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  1. Totally agree Julio but think it was suggested that the identity of blame me might have some history / link to previous board incumbents For what it’s worth my take is this is a SMART statement in every sense not lacking in specifics & clearly giving timelines for their goals & ambitions. I sense from individuals such as Blame Me they might wish to challenge how achievable & realistic these ambitions are but hey as a wise man once said aim for nothing & you will inevitably hit it I sense however that vast majority will see this as I perceive it to be, namely an honest, bold rallying call to mobilise the troops for the battle ahead. So all we need now is for the new management team to unearth a 2022 version of Yogi for the back, a 2022 version of Alex Taylor to boss the midfield & a 2022 version of Richie Cadette to supply the goals. Not asking a lot am I but guess the next generation of Kevin, Simon & Russell will need to wait for the following year
  2. Not sure tbh as this will be my first time seeing them. Aware of couple good players in Albion midfield so will be interesting watch
  3. Changing the subject FFC under 16s playing Stirling Albion this evening at Falkirk Stadium kick off 6 30pm
  4. Think the benchmark of how big your club’s ambitions are will be how many of the current Airdire squad end up playing next season at New Broomfield for the home team
  5. Will never forget the euphoria on the Saturday afternoon to be replaced with the despair on Monday morning
  6. Good to see recruitment underway & guess would be useful for the next incumbent to see what he is letting himself in for by having a look at which ONE of the squad he wants to keep if any
  7. An honourable end to a dismal episode in the club’s history
  8. There is a middle ground where it’s announced now he’s not being kept on beyond end of season which would be open & transparent & give them some breathing space
  9. Let’s be honest here if KM was being a successful Asst Manager with us his plethora of secondary employment gigs with tv channels & radio stations wouldn’t merit a second glance
  10. Surely someone needs to ask the Board the question re is he staying as sense this is now critical to fan base decision making process on season ticket renewal etc
  11. We will struggle to get 500 tops if the current incumbents are kept on If the board want backing then they need a clear statement of intent to excite the fans & for me I would offer McCall the opportunity to return on the back of unfinished business from 19 years ago - after Jeffries era the team of early noughties were the best to watch in past 30 years - cue reaction
  12. What between the woeful camerawork, the uninformed commentary & our so called professional footballers well nuff said
  13. Guys let’s just get real for a minute & whilst not ignoring the current financial climate the truth is simply this: The majority of the fans on Saturday if polled would say no to Rennie & Miller continuing in post full stop if the new board ignore this then they need to face the consequences of significant drop in season ticket sales
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