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  1. Didn't see all the Darvel game but from what I did see and what I've seen this season on TV, Aberdeen look to have the same fighting/team spirt as our lot over the last couple of seasons* *Not including this season! For all the posts saying "they'll be favourites" it be like us being favourites v all championship sides, Dundee U, Motherwell or Kilmarnock, St Johnstone etc because we beat Hibs in the league cup!! If we treat the game properly and put in a performance we get through
  2. A draw isn't a disaster but it certainly isn't what we need. We could still make up the gap with a draw as Dunfermline will drop other points but we would need to be consistent against other teams. A win makes a huge difference and McGlynn has to go for it.
  3. If we look to bring anyone in during the window then it has to be a decent natural attacking right back. Attacking full backs on both sides would help our forward/s out and support Morrison. Lawal out is a big loss, I think everyone, including McGlynn eventually, could see he's a class act
  4. That's brilliant, I do have a T shirt with the ceefax result on it but not super Tuesday as it was a present and they weren't totally clued up on our best games!
  5. Looking forward to the cup draw, either get a non league team at home to (hopefully) get through easily enough or Celtic/Rangers away to generate loads of cash for the club.
  6. 10 year season ticket is a gamble if you're looking for value for money, 2 promotions in a row and it's a bargain. Double promotion push starts today v Clyde!!
  7. 70 minute game, timekeeping like basketball, any foul or stoppage and clock stops, no more reason for timewasting. If we keep VAR then use it to penalize all pulling, shoving and obstruction in the box at corners etc, would clean up the game in 2 weeks. Prize money shared in a fairer way ie, European and TV money split right through the leagues so it's more competitive (giving a million or 2 to bottom of the top league gives teams an unfair advantage over championship teams, not to mention rangers/Celtic and the advantages they get) More help to keep admission and team kit prices down. Subsidised travel to away games!
  8. As the guy has "Hartley" in his username, I'm going to take a wild guess that he's not a real Falkirk fan! If only there was some name for someone who posts on social media to wind folk up or get a reaction
  9. Fingers crossed we can keep this run going, Dunfermline game could be huge. The improvement since last season's shambles has been tremendous the kelty game is hopefully the last of that type and is out our system. Is so good to look forward to games after the last few seasons.
  10. Nothing like rewriting history, Martin Rennie and Sandy Alexander are benevolent fans just needing to take a back seat as they reassess their relationship with the club and not 2 guys who were given dogs abuse on here for years? Anyway thankfully there's a game on today and we can focus on that, a good result to keep us improving would be nice and the feel good factor will potentially see home crowds increase again cutting the debt to a small extent.
  11. Things are circular, back in the day i would go to Falkirk one week then shire the next and as I got older started going to the Falkirk away games but with the shire playing at the stadium I've been at a load of shire games again. Is frightening how far downhill the team has went so quickly.
  12. I get the club has halved the operating loss to £400,000 but surely getting 3,500 to 4,000 fans per home game must be cutting into the loss? At £18 a patg fan per game, that adds up and we surely couldn't have been budgeting for crowds better than 2,500 to 3,000 after last season, unless the board have been criminally optimistic. The MSG were mainly ousted as our form on the pitch collapsed after Houston and some (very) bad communication. So far in the new set up form on the pitch has been terrible up to this season and a PR disaster yesterday that could've been released by any of our boards in the last 10 years, maybe people are realising it's not that easy to run a successful club as you'd think. I don't like to be negative and cutting loses and improving form on the pitch shows we're hopefully on the right track and again hopefully fans that can give more do rally round and we get through this. Another good result and big crowd tomorrow could be the wee boost we need going forward COYB.
  13. Timing of the email is definitely a problem, pre mini budget might have been acceptable but releasing the email with all the uncertainty over mortgage rates etc is bad timing at worst. Obviously the club needs fans to step up and hopefully improvement on the park will attract extra fans and sponsorship. I know I've said on here that a % of fss money could go back to individuals as shares as it might make joining more attractive to new members
  14. So far on the park there's a massive improvement and crowds have been excellent and look like they'll increase if we keep going well. My point here is unless the current board are incredibly stupid we won't have budgeted on 3,500 fans coming through the gate every home game after the disaster of last season. I'd say budgeting on a crowd of 2,500 would've been more sensible and surely the extra patg fans must be helping as even 500 extra would bring in £7,500 plus per home game. The club email seems a bit pessimistic if we keep playing well on the park, would say it could've been better worded but most posters have covered this.
  15. This always minds me of the Hamilton cup game were Alston scored a cracker where a group of young guys wouldn't move from the front row for a very old pensioner with walking stick despite numbered seats, stewards got involved and it was starting to get nasty. People can be dicks either way. If it's not close to a sell out fair enough but if not and someone wants their specific seat give it to them as nobody moves from their seat to a worse seat!
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