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  1. That's odd. I find them the most reasonable whilst cycling. I'd expect that's probably because they make up a large proportion of the cyclist population . It's usually other demographics that get a raging stauner, in my experience.
  2. Are those hover shoes? Can't decide if your feet are planted or not
  3. I had no intention of anyone enforcing it; I already see a big decrease in fans singing those words at home games, due to the connotations. It'll die sooner rather than later.
  4. Am I being dense? Surely moving bus 1 forward by a few minutes would mean you can catch bus 2, no?
  5. My solution to that is never go to any resort which supplies all inclusive packages.
  6. I mean live on the savings and rattle up your work contributions. Or even just invest it. My mortgage is at 2%, I'm making 7.3% on my investments over the long term.
  7. Can I say, whatever youve overpaid on your mortgage, release it and put it into your pension. Tax relief plus employer contributions or 3% on your mortgage.
  8. c***s on the road/infuriating things your partner does. "What's the speed limit?" "Am I in the right lane?" "What exit is it?" "Is it still straight on? " Is that a bus lane? " " Am I turning here? " All in one 20 minute journey. " Tell you what, I've had 4 pints and I should be driving before you" No more questions
  9. An absolute shoeing and a lifetime ban
  10. Got it. Tight teuchters drink singles. Good bois drink half gills
  11. We've already established you guys use a multitude of incorrect words and phrases.
  12. I agree wuth you but dispute your "nip and a half". Its a "half and a half" in grandad speak.
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