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  1. Well done to the winners, and AUFC1910 for holding this comp. I think some of your pictures would look good in the new social club, so all the fans can see them?
  2. Cheers, I had no idea what his name was, but he was really bad.
  3. Best ---- John Sludden Worst ---- Mohammed Benlaredg I honestly can't remember his name, but he came on as a sub away at Livingston, then he got subbed a few mins later for being utter crap. He has got to be the worst player ever to put on an Ayr Utd strip. Can anybody help me out with his name?
  4. 90% of the others applicants that Smith might have been talking about would probably have been looking for silly amounts of money to manage Ayr Utd, as in wages and player budgets. The other 10% would be more realistic of what we could afford to bring in as a club.
  5. Terrible performance from Ayr, we were utter crap tonight. The whole team looked as if t hey were playing together for the first time.
  6. Was it not McCall himself? that asked for that type of contract when he first joined the club? I still can't believe 5 years on Ayr didn't get him on a longer contract.
  7. Maybe it was something to with getting a 3 year contract?
  8. Having a player sent off didn't help you guys today. I honestly don't think you will have much to worry about this year. Good luck for the season ahead.
  9. They should have had it set It up for the Ayr Utd open day, so people can order their free tickets online. Then our fans can use then to gain entry to tge open day. Like a free live test of the system and also for the fans to get used to it.
  10. How many goals has Shankland scored since Christmas or since he got injured. I can't remember him getting very many goals in the second half of the season, I think he maybe got a couple of goals from the penalty spot. If Dundee Utd get him fully fit again then they have a great signing. Good luck to him.
  11. Looks like somebody is going to be signing this morning. #IMMINENT
  12. Every home match I heard supporters in the crowd moaning about Crawford and then they came on here for a moan. No doubt they will still be moaning now that he has moved on. Good luck to him where ever he ends up. Never really like him anyway. Lol (only joking)
  13. Depends on what McDaid turns up for Dundee, he had plenty of chances at Ayr, but he failed in most of the games. Some nice touches, but his final pass/ cross was terrible. He could prove me wrong, but I doubt it. Good luck to him.
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