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  1. ROSS CLARKE UPDATE Many will be aware of the injury Ross sustained in a challenge in the match at Elgin City yesterday. It was immediately apparent that it was a serious injury and Ross was treated on the field and then taken to the dressing room on a stretcher before being conveyed by ambulance to Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin. Thanks go to Elgin club officials and in particular the medical team and first aiders present who rendered speedy assistance and helped tend to Ross at the ground. It was of course deeply distressing for all the Cowdenbeath party who were present and due to the Covid situation we were unable to have anyone travel with Ross in the ambulance. The team coach then detoured via the hospital where the manager and the club were briefed on the position. Ross was kept in overnight and had a lengthy operation this morning to repair a dislocated ankle and also to have pins inserted due to his ankle being fractured. One of the Cowdenbeath directors, Craig Scott, looked in on him at the hospital this morning. He wasn’t able to get in to see Ross but he was able to chat to Ross on the phone. Ross has since had many other calls from his teammates, the coaching staff and directors. His family are travelling up to take him home later today. We are sure all Cowden fans will join us in sending our very best wishes to Ross and his family from everyone at Central Park and wish him well in his recovery. Taken from Cowdens Facebook page
  2. I’m guessing additions to the squad in January.
  3. These injuries are beyond annoying. Hopefully the Rovers will take it easy on Saturday. I fear a pumping.
  4. I assume yes. We tested it in our last home game.
  5. Stranraer. No wins in 19 - play us.......
  6. Bad day. Lack of goals is still a big concern
  7. Iain Russell. Hopefully he can get a few goals for us. We have been struggling on that front. It’s coming together.
  8. It’s on YouTube free of charge. Probably testing the system before they start charging. Details on Cowdens Facebook page
  9. Streaming available on YouTube free of charge. Good effort I say.
  10. Well. All things considered I would call that a RESULT. Well done to all involved
  11. Hopefully we can get back home soon. Not a good start.
  12. Is it possible to stream the Annan game tomorrow?
  13. A win or glorious defeat. I’ll take the win. Absolutely f*****g delightful.
  14. Incredible that we are still winning. Incredible block by Mcginn. Incredible this.
  15. The stats on BBC should be taken with a pinch of salt. However 35 shots for St Johnstone is quite a number.
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