is suggesting he’s looking for a reset opportunity & agree we could at least offer training facilities & take it from there l like his resilience in wanting to keep playing & certainly deserves a chance do why not us
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62543432 Saw this today & had thus thought Hetherington or Allan
  12. Don’t disagree & it could be we have potential replacements already in squad if Nisbett was replaced by Kai Kennedy & Hetherington by Liam Henderson
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