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  1. Kilwinning take the lead with minutes remaining
  2. As of 4 minutes ago, still 0-0 between Kilwinning and Yoker. Come on yoker!
  3. left back for Talbot plays him on in my opinion, when initial shot was hit Holmes looks like he's on. Can't tell for sure, but to me that's the case. But these things happen in football.
  4. The disallowed goal was an injustice, BTW. But these things happen in football.
  5. the Bot I saw today are a shadow of their former selves. They've abandoned their attractive footballing style that made teams fear them imo. I say this having had the Talbot fans around me as I filmed say this to me! Was a cracking game of football though
  6. kasubandi got a needless first booking for punching the ball in response to a decision going for Talbot, and it's risky for any player to slide in on a booking. That said, I'm very happy with how our team played, we should've scored in first half and were made to rue those missed chances
  7. Ross is always the editor these days, due to my computer being a bit unreliable. He's doing a grand job of it too!
  8. do Kilsyth fans take after their team with such aggression? Looks like it. We were by far better team in first half, but were holding on in the second a bit. Kilsyth WERE aggressive, and it cost them dearly IMO. Will let highlights do the talking, but you'll probably claim video footage to be biased going by your rant.
  9. Kilsyth were too aggressive for their own good. They stopped us in the second half from doing much but didn't actually force our keeper to do much. Frustration definitely got the better of Kilsyth today.
  10. It was supposed to be a 4-3-3, but for whatever reason that never really seemed to materialise. Far too often we isolated our striker up top, but that seemed to change in the second half. It does feel like we got out of jail a bit, the players even knew it (wished Jordan Shelvey good luck at start of second half, he admitted they were rotten first half so told him to make up for it in second half). We will play better and lose this season, for sure. Bankies set up to try and play some nice exciting football, but this is winter now - pitches will regularly be soft and tough to play some nice football on, and we'll need to adapt to those circumstances or pay the price. Big test for us next week as we're now home to Kilwinning, so hopefully we can get back to winning ways in the league.
  11. Holms attempting to get the ball out from under his feet on a very soft pitch does not justify inept officiating. Not buying that one at all FTY.
  12. Bankies struggled to a 2-0 victory against a hard-working Forfar West End team. Forced a great stop when offside trap was broke, several wee penalty box scrambles saw some desperate Clydebank defending and all Clydebank had to shout about in first half was a penalty appeal that was somehow waved away, when Ryan Holmes got in past the last man and was then bundled over as he was about to shoot - ref and assistant both bottling the decision. With only 18 minutes gone it was a real potential game-changing moment, and people can judge for themselves in highlights what they thought of the incident The pitch was small, soft and tight, making free-flowing football a rare sight. Was impressed with West End's left winger who had some joy on his wing, and Bankies were a touch fortunate to go in at half time still at 0-0. Second half saw Clydebank improve themselves, and I feel West End started to tire as their dogged pressing seemed to catch up to them. I felt we really lost the battle in midfield, going forward anyway, and it was a bit of a bruising match for the Bankies with our physio being kept quite busy all afternoon. We thought we opened the scoring but header was ruled out by the ref - at first he said it was offside - which confused the assistant ref, who hadn't flagged, and so he thought he better flag if the ref said it was offside - and then he started claiming there was a shove somewhere. As I said I was far from impressed with the ref and assistants today. The opening goal came out the blue as a throw-in was quickly crossed in for Jordan Shelvey to head into the corner, and relief more than anything was felt from all Bankies I feel. Forfar West End were not as much of a threat the second half as they were in the first, yet still kept trying for every minute. Kasubandi came on as a substitute and his pace won him a penalty kick in injury time, which resulted in a red card, and him scoring his first goal in a few matches much to his obvious relief - he hadn't scored since missing a penalty last month or so, he'll be happy to have broken that drought. Forfar West End were great hosts, and very welcoming to us fans as well as players afterwards. As a team they're bloody annoying to play, they were fired up and certainly had the better of the first half, but with nothing to show for it and fatigue setting in the Bankies certainly had the better of the second half. Hope we never have those officials again. Best of luck to Forfar West End this season.
  13. There's really no defending the racist remarks made by that Largs individual. I'm not sure what action, if any, will be taken by my club but I do hope something is done because no person deserves to be on the receiving end of such an attack.
  14. So, the Largs game: Clydebank were naive in the first half and the two goals were avoidable, but Largs took them well and we struggled to cause much for Largs to worry about. Second half saw Clydebank push more and Largs be relatively comfortable as long as it stayed 2-0, and Bankies missed a glorious few chances to at least get back into the match. A frustrating afternoon for the Bankies. As for the incident regarding Hashim Cole and the Largs fan - Hashim won a foul, and Largs were not happy about it. He went to retrieve the ball from the stand, and a Largs fan was at one point pointing a finger to his face from a yard or so away - but still all smiles and no harm done. When Hashim went back to the pitch to prepare to take the free kick, a fan calls him Denzil Washington. Hashim immediately questions why he'd say that, and was visibly upset. The fan, after a few moments, says that Denzil Washington was a great actor and so was Hashim for winning that foul. Hashim was still upset and had to be restrained by a Clydebank player. All of this was recorded on the camera, so I'm not just saying this without merit. Hashim was upset and perceived the comments as racist. Personally, I feel it was a stupid comment to have made. It was a comment made based purely on Hashim's skin colour. It's not right. There is no defence for it. It was wrong. This is not sour grapes from a Bankies fan. I feel we deserved what we got today, results-wise. But Hashim did not deserve those comments.
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