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  1. Exactly. We will improve I have no doubt.
  2. Standard on here. Not sure why. I suppose you need a sense of humour to find it funny.
  3. Kelty have the better squad. Better players in the important areas. However its a free hit for us. Hopefully we can put up a good show and give us something to work on. Certainly it couldn’t be tougher for our new management team. It’s a good occasion though and I’m looking forward to watching via the stream. Unfortunately I can’t make it.
  4. Against my better judgment I did read your posts. My goodness. I worry for you.
  5. Well. I don’t see it that way. We will disagree on that one.
  6. If you read what he actually said it was more of an unfunny joke than anything else. I’m entirely comfortable with it.
  7. Agreed. Smith was a big miss when he left for Oz.
  8. I was thinking that some lessons would be learned when Berwick went down. Their fans (especially one) were absolutely torturing us every week. It’s extremely naive thinking that any club is going to be safe season after season. Every club can have a bad season and fall out the league.
  9. Goodness me you’re the hardest working idiot on here. Kudos.
  10. I’m impressed with this. I’m hopeful we can get out of the position we’re in. Welcome to our new management team.
  11. Whatever you were trying to say, well it didn’t hit the mark. It didn’t look good. It still doesn’t. That’s all.
  12. I don’t get the humour. Maybe you could explain it to me?
  13. I was surprised to hear his name mentioned tbh. We’re not in a position to tap up other clubs managers. Very strange how this non story surfaced.
  14. He lost Kane Hemmings & Greg Stewart which made his task extremely difficult. We were very close to staying up.
  15. Also fair comments. We could do worse no doubt.
  16. This is not a slight on Ray McKinnon but I would have won league 2 with the Queens squad last season.
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