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  1. That's odd. I find them the most reasonable whilst cycling. I'd expect that's probably because they make up a large proportion of the cyclist population . It's usually other demographics that get a raging stauner, in my experience.
  2. Are those hover shoes? Can't decide if your feet are planted or not
  3. I had no intention of anyone enforcing it; I already see a big decrease in fans singing those words at home games, due to the connotations. It'll die sooner rather than later.
  4. The words are embarrassing. Let's leave it and it's connotations behind.
  5. Am I being dense? Surely moving bus 1 forward by a few minutes would mean you can catch bus 2, no?
  6. My solution to that is never go to any resort which supplies all inclusive packages.
  7. I mean live on the savings and rattle up your work contributions. Or even just invest it. My mortgage is at 2%, I'm making 7.3% on my investments over the long term.
  8. Can I say, whatever youve overpaid on your mortgage, release it and put it into your pension. Tax relief plus employer contributions or 3% on your mortgage.
  9. c***s on the road/infuriating things your partner does. "What's the speed limit?" "Am I in the right lane?" "What exit is it?" "Is it still straight on? " Is that a bus lane? " " Am I turning here? " All in one 20 minute journey. " Tell you what, I've had 4 pints and I should be driving before you" No more questions
  10. An absolute shoeing and a lifetime ban
  11. Got it. Tight teuchters drink singles. Good bois drink half gills
  12. We've already established you guys use a multitude of incorrect words and phrases.
  13. I agree wuth you but dispute your "nip and a half". Its a "half and a half" in grandad speak.
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