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  1. No one really knows how things will play out, hopefully we can pick up a few bargains as clubs let players go due to finance. Would be good to get to the end of the season with us and partick both going up (obviously best case scenario is us as champions and them through the play offs) with raith and another team coming down.
  2. Is pure short termism (if that's a real word) look at the games being played now behind closed doors, if you keep pandering to tv not the fans then that's what we'll end up with. I short term loss to improve the game in the long term should be a good thing!
  3. Changing the set up so teams play 2 or at worst 3 times a season would reduce not eliminate tv money, we'd still get a tv deal so clubs would lose a small amount. And while old firm fans quite like playing each other 4 or more times per season they, like everyone else aren't keen on playing 4 games v st johnstone, ross county, hamilton etc....
  4. This thread shows what's wrong with scottish football, you have a league that relies on fans income more than any other in Europe, fans have complained for years about playing the same teams 4 or more times per season but the league set up never gets changed as it suits tv and the old firm and yet you have random fans from other teams more likely to have a go at Falkirk than have a go at the top league and their self interest and greed. A separate point, surely the league must set up rules determining what happens to the leagues if this or for another reason the season can't finish. Say upto 15 games, null and void, after that points per game etc. It would be unbelievably amateurish if this happened again and there was nothing in place to deal with it.
  5. I read this and I'm wondering why your dad would think the game was 15:30 kick off? Every Saturday game back then was 15:00, every week season after season, seems strange to me, was your dad not working or running late? If not why did he think half past start? (Apologies for me being a nosey ****)
  6. Ability to spell makes absolutely no difference to wether you are a racist or not!
  7. A pre season friendly is hardly a money spinner, loans could certainly make a difference but dundee could lose out on at least a million (probably more) in a season with no guarantee of going up after that, I just don't understand their voting at all.
  8. Away from the yogi stuff, been done to death on here before and an afterthought from the league vote, most clubs voted in self interest however can anyone see what dundee got out of the result? All I can see is they've gave up a chance of going up via playoffs, allowed their main rivals to go up and got a far bigger club to compete with next season. I can't see any upside for them at all.
  9. Not to keen on a falkirk version of the old crystal palace or Birmingham strips there. Not traditional falkirk but would like to see us do a peru type strip one time.
  10. Would agree with bairn in exile about the old home top there, one of the best ever, simple and stylish. However I'd disagree about new top, like the home one, away one does nothing for me though. With no-one sure when things will get back to normal, hopefully people will order tops/strips online, to misquote tesco at the moment every little helps the club keep going.
  11. Crowds getting into stadiums could be a fair bit down the line, if games can be played behind closed doors then charge £10 per game on Falkirk tv (other clubs do the same) so falkirk get £10 whether game is home or away, all clubs do the same and hopefully clubs get enough viewers to keep going next season. The 50:50 draw we've been doing shows how online demand can grow week on week. I realise broadcast rules would need to be changed and there is a lot of work to be done on players safety etc but this could be the way to keep clubs going next season till stadiums are considered safe again.
  12. In 5 weeks up to 1st May in England and Wales only there was an above average death count of 50,000 in FIVE weeks. Being topical with anniversary of VE day just gone, In 6 years world war 2 caused under 500,000 uk deaths so this virus has caused over 10% of the deaths WW2 caused in 5 weeks! We have failed badly to protect thousands of doctors, nurses etc but dawson park boy somehow expect us to just go back to normal and just isolate millions of older or vulnerable people with no problems. So how many lives a week is worth stalling the economy for? 10,000 like now? 20,000 to 50,000? 100,000 plus?
  13. Obviously depends on what breed the pups were, not dalmatians they make good coats 😄😄
  14. Another reminder that if I were to win the euro millions like that partick fan, don't buy Falkirk fc. The posters criticising the statement are the same posters who would be criticising the club if we said nothing, it'd be club are just taking this lying down or we've rolled over to get our belly rubbed, I'm out etc etc. European football needs reconstruction not just our game, giving huge sums of money from champions league is redefining each league making competition more uneven and unfair each season, won't happen but the wealth needs redistributed.
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