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  1. The ball did not bounce normally. It seemed to pick up pace. Unlucky for the keeper.
  2. For the Record (no pun intended) the story came from David Cox. It has been on many platforms including The Scotsman, BBC and Sky Sports. Just saying.
  3. This 100%. It’s a hate crime. That’s indisputable. No spin can change that.
  4. The bouncy song is just a song. If you see anything else in it then that’s your issue. The Dunfermline thing, well we are allowed to be narrow minded once in a while.
  5. If my wife was getting abuse because of me, I would be knocking them out. I’m with him on this one.
  6. A very disturbing article. Some people really go to far. His wife and baby getting abuse from one of our fans is beyond disgusting.
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/david-cox-threatens-quit-football-21035212
  8. The Scotsman and the Daily Record have a piece on David Cox today. It’s alleged one of the Queens Park players was taunting him (mental health issues) when he got sent off. We are threatening to walk off the pitch if it continues in the future. It’s really quite poor if someone stoops as low as this to gain advantage on the pitch.
  9. I’ve made a few Bob this season. We have been odds against in pretty much every home game. I’ll be partaking again. Win or lose we are the value bet. We don’t have any new injuries. Suspensions I’m not sure.
  10. I wasn’t having a go at Kelty. There is no doubt they are getting things right on and off the pitch. The people running the club are doing a remarkable job. If I can just point out a few things however - it’s more costly in SPFL. It’s more to pay at the gate. You won’t win as many games so crowds will be effected when that happens. I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just more difficult. If Kelty make it this year, which is entirely possible I see them doing very well in league 2 just like Cove have done. However there will come a time when they reach a level when it becomes tougher. I am watching with great interest that’s for sure. The pyramid has certainly shook things up and Kelty have really grasped an opportunity. Much Kudos and good luck.
  11. No problem with Kelty. Population of more than 6000. Practically a City.
  12. Indeed they both at the moment would be great additions to the league set up. However so were Gretna. I’m trying to look long term. I can’t see where a club in a town/village with a population of 4000ish can be financially stable when the sugar daddies/sponsors get sick of spewing money.
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