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  1. We are not going to get players on loan from Hearts. Shame but that’s the reality.
  2. We’ve signed the young keeper Nicky Hogarth on loan from Rangers until the end of the season. Good bit of business that. Welcome Nicky.
  3. No decision yet. For us to get the points it’ll have to be established that Albion Rovers didn’t comply with the protocols. Nobody has suggested they haven’t. I’m expecting a new date for the game and to be fair I hope it does get rescheduled. This can happen to anyone.
  4. You’re probably correct. However I think it’s worth asking the question.
  5. How are the streaming figures doing? It looks like that's our only way of income for the foreseeable. Now we have the means to do this wouldn't it be prudent to keep this going even when crowds are allowed back in? There are times when I can't go to games but it is possible for me to watch a stream. It would also mean people living in other parts of the country or further can tune in which would mean much needed extra revenue. Thoughts? Edit to add. I do realise there were rules stopping this before. However rules can be changed.
  6. Cowdens Facebook page says there’s a pitch inspection tomorrow at 9.15.
  7. Fair effort but ultimately the best team going through
  8. Not a good draw in the cup in my opinion. However I do concede there weren’t many good ones.
  9. Deserved the win today. Created a lot of chances. What a goal by Craig Barr. Great strike. Horrible weather.
  10. I wasn’t talking about Queens Park. I was just explaining the meaning of gamble.
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