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  1. Similar to first 45 in Dingwall, just hope Canning rattles a few cages in the dressing room.
  2. Neither do I knobjockey that's why I'm sitting in Mcdiarmid park just now.
  3. Back to questionable defending, no idea why Canzo brings in Sarris to replace VDW
  4. This cvnt supports anyone who can save his team from relegation, shame miracles don't happen foxy.
  5. If Derek McInnes grew a pair, and was at least competive against the arse cheeks would mibbe consider it.
  6. We don't need to slag off Dundee FC, you lot do it with much more sincerity .
  7. It would be a huge boost if Dazza makes a return, BBC sport sound suggesting he is in the squad, really didn't think we would see him again this season.
  8. Imagine a team with a budget to make the top 6, wanting a local rival to beat the club with the lowest budget in the league, so they are still within 2 points of us, just exquisitely pleasing.
  9. Just over 48 hrs to go to once again get down to the nitty gritty of retaining our top league status for next season, hope Canzo doesn't meddle too much with the team, defensively over our last 2 matches I have felt more at ease, if we defend properly this is very much a winnable match, I would take a draw as it moves us a smidgen further towards safety.
  10. Where did you buy the gun you shot yourself with here ? To make a claim that outwith Barcelona and perhaps a few more in your opinion, that all clubs are pish, is the most ludicrous statement ever when your argument that our national team which is pish factually having not qualified for a major tournament in however many years, should take precedence over club football. What a utter zoomer.
  11. Was that the tournament commonly known as the ( let's raise some revenue for the 4 home national football bodies by staging a meaningless restricted competition ) ?
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