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  1. After talking to a few Hearts fans I know. I would reckon there is not a chance we will get Hearts players on loan. They’re not liking us.
  2. The last time we played Celtic was in the old first division March 1971. We scored first in a 5-1 defeat. I remember also seeing us being humped 5-0 at home by Aberdeen in the league cup. Joe Harper scored and Bobby Clark was in goal. Not sure if that was the last time we played them though.
  3. It’s socks ffs. What’s the problem with red socks? I’m afraid if you think there’s a message being portrayed through the colour of Cowdenbeath’s socks then you have issues.
  4. Not really surprised by this. Not sure why it wasn’t decided at the same time as league 1 though.
  5. I’m sure you know what point I was making.
  6. We didn’t stop Dunfermline getting promoted. Dunfermline didn’t get enough points throughout the season to compensate for a complete bottle job against us in the second last game. We had such a disastrous campaign no one result could paper over that.
  7. It was a season never to forget for all the wrong reasons. Getting pumped every week it’s not my idea of fun. Shamefully I gave up around the middle of January and decided shopping with my wife on a Saturday was a better use of my time and money. Therefore I missed the only good day we had with the win at East End Park. I still can’t believe we won that game. We were so out of our depth.
  8. I hope we do regret it. Good luck to the young man.
  9. Yes. This is indeed an open forum. That part of your post I understand completely. The rest I have no idea who or what you are talking about.
  10. Bollan saying he is keen to stay on as manager. Good move in my opinion. He’s improved us in the time he’s been in charge and deserves a chance to hopefully continue this improvement. There are lots of uncertainty at the moment I do concede but getting the manager on a new deal would get rid of one issue.
  11. If you didn’t like to single out players then you wouldn’t have. However you did.
  12. You were trolling. I was merely pointing out in the midst of your tedious journey to moronity there are people dying of a virus that is new and we don't have a vaccine for. That's all.
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