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  1. Lottery not won again. £4300 jackpot next week. Decent amount that. Hopefully get a few more playing.
  2. That is good news without a doubt. Should help and might make the difference for some clubs.
  3. I’ve paid in as well. Very confident we won’t get beat.
  4. I reckon there will be some radical changes to the set up. I just hope all the clubs can survive. It’s maybe a forlorn hope.
  5. I was actually trying to say that. Obviously with minimal success
  6. To be honest I’m not really concerned about watching or attending sport of any kind at the moment. We are in the middle of a nightmare. I shouldn’t really have posted any kind of reply. I won’t be again.
  7. No. They won’t be exempt. Also it won’t be fairly easy at all to keep a safe distance at a football game.
  8. Ok. Nobody getting it? Lee Makel it is.
  9. I’ve got that one. I’ll leave it for someone else.
  10. Copied from Cowden Facebook page. COWDENBEATH FC - CORONAVIRUS (2) There will be a meeting of Board members tomorrow at Central Park which will seek to further firm up the club’s revised budgets and cashflow forecast for the next few months based on currently available information and markedly revised expectations. Operational matters of course will also be high on the agenda. Much remains fluid at this time. SFA advice has highlighted that players should not train as a group while the club has been advised that its group booking for training facilities at Oriam on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been suspended until further notice. The Joint Response Group set up by the SPFL/SFA is keeping us advised of key developments on a daily basis – including Government/Scottish Government and UEFA advice and responses. There is also an L2 Divisional Meeting by teleconference tomorrow. Today’s announcement from the SFA that cash from Club Licensing award payments due in December 2020 will be paid now was welcome. Your club will indeed need your help to deal with this unprecedented challenge and in the coming days we will try to set out further ways and means as to how this can be done. We would also welcome any ideas or proposed initiatives which you feel could assist.
  11. Very worried for all of us. Lots of small clubs cannot cope with this.
  12. I have a name but I can only find a link with three of the players. I will keep it to myself to see if anyone gets it. It’s a good one though.
  13. Keep putting them up. It’s fun. I’ll watch from a safe distance.
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