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  1. Well done today mate was a decent game all the best for the season
  2. Wouldn't read anything into that mate still early days regarding games ect. A lot of teams only back a couple of weeks after playing a long season I always find teams start gelling ect last couple of games of the sectionals
  3. As we have spoke before there's becoming less gks about now. My phone is non stop people looking I'll keep asking about mate [emoji106] a route I would try is young professionals on loan to gain experience
  4. the ants hospitality and welcoming to clubs is up there with the best Felix and the committee will look after yous
  5. what an opening day fixture that is for us being in a transition period just now yous will be strong favs 😉
  6. would love to take the credit shooders but it was big prosser who did the ground work mate I just tried to help him along in a small way big kieran McGuiness brought him on leaps and bounds
  7. QP have two cracking lads and players from Cumnock I wish both every success. Especially Aidan as I've watched him make his way through the game
  8. looking forward to going there on the 16th
  9. that's still a huge problem with gks in this country at all levels. Clubs don't realise the importance of a gk doing his gk work regularly week in week out to keep them Sharp and focused. Scottish mentality is let gks do the same stuff as the outfield players then put them in for a few shots and that's all they need. I'll dm you a few things later regarding training drills and fitness drills even 2 hours a week will get him sharp
  10. thanks very much mate never know what will happen in football but will try get to a game. Is it still Tuesday Thursday midweek games in the East?
  11. hahaha already got that one lol I'm very happy at rejoining the ants got a soft spot for the hoose after being a league winner up there
  12. it is he's a cracking young talent
  13. A cracking appointment I wish the new management team and club every success
  14. the boys from rossvale I can't speak highly enough of them the Glens have won a watch getting these lads as their attitudes and commitment is best I've seen in a long time I wish them each every success
  15. to be honest they are the games you want to play in and the earlier the better
  16. Ants opening cup and league fixtures
  17. Aye mate should be a cracking league all the best apart from when we play you hahahaha
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