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  1. John Barnes would win Kelty the league. That’s the difference. I’ve watched Cowdenbeath getting beat for 50 years. I’ll get over whatever happens.
  2. It’s a tough league. Lol. Not with the squad Kelty have. Also cutting teeth is nonsense. He’s been in football all his adult life. Dream job to start off being a manager. Season full of mismatches in his favour. He can only fail miserably. He won’t though.
  3. Nouble he looks a good player. That interview tells me he’s a top guy. Good piece on him by the BBC there.
  4. Yes. You must be dross only getting a lucky draw against us.
  5. I can only see troubles again this season if we continue to surrender points like that.
  6. Goal from nowhere. Then we miss two chances. Absolutely typical
  7. They’ve moved him to somebody else’s pocket.
  8. Change of formation pays dividends at the start of the second half.
  9. Very poor first half. Zero quality. I’m hoping it can only get better.
  10. You won 3-1. Only stat that matters. Wind yer neck in.
  11. We must be brilliant. Either that or Stenhousemuir are absolutely rotten.
  12. Does anyone know the availability of players we have for tomorrow?
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