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  1. They didn’t say they would walk off if Cox got sent off. Keep up will you.
  2. Hopefully he will get a chance. He has everything he needs to make it imo. Good luck to him.
  3. Connor confirmed it was his last game on BBTV. Shame for us but good luck to him. You forget he is only 17. He has a great chance. It irks me that the cretin two weeks ago could have injured him quite badly. Shouldn’t be playing at all with his disgusting attitude. I will watch both the Hearts loanees career with interest.
  4. No Chris Hamilton in the line up today. Injured?
  5. Utter cretin. Stamping on a teenager. Hard as f*** Marshy. P***k.
  6. Best time I’ve had watching Cowden. Some great days which well outweighed the bad ones. Beating Dundee twice in a season and the playoff win at East End the highlights. Sorry to post this here. Couldn’t resist
  7. Great 3 points considering injuries/suspensions. Pre Christmas bonus. Cheers and all the best to all involved at the club.
  8. We had 5 players out. I was concerned about todays game as I thought we were vulnerable. Stenhousemuir are in trouble if Brechin keep their improved form up. Reality.
  9. Hope you’re right. Three points would be very welcome
  10. Disappointing result today. We have hit a disturbing barren spell in front of goal. I make it 4 goals in the last 7 league games. (I have not looked up the stats). If it's wrong it's not far wrong so we will struggle to hold on to our position in the league if this doesn't improve. We can still have a great season compared to the last few. We just have to get the heads up.
  11. Horrendous forecast. I would call it off right now and play it in the Spring/Summer. Come to think of it let’s play all the games Spring/SummerAutumn. I’m getting too old to pay money and get frozen/soaked/depressed.
  12. No you don’t. Neither do I. Still unlucky though.
  13. The ball did not bounce normally. It seemed to pick up pace. Unlucky for the keeper.
  14. For the Record (no pun intended) the story came from David Cox. It has been on many platforms including The Scotsman, BBC and Sky Sports. Just saying.
  15. This 100%. It’s a hate crime. That’s indisputable. No spin can change that.
  16. The bouncy song is just a song. If you see anything else in it then that’s your issue. The Dunfermline thing, well we are allowed to be narrow minded once in a while.
  17. If my wife was getting abuse because of me, I would be knocking them out. I’m with him on this one.
  18. A very disturbing article. Some people really go to far. His wife and baby getting abuse from one of our fans is beyond disgusting.
  19. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/david-cox-threatens-quit-football-21035212
  20. The Scotsman and the Daily Record have a piece on David Cox today. It’s alleged one of the Queens Park players was taunting him (mental health issues) when he got sent off. We are threatening to walk off the pitch if it continues in the future. It’s really quite poor if someone stoops as low as this to gain advantage on the pitch.
  21. I’ve made a few Bob this season. We have been odds against in pretty much every home game. I’ll be partaking again. Win or lose we are the value bet. We don’t have any new injuries. Suspensions I’m not sure.
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