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  1. That's what made brockville unique for me, even if we were playing a team with only a bus load of fans the way they were right next to us mean you could get some atmosphere at games that in other grounds you couldn't as the away support would be spread out or to far away. I always liked raith away as the pubs were brilliant for having a drink before heading to the game.
  2. Surely this was just a massive whoosh. Surely. Back in the day, I'd agree with you. Now though, I'm not so sure, is a struggle to remember player's names over the last couple of seasons nevermind what they looked like! Saying that Baird was here a bit longer than most over the last 2 seasons or so.
  3. Didn't recognize Baird myself in those pics, must be the yellow top he has on....
  4. So glad I looked in here, had totally missed the super Nintendo online stuff! Started the zelda game, don't think I'll leave the house for six months or so now . Also got the new zelda, really like the look of it although not had much chance to play it yet. Has anyone seen the trailer for the ring fit adventure? I think it looks ok in a Wii fit type way but my wean thinks it looks horrific!
  5. Lol, you do have a point there I think wshould be doing better but football goes in cycles, good times, bad times etc. Reading on here at times and you'd think we've been a basket case of a club basically forever!
  6. True we are in league one, we should be higher up but raith, dunfermline, morton and other similar teams have all been there recently, thistle could be next, the obvious point (if you take away the anger you feel when we're not doing well) is we are not to big to be in league 1.
  7. If MC takes over then over the next 20 years he has to win a scottish cup or get to a few finals, be in the top league at least 30% of the time, get in Europe more than once, don't release any bad club statements and if things go wrong on the pitch then keep backing the manager (or change them quickly) to do better than the MSG/board have done, no wonder we are hounding them out, non bairns must look at us compared with real basket case clubs and think WTF, almost old firm fan type of entitlement. That said, scrapping the academy, the terrible way we appointed ray, and the badly judged statements have meant the last few seasons have been an absolute disaster, the EGM showed the communication between board members was so bad and we could as a club be run far better. We really are at a crossroads now, without being ITK I do think there will be a takeover (MC or A.N Other) the board want out, we can only hope new owners are good for the club not charlatans out to scam the club. Anyway, to quote Ray "the season starts today" COYB.
  8. Not sure about MC but if he buys me a pint in the south stand bar before the game then I'm solidly behind his bid! Due to work I haven't been at the last 2 away games (or the challenge cup game) so I'm expecting a dumbarton type pummeling for forfar as Ray drives us to the league #wrappedupforxmas #100points
  9. Sadly it's their bank balance not their moral attitude that will prevail Why would they be overwhelmingly concerned with their bank balance? The big shareholders bought the club to save it from liquidation, they are apparently millionaires and from what was said on here, are selling their shares for around £400,000 so I doubt very much money is the major motive. I'd say it's pretty obvious the board read this, everything from getting rid of Houston, backing hartley, getting away from "lazy hibs/hearts reject signings" sacking hartley etc has been the majority view on here (pre hindsight obviously) maybe we'd have done better if the board had ignored the majority views. Anyway, didn't come on here for a rant, for the first time ever I'm ITK. At tomorrow's game one of the former players in hospitality is one Alan Gow, any p&b bairns getting some hospitality through at airdrie tomorrow could maybe find out a bit from him about takeovers... (Think we should all finish sentences with... #belikemarkcampbellok )
  10. The clyde game at brockville on that Tuesday night was horrendous, one of the few games I every left early. I knew it was a Tuesday as we had a pool match after the game. Can also remember the game in the snow at shawfield, we always seemed to pump clyde through there back then! Hopefully we can keep thing going on Saturday with another good win.
  11. Hope this colts thing doesn't take off in other countries, imagine a Real Madrid b team winning a league but a wee team going up as they aren't allowed to go up, this could ruin world football. Maybe a couple of years ago colts could've been parachuted into the leagues but with the highland/lowland pyramid now operating where exactly would the colts go? Hardly worth getting steamed up about and not going to games over. With 1700 there last night and reading the posts on here, looks like we have a Seville calculator working in reverse
  12. Enough about the colt teams, Wrexham or Waterford away would be great wee away trip, sligo away was fantastic a couple of years ago
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