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  1. Delighted to get a couple of goals in one half of football. Has to be a good sign.
  2. I hope there’s not too many sore heads this morning. It’s not a surprise to me Kelty won the league with quite a bit to spare. However the best squad doesn’t always win. You still need direction, you still need motivation and the coaching team at Kelty managed this very well. I was listening to sportsound in the car yesterday when Kevin Thomson was getting interviewed. He came across very well- respect. Good luck in league 1.
  3. You’re kind calling it patter. It’s tragic stuff. The guy has issues. All full of hate that clouds whatever judgment he had.
  4. Kudos to you mate. Travelling a distance to watch us underperforming must be a difficult gig. I live relatively nearby but I just watch the stream. At least I can just turn my iPad in a different direction when things aren’t going well. Which has been often this season. Our circumstances determine where we are at the moment. We start the season at quite a disadvantage where we pay owners rent. Most clubs don’t have this. Then when you add in the local population who really don’t care if they have a SPFL team or not then you have our situation. Over the last few seasons we have survived two extremely close play offs and escaped finishing bottom the other two seasons due to other clubs having a meltdown. I can only imagine the difficulty in balancing the books at Central Park so there is no way I can criticise the people running the club. In fact it’s the opposite. We keep going and see where it gets us.
  5. We have to keep going. Feeling sorry for yourself is not what we need just now. All is not lost.
  6. Play off it is then. Not that I’m giving up. We need to start scoring goals before then. Never known a Cowden side so impotent in front of goal.
  7. It’s a must win game for us if we want to avoid the play off.
  8. I can remember Frank Connors time at Cowden. Nothing but good words to say about him. RIP Frank and condolences to all family and friends. Legend of the game.
  9. Wrong guy entirely. Get yourself together.
  10. I would have coped with floodlight robbery.
  11. Daylight robbery surely has to happen in actual daylight.
  12. Well. It was always going to be a difficult game. We need to wipe it and move on.
  13. It didn’t snow as much as forecast. As long as it’s ok during the night then game on I reckon
  14. Cheers, thanks for that. Encouraging. Hopefully it works out for all concerned.
  15. We have signed Scott Dunn on loan until the end of the season. Thoughts anyone?
  16. Gambling. It can be so destructive. Not a good story this one.
  17. The Raith Rovers board are trying to right a wrong. Surely that’s a good thing. Maybe cut them some slack. Don’t all shout at once.
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