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  1. it is blatantly obvious that the neo liberal economics west minster has subscribed to has failed. It caused the banking crash, it has caused ludicrous inequality, it has caused obscene waste and over consumption, it has failed in any way to tackle climate change and it fails to provide basic securities such as a warm house and enough food for your family. Not to mention the endemic of pychological disorder, clearly caused by our individualistic lifestyle. I could go on but you get the picture. The world is in turmoil and the UK is part of that. So it is clear we need some alternative, and personally i see no point in independance if it is not radical. The SNP position seem to be that we would have made slightly different economic decisions but overall the status quo would remain mostly unchallenged, which is find wholly uninspiring. What we need is a radical change in the structure of society. Personally i think we need complete revolution, but as that is unlikely i will settle for a model similar to denmarks or finlands.
  2. I very highly recommend that people watch these 4 discussions on psychological disorder. I found them extremely illuminating and helpfull.
  3. i can't believe everton managed to sign lukaku. He would have been a good signing for a champions league side. I'm not fully convinced by martinez as a manager but am still very optimistic about the season ahead.
  4. This is getting ridiculous. You just could not dominate this much without having some sort of advantage. Sky say it's his 'scientific training' and im willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because you'd have to be a real sad case to be a lone doper. But surely this scientific training is just the same as doping as it gives riders opportunities which others don't. I just want a level playing field, where the effort and intelligence of a cyclist is rewarded, not because they have some new weaponry that no-one else has.
  5. Why, i mean realistically, the best he's gonna do is mid-table chamionship side, not garanteed of a starting place and probably not getting that much more wages than he is at saints. With us he'd be playing in europe, be our star player, fans will love him etc.
  6. Lets be honest, when you study western foreign policy since ww2, you really can't complain when things like this happen, especially when we refuse to change let alone have any genuine discussion about it. There are countless examples of completely indefensible and purely selfish western intervention, disregarding the human rights and freedoms of the people the invade. I won't name them, it would take too long. Moreover, we utterly destroyed africa, and we still continue to this day to destroy it. If you look at it from inner city muslims point of view, their reaction is quite understandable. They see the slaughter of muslims around the world by western forces, the exploitation by western companies etc, all while they have very little power to do anything, live in an area where opportunities are non-existent, government does nothing to help them and so forth. lets face it, the media is completely self-censored. You only have to read a few history books to get an decent idea of western foreign policy, yet it is extremely rare to here any percpective other than, we're trying to do good, we just make a few honest mistakes.
  7. Very proud to be a sainty. 3rd best team in the country, play entertaining football and work on a fraction of the budget of the many other teams. We've have overcome the conspiracy against us and did ourselves proud. What a job lomas has done. Only his 2nd season in proper management and he's taken us to our highest league finning in over 15 years. Am looking forward to next season with anticipation. If we keep murray, then i think we can even get higher. Maclean has been immense recently, stevie may looks like a cracking player and i don't see why we can't improve as a team and individual players , and we can really puch on and improve.
  8. Depression is, i think, goes hand in hand with a capitalist society. I don't think it takes much insight to see why.
  9. jojo

    The Walking Dead

    OMG, that was pure epic. An i cant believe Dennis wise is in it, which makes it even better. Awsomage.
  10. Yeh, im starting to agree with you. as you say, every single thing in a set has been thought out, every shot has been thought out. Films just excite me more now, theres not really any new good music coming out any more, but there is plenty of films. Also, even a bad film is still enjoyable, most of the time. Wheras a bad album is just awful, and lets face it, most music is bad.
  11. The fugitive - 7/10 good , enjoyable and well made film although the plot was flimsy and almost ridiculous. It was made for audiences to enjoy and it was enjoyable. seven - Really good film actually. Worth a watch. 8/10 The master - It was good but i wans't entirely gripped throughout. Plot line wasn't great, although the two lead actors more than made up for that. Absolutely stunning performances from pheonix and hoffman. 7.5/10 I'm starting to think films are more where it's at than music.
  12. Just watched tree of life - Very ambitious, bold and profound. Overall i think it was brilliant, althoug i can see why people dont like it. For the first half hour i didn't have a clue what was going on. I see it as a generall critique of american society. 8.5/10 Skyfall - It was basically fluff, but thats not to say i didn't enjoy it. It was well made bond film, one of the best bonds i've seen. My brother the devil - i would recommend people go and see this. I would compare it to neds, and overall, i've decided i enjoyed it more than neds. Very good film considering thats the directors first film.
  13. Resevoir dogs - Good, but not amazing as veryone always makes out. 7/10 Withnail and i - Absolutely superb film. A laughed all the way through. Now one of my favourite comedies. 10/10.
  14. getting jailed for a practical joke going wrong. This is serious injustice. P and B, lets stand up and fight this vile occurence where the court of law has turned and is now prosecuting honest, innocent people. P and B, rise to protect our good and respected member that is chigsy, we can not let this repungent miscarriage of justice happen without our loud efforts and voices of disdain and revolt. P and B, enough is enough, we will not stand back and let innocent people among us be humiliated and punished, faced with months of being anally raped merely because he jumped on an old wittered old woman who he thought was his friend, Gary Morrison. We can not let them win, P and B............................FOR NARNIA!!!!!!!!!
  15. Just watched the last picture show. I would go as far as saying this is a must see. I had previously never heard of it but it is exceptionally good. About american town life, and i think it more or less sums it up Also, it has a young jeff bridges who is very good. All his films are at least good.
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