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  1. Broughty had an update on their Facebook page a few weeks ago which touched on this, basically all teams voted (bar Broughty) to allow newly registered players to take part in the competition if it restarts in the new season.
  2. The Lowland League Twitter account put a meesage up on May 16th saying the BU's are promoted "subject to SFA approval". Going to go with a 17 team league. The image below was also on the tweet [emoji106]
  3. And also, for the change in Kick-off time the clubs were made aware when the season long fixture list was released who was involved and at what time so plenty notice. My club had 8 months or so notice about our fixture being held on the Sunday for example so as you say, hardly a deal breaker!
  4. They were initially looking to reschedule the March Groundhop for October, visiting the same grounds that were due to be part of the original weekend. Probably be pushed back a bit now sadly. You are right about the reason they use the EOS/LL teams to visit, when they approached the Junior high heedyins about hosting matches a few years back they were told to bolt basically. A poor decision for the clubs who would benefit financially at the cost of moving a kick-off time, even the away team is guaranteed a cash sum for being involved.
  5. Still waiting for the SFA AGM for any confirmation.
  6. Last match there was on this day 2018. Seems a lot longer.
  7. Word on the street, from the man himself, was that the interview had been postponed... So I doubt it!
  8. Too much football still to be played to predict a league winner, far less where the title will be won for whomever comes out on top. For Bo'ness, two thirds of our remaining games are away from home and all at tough places to go and win.
  9. Fixture update Wed 18/03 @Primrose1926 (h) Sat 28/03 @Camelonjuniors (a) Sat 04/04 @sauchieofficial (a) Sat 11/04 @TranentJRs_FC (a) Wed 22/04 @WhitehilWelfare (a) Sat 25/04 @JeanfieldSFC (h) Sat 02/05 @LinlithgowRose (a)
  10. SFA definitely taking it seriously, they've banned pre and post match handshakes today.
  11. 48 clubs registered an interest. http://slfl.co.uk/west-of-scotland-league-update/
  12. Aye, I'd probaly give it a try if we had a clue about who was actually on it.
  13. https://www.bonessunitedfc.co.uk/news/club-update-2516001.html
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