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  1. Timing of the email is definitely a problem, pre mini budget might have been acceptable but releasing the email with all the uncertainty over mortgage rates etc is bad timing at worst. Obviously the club needs fans to step up and hopefully improvement on the park will attract extra fans and sponsorship. I know I've said on here that a % of fss money could go back to individuals as shares as it might make joining more attractive to new members
  2. So far on the park there's a massive improvement and crowds have been excellent and look like they'll increase if we keep going well. My point here is unless the current board are incredibly stupid we won't have budgeted on 3,500 fans coming through the gate every home game after the disaster of last season. I'd say budgeting on a crowd of 2,500 would've been more sensible and surely the extra patg fans must be helping as even 500 extra would bring in £7,500 plus per home game. The club email seems a bit pessimistic if we keep playing well on the park, would say it could've been better worded but most posters have covered this.
  3. This always minds me of the Hamilton cup game were Alston scored a cracker where a group of young guys wouldn't move from the front row for a very old pensioner with walking stick despite numbered seats, stewards got involved and it was starting to get nasty. People can be dicks either way. If it's not close to a sell out fair enough but if not and someone wants their specific seat give it to them as nobody moves from their seat to a worse seat!
  4. We just never kicked a ball today, never got going. Moving McCann was criminal. Keeper sold second goal, Nesbitt had an absolute nightmare game. We need to play two up front as Alegria was isolated but he didn't do much today. The whole team were terrible today, center halfs were rotten. Lawel and Burrell must be worth starting next week.
  5. The club should be looking to improve everywhere, on and off the pitch. I don't see how people could say a couple of years ago the club's a mess on the pitch and off, it look at the team, the communication and the website but now say the website is rubbish but don't worry no-one goes on it. Any cup game not covered by season and I'm on website for tickets same as a lot of fans, it is or should be a good tool for the club to use or promote itself. Any visitors to the kelpies or Falkirk area wanting to watch us would probably go on the website so it's worth getting it right. On the pitch there's been a definite improvement and hopefully that'll carry on into tonight and Saturday.
  6. Not seen much of us so far this season but looks like we lack a bit of height at the back but also look better and more organized there. Up front we look very short but have brought players in so see how they go. Early days but could be a wee bonus with young boys who were written off hopefully improving ie, Blair Sneddon. Injuries this early are also a worry but overall has been a positive start. Management seem an improvement on last few seasons so another positive (so far).
  7. The board were right to condemn the singing but I don't think we have an ongoing problem, it's not going to be repeated over the season. I could be wrong but to me it looks like daft laddies making a misjudgment singing an old song rather than a genuine homophobic environment at the stadium, to be honest there's rarely been a song there in 5 or 6 years. If we start singing oh the Montrose/Peterhead/Airdrie etc then it's a different story and more severe action would be needed by the board.
  8. It's political correctness gone mad, I mean you can't even throw bananas on the park and do monkey actions and impressions these days like you used to or shout names at the disabled... If you can't see the difference between homophobia or racism compared with to take one of your examples baldness then there's no hope for you
  9. Away ppv from places like Peterhead or Montrose etc is additional money from me as I wouldn't go but would buy stream. I'll maybe be at 3 to maybe 7 away games this season so the rest are losing money. If you want to go to away away games you'll go anyway, livestream gives others a chance to view. Like others have said the actual figures would be interesting, I can't see how the less central clubs like Stranraer, Elgin etc could possibly lose out
  10. Looked like a huge difference in the team's attitude last night, actually battling in the game, can only hope it's the beginning of a better/successful season. If we can win the group the extra money could make the difference as we're still short up front and as a squad. Maybe one or two of the younger players might break through as this would help as well.
  11. I can't help but think shares split 50/50 half to member contributing half to FSS would help, people would feel like they own a piece of the club instead of just making a donation to a well meaning organisation but one with no guarantee it'll be successful in the long run and I say that as someone already a member and obviously hoping it's incredibly successful
  12. If the guy gave Griffiths some money and worked from now till January with a personal trainer and some training at the stadium with our team then he might be worth a punt in January if not and assuming the guy you spoke to knows something about football then he'd be better giving the club money for someone else (or two players)
  13. I'm going out on a limb here but I'm pretty sure Dunfermline will have sales around or even more than us! Fair enough with the rest of the league though. Ticket sales in a cost of living crisis that's only getting worse and considering the last few seasons especially last season and sales are really quite incredible
  14. Missed that, is a pity though as I'd have got a few of the away streams to watch us. Thanks for the reply
  15. Does anyone know if there's live streaming of home games for season ticket holders this season and if you can buy away game livestream as well? Not seen it mentioned if you can or cannot
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