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  1. Fantastic player he would be in my team every week
  2. Whoever gets the job is inheriting a great bunch of boys with a great attitude with loads of ability and a team in a strong position
  3. Different class Martin. Pity that technology wasn't about years ago would loved to have seen some of the old ground in their prime and the crowds
  4. Well said Ralph it's easy to rattle your gums and shoot down good guys who work their arses off to keep clubs going
  5. cause it's MY point of view. Don't like don't read simple
  6. spot on mate. Really disappointed cause Saturday was a huge buzz and a great weekend this is a bit of a downer but there's loads to play for and must look at that side of it and keep trying to pick up the points towards a possible chance of promotion. I have spoke to lauchy as I changed number only a week ago so that end is cleared up as he text my old number
  7. It's natural out of work gaffers will be linked and Stevie is a big name out them but would he drop to our division only Stevie can answer that. It's a shocker after a good day yesterday but football and clubs move on quickly. All the best to lauchy and carlo as I did enjoy my two weeks under them just not happy to find out on social media
  8. I can say nobody has the job or been offered lads
  9. I'm in shock as I left on Saturday with everyone in good spirits. Won't lie not happy I found out on here and twitter but been around long enough and seen this a few times that we as the players will keep doing what we do and in a good position to push for promotion.
  10. 100% spot on with everything but I'll accept full responsibility as I should have went safety first
  11. Hahaha wasn't going to bite but I had a howler for first goal yes no hiding that. Didn't blame anyone bar myself. Anyone who was at the game could tell you not once did I blame anyone. It's actually funny the how bitter that post is as anyone at the game could tell it was a load of shite.
  12. Rossvale vs Johnstone burgh ON
  13. Great bit of business boys well done. Always makes me chuckle guys having pops at teams trying to improve their squads
  14. I did mate on both questions. I've been impressed with what I've seen in my first week it's a very energetic and happy camp
  15. being brutally honest. Having been screwed over and bullied by Senior clubs when I was younger having never allowed to have an opinion ect which isn't me I turned full circle and I decide now what I do where I go ect I've made loads of mistakes had fall outs which admittedly were my own fault but on the flip side I've learned more by all my stupidity over the years that help me now on the coaching side and trying to help young gks ect for all I've messed up on the playing side I feel it will be priceless lessons learned for when I hang up the gloves and make the next step
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