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  1. I'm going out on a limb here but I'm pretty sure Dunfermline will have sales around or even more than us! Fair enough with the rest of the league though. Ticket sales in a cost of living crisis that's only getting worse and considering the last few seasons especially last season and sales are really quite incredible
  2. Missed that, is a pity though as I'd have got a few of the away streams to watch us. Thanks for the reply
  3. Does anyone know if there's live streaming of home games for season ticket holders this season and if you can buy away game livestream as well? Not seen it mentioned if you can or cannot
  4. Pretty good crowd and sounds like a reasonable performance, unfortunately not at game tonight but will see how we go Tuesday. Good to see fans out for Crunchie and re-naming of South stand
  5. Was over at the club shop today and I'd say the top looks better live than in the video/photos now hopefully we can get the players in to fill it
  6. Good post from Dave Mac on Facebook, killie weren't first choice anyway. Be good to have a crowd and some atmosphere at the game, wee warm up for when the pars are back here COYB
  7. While the killie game is recognising a legend to pick the club we've had more crap off than any other in the last 25 years than any other is weird to say the least especially for a fan based board. Apart from cup final also their supporters when we went down and also in the play off game. It's not a major deal but it is a poor decision and could easily have been avoided
  8. Lots of talk about pitch invasions on TV now. The shameful pitch invasion by an out of shape 50+ Montrose fan at the Falkirk stadium last season was the limit though, running from the away end he dispossessed Nisbett ran through 3 midfield tackles before nutmegging Ben Hall and slotting past Mutch before being apprehended by a steward
  9. I've enjoyed, well as much as you can watching us the away streams. I'll only be at a few away games next season so teams will be losing out on cash there and I don't think I'm the only one especially at further away grounds like Peterhead etc. If they do stop livestreaming I'll probably go see the shire at the stadium when we're away.
  10. Think I'd prefer Airdrie to stay down and Edinburgh city coming up. Not based on any football reasons just means I could catch up and have a good drink with my Airdrie supporting pal, QOFS down means I can catch my pal in Dumfries so not wanting Annan up as I could force my Edinburgh based son to go to the Edinburgh City game! No reason why I should be the only family member to be miserable watching us
  11. Got remember they still aren't up, would be funny if Queens bumped them
  12. Crowds go up when the team's flying and down when they're rotten, these Airdrie fans need to get this info out into the world it's ground breaking stuff . I think it's going to be a long close season on here...
  13. Just a quick question here, is the better meddle website down? Was trying to look and couldn't get on it.
  14. I totally agree here but what I was asking is what is this behind the scenes stuff that'll take years to sort out, not what players/manager comes in. As I see it right players/manager more support and finance and vice versa so what else is there that'll take years to fix? It keeps getting posted that things are a mess behind the scenes and it'll take years to sort, I just want to know what this involves?
  15. Going by what I seen v Raith that season we played them off the park with 10 men and the game at Kirkcaldy where we went for a draw but when we needed to play equalised. I'd have considered us favourites to go up that season, however I never said it was 100% certain we could easily have lost. If being top of the league is a major criteria in a season anyone know why we finished 5th last season? Maybe people should think about their posts a wee bit more!
  16. This is the same Mcglynn that would've lost the league to M&M but for COVID? When did he become super? I get the negativity over the last few seasons, we've been terrible. The idea that it'll take years to turn around though, why should it? Loads of teams have turned around in a season and we still have advantages over most teams in this league. I'd like to know what (as we keep seeing posted on here)will take years to fix behind the scenes that we always hear about? The shop? The hospitality? The website? I'd genuinely like to know. If we get the right manager and some new players to go with and improve some of our squad then what behind the scenes would hold us back, or is this just excuse for the new board set up? And before anyone says, I'm in the FSS, I agree with fan ownership and want everything to be a success.
  17. OMG the horror, imagine our squad got decimated as other teams sign our players before our next manager could assess them...
  18. Speculating here but considering Rennie has spent most of his managerial career abroad that maybe one of the reasons he got appointed was he could use his contacts to get a better standard of player in from the US or Korea etc and as was posted on here we weren't allowed to sign anyone outside the UK due to an admin oversight he had been hampered in what he wanted to do? Is there a chance he'd improve us considerably with a summer window and no constraints on signings? Might be it wouldn't have made any difference in January but who knows.
  19. While I'm on here posting, today was a disgrace. I don't think any manager could turn this squad around, the big decision is whether it's Rennie or A.N Other that's here next season.
  20. Also someone who managed in the MLS far above the level we're at. You can argue whether Rennie should be kept on or not but in a week 91000 watched a women's game this patronising approach to the woman's game is just embarrassing.
  21. I've said I'd be open to Rennie staying and having a summer transfer window to really do something and people are right to both critisise and defend him as he's not had long but there hasn't been the improvement hoped for. Let's be honest though even under Sheerin we were never going down!
  22. Is one reason why I'd look to keep Rennie, he hasn't had a chance to turn the team around with his own players. Does anyone really think young loan players were his first choice? January window with COVID means it's harder to get players than before. However things are bad, I'm sitting here thinking do I get livestream from today or not when if we are going well there's no decision to make!
  23. Considering Saturday was our last chance barring a miracle of staying in touch of the play offs the lack of fight was shocking if not surprising. I can take getting beat if we've put absolutely everything in but when you've players hiding and not taking responsibility it's not good enough. There's talent in our squad but we look like 11 individuals running around like a primary school team compared with Airdrie who look like an actual organised football team. To be honest I don't think any manager could make our squad a success and I really don't know where we go from here for next season.
  24. Got to disagree here, the league position isn't why Airdrie hasn't the greatest support, their support dropped off a cliff once they lost broomfield and were forced to move away for a few seasons. They lost supporters that never came back to the new ground, plus even when they were getting to cup finals and promotions they didn't have a huge support anyway.
  25. We go either of two ways, give Rennie time and hope he's like fergie and turns things around with a bit of time or we offer our next manager(s) an eight week rolling contract with minimum position and wins required in that time or their out....
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