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  1. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Andy Roberts?
  2. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    He's a driving instructor these days apparently, he's teaching my bosses son. Nice answer btw John.
  3. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    The boy Longridge? For those few years there were loads of players appearing for a game or two and disappearing lol.
  4. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    4-1 (I think) in awful conditions and you'd probably be right...
  5. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Scott Anson? I actually remember the penalty getting scored funnily enough, can't recall much else about the day apart from the fact it was freezing (as always)
  6. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Jamie Nixon?
  7. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    5-2 Bo'ness?
  8. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    The only thing I feel the referee got way wrong was in not awarding a penalty seconds before Dunipaces second goal. A clear foul and justice was done when the winger put the ball away. Think it was the same guy (mcpherson?) who landed badly after the foul by Gemmell after roughly 40 seconds, glad he was able to continue and had a good game. The players were saying afterwards it's a good surface to play on, hopefully our project in a few months turns out as well as Westfield has.
  9. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    100% a half one kick-off.