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  1. There was a race between a tortoise and a hare. Ready Steady Go The hare sprinted off but the tortoise, having no concept of competitive sport, just went about his business. The end. The moral of this story is, if you choose not to take part, you won't lose.
  2. Pirlo could play against Scott Brown until he was about 100 years old. Loved watching him rip Brown in the Italy game.
  3. Only an absolute massive moron would consider Nicola Sturgeon to be putting on the facade of a buffoon in the same way as Boris, whether you agree with her political standing or not. I simply meant calling "wee Nicola" as if she was a friend, nothing more, but carry on.
  4. Yup. I have the same thing about "wee Nicola" as well.
  5. Our media is absolutely embarrassing, there is an Italian linked with the job, quick get a completely irrelevant ex old firm player who has no connection with the guy other than nationality to tell us how he'll do. Yup. Its not like Pascali was club captain for years..... if the opinion of a random Italian was needed at all
  6. I'm amazed social services haven't removed her child
  7. I got told, along with 2 others, to put a quid on Moyes at 80s . His price dropped to 16s instantly. 3 quid dropped him 64 points. 😂
  8. The c**t standing near me eating nuts and just dropping the shells on the floor. Hope he has an anaphylatic shock
  9. Hope Solo would beat the shit out of you. Would be worth it
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