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  1. It's hilarious sensing the desperation of Motherwell fans on here at the thought of their ex-hero coming to Aberdeen (however unlikely it is). Is their some kind of alarm goes off with you guys whenever the word 'Moult' is mentioned on this thread ? Or do you just monitor it daily in a cold sweat ?
  2. Thought it was a decent workout, with several players standing out.....GMS looked good, McKenna strong, and as pointed out we're all pleasantly surprised at how strong, quick and impressive Ferguson looks. On the negative side it's glaringly obvious that we are woefully short up front. There's Cosgrove and May, and then nobody. If that's till the case come next Thursday then I suspect that 0-0 is the best we can hope for. Still, there are positive signs. But the proof will be in the pudding (or over the next 2 weeks).
  3. Agree with the sentiment, but we're heading for a Sigma Olomuc type hiding in a week's time with this squad. We've also got 4 league games before the end of the transfer window. It would be nice to have more than 1 point from these games. I trust though that McInnes has something substantial up his sleeve.....I mean substantial, not a loan signing from Charlton or a 19 year old Blackpool reserve player.
  4. I agree. I'm sure all that will happen because one anonymous poster on the internet said it will.
  5. Hmmm. I see what you're doing there, but given that McKenna in that 'good half season' has already captained Scotland and pretty much (barring a disastrous run of form) cemented his place in the international side, and given that good centre-halfs are like hen's teeth, and given that central defenders improve with age and given that he's only 21, and given that such a fine centre half as Alex McLeish sees his talent, and given that English clubs are already circling around looking for a bargain..... Well, given all that I think £10 million is a fairly reasonable price to ask in all honesty. Actually, when I read my post back I've decided that we should be asking at least 15 million.
  6. Hard to deny that the signing of Rooney in January 2014 was a stroke of genius from McInnes.....a superb scoring record, and the best natural goalscorer the club has seen since Duncan Shearer. However, there's also no doubt that his Dons career effectively ended the day we sold Johnny Hayes to Celtic. We desperately need a 15-20 goal a season man who is mobile. Moult would be ideal, but someone of that ilk is essential. Preferably before the Burnley game.
  7. Braw. A 15 man midfield, and one striker who doesn't strike.
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Yeap. 12 Tories voted against the government. It was 4 Labour MP's who saved Theresa May and her whole f*ckwit, clusterf*ck shambles.
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Government wins the vote 307-301.
  10. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The Grauniad is suggesting that all Tory remainers will vote against the government. It'll come down to how many Labour MP's support the Tory government.
  11. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Grieve and the rest of them are utter cowards. They'll whine and whine, and then do nothing.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It seems that every single amendment proposed by the ultra right-wing nutcases has been accepted by May. So what was the point of the f*cking white paper in the first place ? The government will still struggle to get it through parliament, and if it's simply an ideological wish-list it will be rejected outright by the EU. Clusterf*ck alert.
  13. I demand that we sign someone !
  14. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Trump's comments.....always taking into account that these are the utterings of a manchild with a 2 minute attention span....show the folly of Brexit in all its glory. As part of the EU we are part of the combined strength of 28 countries. We have/had the power to cope with the ebb and flow of world economics caused by lunatics like Trump. Outside the EU, we're vulnerable to the whims of bigger, more powerful countries. We now have a foreign leader being invited into our country, and trying to dictate constitutional and economic policy to us. Anyone who thinks that we are going to leave the EU and negotiate all these wonderful, beneficial trade deals with self-interested countries like the USA and China et al., is as raving as Trump.
  15. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    The Federer wankfest in all its glory there. The crowd could barely be bothered applauding a pretty remarkable win from Anderson. Superb sportsman that Federer is, he's the last one left from the Beckham/Woods/Federer triumvate that attract(ed) glory-seeking hangers-on from the world over. People who have no understanding of sport followed them in awe. Arseholes. And Wimbledon is full of them.