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  1. I think it was the right time for McInnes to leave, but I'm around 5% convinced that Glass was the right man to replace him. All this 'you must play wonderful football' order from Cormack is fine, but the first task of any manager has to be to make sure you don't lose games. McInnes was instantly very good at that, giving us a solid base to build on. Glass honestly seems not to have a clue. We just keep on making the same mistakes week after week.
  2. No. It absolutely isn't. Now I realise that you're trolling. Good luck with that.
  3. He absolutely reached his peak along with the other band of merry fucking batshit mental moon howlers on the Coronavirus thread.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/sep/23/bp-rations-petrol-and-diesel-deliveries-to-its-service-stations These new HGV drivers better get a feckin shift on. I'm away out to find myself a turkey to kill for Christmas, before our Xmas lunch turns out to be spam and a stick.
  5. The Tories have done it with the EU and foreigners. People seem to be confused between the SNP policies in government, and the benefits of an independent Scotland. These are two completely different and seperate things. Whoever governs Scotland after independence, the main benefit is that they will 100% be enacting Scotland's wishes. The SNP's record is irrelevant...they're merely the main vehicle for independence. Once we have it, my guess that a new Scottish Labour party will form the first government. I
  6. 'Coronavirus' thread for this insane, moon howling, Yoon nonsense.
  7. That's probably true. Stagecoach will have a huge share as well. There's no doubt at all that public transport in Scotland could do with a massive boot up the arse. Yes, there are more buses now than there were back in the days, and you can guarantee that Mrs McShoogle can get dropped off with her shopping within 30 yards of her house in the estate, but evening and weekend service is often brutal, especially if you live outside the main cities. There's still a perception in public transport Scotland that people don't want to travel later than 23.00 (often earlier) or on a Sunday, and bus and train services are correspondingly shite. Rail services are an utter shambles. Shockingly irregular....how hard is it to get a train between X and Y leaving at the same time, every hour or half hour ?.....and disgracefully absent on Sunday's. We are probably the only European country still stuck in a 1950's Calvinist mentality, where it's presumed that people don't go out in the evening or on a Sunday. I hold on a (small) hope that when Abellio feck off next year, services will be dragged into the 21st century.
  8. Aye. Sunday morning at 12.00, live on TV, us on an 8 game non-winning run, T*ms absolute dovers but guaranteed to thump us. There'll be lucky if there's 10K there.
  9. Maybe if folk like yourself would enter the discussion with "it would undoubtedly be good if post viral fatigue gets dealt with a bit better as a result of covid" rather than screaming about folk denying its existence, which no one has done, the discussion would have been less of a clusterfuck Away and take your patronising shite to the fucking moon howlers who have made a thousand posts each on this thread, you absolute throbber. Don't tell me what I can or can't fucking post. With all respect.
  10. I made the point earlier that this whole discussion around long covid/PVF may eventually lead to greater emphasis on and understanding of the condition, and possibly more investment for treatment. Surely a good thing, given how many people seem to be affected with post viral conditions of varying seriousness.
  11. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/five-great-things-we-had-in-the-1970s-that-we-wont-have-in-the-coming-70s-rerun-20210922212312 End of furlough, growing unemployment, huge energy cost increases, a brutal cut in benefits, empty shelves, NHS under impossible pressure as foreign staff leave, higher inflation and price rises. I may have forgotten something. We're heading for a perfect storm of discontent this winter. Not all of it can be laid at the door of the Tories, but there's no doubt at all that Brexit will play a large part in the chaos to come. Will the Tories own it ? Will they f**k. And they'll get an easy ride from a right wing press that is complicite in the Brexit shambles. Rising prices ? The EU's fault. Empty shelves ? The EU's fault.
  12. The SNP could find a cure for cancer and the Unionist press would still publish articles about them putting doctors and nurses out of work . That's a fact. By the way, I'm only replying to the statement that the SNP somehow get an easy ride from the Scottish media. They don't. Don't get that confused with me defending parts of their record. I said yesterday on another thread that under any normal circumstances, they should be in opposition by now.
  13. Is it giving it a nAmE !! that irritates so many on here ?
  14. Two of the most prominent posters on this thread made unequivocal statements a few nights ago that 'long covid does not exist' . Regardless of that, I'm glad that we agree that this post vital fatigue does indeed exist, and that the numbers and extent of it are as yet unknown.
  15. It's a pretty terrible thing to those who suffer from it. Maybe the focus on 'long covid' will encourage awareness of the disease, and added investment in treatment.
  16. Do the public 'love' Johnson ? I thought it was just because it was already factored in that people know that he's a liar, a cheat, a coward and a general all-round khunt. That's what they expect from him. And I'm not even an 'insider' in my own house most of the time. I've got no idea what you're talking about.
  17. I'm not dismissing it, I know a couple of folk who are struggling months after having Covid. My fear is we are labelling it "long covid" when in reality it is no different from post viral fatigue suffered my many other people from lots of other illnesses. Sorry, I wasn't accusing you of dismissing it. But some are. I think some people get irate because this condition....which is obviously post viral disease and which has been around forever....has now been given a label by 'experts' that they can't stand. As I said above, we're talking about a lot of people who have caught covid within a relatively short period of time. I'm sure that if we had 7.5 million cases of glandular fever in the UK in the last 18 months, with the same knock on effects, we would be talking about 'long glandular fever'.
  18. I know that you're having a laugh, but on this thread it wouldn't be hard to believe that you're serious, and are about to copy and paste something from some lunatic's twitter account which 'proves' that every single person with covid is actually spending 10 days isolating at the playboy ranch with Mexican druglords and 20 kilos of charlie.
  19. Post viral fatigue is not a new thing, it's been something doctors have been aware of for years. My wife's pal had glandular fever years ago, and it took her about 18 months to recover fully after suffering from post viral fatigue. Exactly. But we we're in a situation (worldwide), where millions of people have contracted this viral disease within a relatively small space of time. The after effects of covid...yes, post viral fatigue...are still pretty much unknown. What is certain though, is that this post viral fatigue/long covid undoubtedly will effect a number of people, some mildly, some seriously. To dismiss it completely is wrong.
  20. If the Qarabag game is anything to go by, we'll get ripped apart.
  21. This is simply ridiculous. The right wing press are cheerleaders for the Tory party, because their billionaire owners and the Tories are in hock to each other. If England/UK truly had a neutral, critical press, there's no way a serial liar like Johnson would become PM. His incompetence, his unwillingness to tackle detail, his lack of compassion, his lying and his sheer inability to hold power in any position would have been highlighted and examined in detail on a daily basis. As it is, he's become adept at avoiding interviews, and as pointed out, if he does do interviews he simply won't directly answer a question. Or, he'll give an answer the interviewer wants to hear and then backtrack 2 days later.....as he has constantly for the last 18 months. Compare that with the SNP government...the most scrutinised, questioned and criticised government in history, because of their constitutional stance.
  22. A guy at my work caught covid a year ago. Since that point he hasn't been the same person. He's a highly qualified engineer but now can't concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time, and is fatigued after walking up the stairs. He's been signed off sick for 3 months now after working part time became too much for him. Now, I'm not trying to say that 'long covid' exists as much as some people/experts say. I've no idea how many people out there are still suffering effects of covid and how serious they are. But undoubtedly, 'long covid' does exist. To say it doesn't, or to dismiss it completely as something insignificant, is just completely wrong.
  23. Unlike the English media, you mean ? The hard hitting, anti-government press who won't let the Tories off the hook ? It was almost as if the overwhelmingly right wing press aren't in bed with the Tory party, or that Johnson wasn't employed by The Telegraph, and will be again when England realise that he's a fat, cowardly, cheating, populist khunt.
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