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  1. Rumours are that the manager is getting sacked in the morning, being replaced by assistant manager Gary Holt, who will have total control over team selection.
  2. See out assistant manager was up on court on Monday, seemingly not settled his Confiscation Proceedings when he was....erm....drug dealing. More than just a club!!! http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/docs/default-source/misc-crime-list/3-april-2017.pdf?sfvrsn=6
  3. How much of a Ned does Martindale look like during a game, spoke to a couple of players after the game last week and all the players rip the pish out of him after training, his end game is to be manager, Jose Mourinho never sold coke??
  4. Remind us of anyone?? Only thing missing is the grey ned hat, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGk_skwxYHM
  5. Major? does it really matter? How big a shareholder are you in Hair Division??
  6. Thats my personal take on it given the questions that have been asked & answered to date. TBH how many other clubs would willy nilly show fans there books? You have to take people at face value & as I said the boy from the Livi Trust thats on the board really isn't in it to shaft the supporters' of LFC. We [the fans] are closer to the goings on within our club than we have ever been, but never say never shit happens & as Livi fans we've had our fair share! This won't go away & many Livi fans don't expect it to in the short term, but as we move forward & as the current board continue to be deliver on the financial front then I think that deserves trust!!
  7. The current board in front of other Livi supporters' have stated that directors are not giving the club director loans. I am 98% sure Livi have no overdraft facilities with the bank either. These sorts of questions are asked at Fans forums. The club does have a supporter on the board he's not a fan that wants to shaft other Livi fans & to be honest he is a guy who has a great deal of common sense about him & am pretty sure if behind the scenes things were not going well he would pipe up. He has a duty to the board of directors of Livi FC, but he also has a duty to the Livi Trust because thats how he got there.
  8. It all depends on your cost model I guess. The wage bill now is the smallest it has been for some years thats for sure. Could it be less of course it could I think there 1 or 2 players still on the old contracts once they have gone it it will come down further. The functions have always been a factor in helping Livi FC, but there outgoings have always outweighted the income simple maths really. I never heard once last season players weren't paid, staff weren't paid or suppliers weren't paid or saw any court dates cause by the current board by not paying people last season? Clearly the income (Directors input, season tickets sales, sponsorship & functions, commercial ) is paying the outgoings (Salaries, Suppliers), but people still want to question? If it wasn't then people wouldn't be getting paid & Livi FC would be in Admin/shut down and there would be lots of Scottish Sun Stories
  9. Whether people like this or not the club does not just rely on supporters' income - it runs functions almost 7 days a week at times. That coupled with sponsorship.
  10. Cheers - there is lots of history between Livi fans & MCL & between the Club & MCL. His continued hate fest against both has caused a major divide that just keeps getting bigger & bigger sadly. Its not just as clear cut as MCL makes it out to be, but it never is really always 2 sides to every story. I think more Livi fans would have time for MCL's point of view if he actually done something about his moans & groans, but he chooses time & time again to use Pie & Bovril to air them and have cheap pop shots at the board & Livi fans. IMO he has created his own divide between himself & the club to the point he is not welcome at Livi FC. The current owners of Livi make themselves freely available to fans, but he chooses not to speak to them directly. I am not really defending the club on anything, but if you have constant public hate campaign against them, then thats not a fair fight/campaign and therefore many Livi fans don't use this site for that reason. I guess thats what I am defending (if anything at all). I don't like everything the club does, but as a fan there are channels to riase questions directly to the people involved in making these decisions.
  11. This is a public message board & there is no requirements for me to shout from the rafters who I am the point is you keep trying to second guess who I am & therefore giving the impression to others you know me, when clearly you dont. Here is the deal on the first home game of the season I'll see you in the stadium bar (for go your little pics for 1 day?) & I'll introduce myself to you, but until then no need to try and second guess who I am while throwing insults to other supporters, who you may or may not like. Many genuine Livi supporters are not ducking any hard questions but FFS either put up directly to the club & talk with substance or continue to hide behind your keyboard throwing insults left, right & centre. Its excuses after excuses. If you don't like the Trust write to them or meet the people you might like on the board, but at the end of the day they are a business/charity/organisation & having someone throw insults around without proper substance is not on. If I started to through insults around about your company pretty sure you wouldn't be long before you done something about it!! Thebuddie do these unhappy supporters' confront the st mirren board on the way the club is being run? Good on them if they do as thats a right of any supporter - as long as it's done in the right manner. No one is perfect & everyone has the right to challenge, but sitting behind a key board asking 'hard' questions is never going to prove fruitful for anyone I kind of take from your comments these supporters' still attend game (what you would expect) Awaits the next set of insults or excuses.......
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