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  1. You very well might. However it wasn’t the relegation bit I was lolling at. You were a wee bit touchy. That’s all.
  2. Looking forward to see who Maurice is getting in. He has us organised there is no doubt. We are lacking in quality in certain areas so hopefully he can address that. Impressed with what the new management team are doing so far.
  3. Conceding penalties. Sendings off. Deary me. Calamity after calamity.
  4. Andrew Barrowman would have been hoping for a better debut.
  5. No frost this morning. I’m fully expecting game on.
  6. Andrew Barrowman is our first signing. Been in USA on a scholarship. Attacking midfielder. Welcome to Central Park Andrew.
  7. You’re not giving them flack though. You’re posting on Kelty league 2 Pie and Bovril forum. I’m not telling/asking you to stop. I’m only pointing out the futile nature of posting anti government shite here.
  8. Lol. Going by some of your previous and indeed your current posts. I take it the SG = the enemy.
  9. Yes. That’s what I thought you were getting at. Confidence is not arrogance.
  10. I certainly wouldn’t accuse Kelty fans of arrogance. I would say the opposite. Not really sure why you mentioned it.
  11. Fair point. I was certainly guilty of a poorly worded post. I think Kelty has a squad so much better than is needed to win this league, therefore it’s easy to predict comfortable wins. Sometimes the scoreline doesn’t always reflect the dominance. It doesn’t really matter as long as the three point hauls keep coming. Without doubt it will continue for the rest of the season. That I can confidently predict.
  12. Definitely deserves credit. He wasn’t getting used enough. Young players need games to improve. That’s why Rovers allowed him to go. Great to see him getting better with game time.
  13. Kelty are so much better than everyone else in this league, so it’s quite easy to predict scorelines like that. The only remarkable thing is it doesn’t happen that often.
  14. Could have won. Disappointed to miss another penalty and the disallowed goal at the end is a tad frustrating.
  15. I’m quite sure he was advocating summer football. For what it’s worth I’m in agreement. Especially at lower league and pyramid level.
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