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  1. It's difficult to name Aberdeen's best player, when it changes every week. Sometimes even 2 or 3 times a game. But, the only one's I wouldn't shoot after last weekend are ; Big Sam - If he played for the OF, he would be a 20 million quid player. He's like a taller, blonder, calmer, far more handsomer version of Morelos. Thank f**k for his goals, otherwise we'd already be relegated. Lewis Ferguson - A 20 year old brick shithouse that enjoys starting fights in empty rooms. It seems like he's been in the team forever, yet he only played his first game for us 16 months ago. Will eventually move onto something bigger and better than us, where he'll be able to pick fights at a much higher level. Joe Lewis - Ignore all that pish about Forster and his lucky 90 minutes on Sunday. Super Joe is by far the best keeper in the country, all the more so because he has to constantly mop up after a non-existant midfield and jittery defence have made an arse of stopping the opposition pouring forward.
  2. I'll disagree with you on your last paragraph......it's not just the last couple of months we can't see further than, it's the last game. Very few centre backs are complete and rounded players in the first few years of their careers. Most mature and become good players only in their late 20's. At Aberdeen at this moment our best defender is 65 year old Andy Considine, a guy probably in the best form of his career. It's easy to forget that McKenna's progression has been pretty rapid, mainly due to absolute need at both club and international level. Ideally, he shouldn't be playing for Scotland at this moment in time, but needs must. He's not having a great season, but he's not the only one like that in the Aberdeen team and it's hard to look like Beckenbauer when the midfield in front of you parts like the Red Sea. For what it's worth, I think he'll be an excellent player in about 7 or 8 years time. For the moment, he's still learning. Maybe in the future McKenna and Porteous will be the Scotland central defence, who knows ?
  3. That shouldn't take too long when/if Labour lose badly. 'Corbyn is completely unfit to lead a major party and is not seen as Prime Minister by the majority of voters in the UK. His incompetence has allowed the most right-wing government in UK history to grab power, despite being led by a dishonest liar'. That's Labour's post-mortem done for them.
  4. It just confirms what every single voter in the country already knows.....that Johnson doesn't do detail. He doesn't care about these small inconveniences like patients lying on the floor, or the ins and outs of vital trade deals that will effect the UK economy. He does big picture, blue sky thinking. He does rhetoric. He does exaggeration, and hubris. Not detail, that's for others. And nobody that votes for the Tories gives a f**k that the PM is incapable of considering the details of any particular situation.
  5. You're deliberately misunderstanding. The Tory party have created an ideology that makes them attractive to people who ARE racist, homophobic, xenophobic etc. I didn't say that you were. But there's no doubt that a certain number of people who will vote Tory on Thursday.....many for the first time....are all these things. The Tories know this, and have developed a constant set of soundbites that are designed to pander to the lowest common denominator. That's what right-wing populism is all about. I would have thought that someone as intelligent as yourself would understand and acknowledge that.
  6. That's become the ultimate meaningless, right-wing trope. A straw-man phrase, designed to kill any kind of debate.
  7. The thing that keeps on popping into my head is that over the years....and certainly when he was Mayor of London.....Johnson has no real history of being a raging far-right nutter when he's had any kind of power. He's traditionally been on the 'liberal' side of the Tory party (whatever that means). I realise that he bends with the wind and will always follow the prevailing direction of travel, but there is the suspicion that he's playing a part with all this garbage that he comes out with. It's designed to get him into power, and nothing else. I might be wrong, but given his record of speak first then think later, I do wonder if many of those who think that he's going to satisfy all their prejudices, are going to be sadly disappointed.
  8. Snowflake issues. Many of the people who'll vote Tory this week care absolutely nothing about these things (see Danny's post above). The Tories have used right-wing populism to appeal in a large part to the lowest common denominator. It's all about identity politics, and the Tory machine is exploiting this ruthlessly.
  9. I thought Vyner was awful against both Rangers and Hibs. He set up Rangers second goal with a nothing pass and was responsible for Hibs' first goal at the weekend. I'm not sure at all what he adds to midfield, and it seems that having one decent game against Motherwell means that McInnes thinks he's capable of controlling matches. He isn't. Get him out of that side. I agree with the statement on Campbell....I'm not sure he's ready for a sustained run in the team, but given that we have no other midfielders available I would get him into the side and push Ferguson further forward. Anyone knows what the hell is up with Bryson ? It seems that he plays 30 minutes every 6th game or so, then disappears for 2 months.
  10. I think that these questions are very easily answered by stating the fact that Johnson is obviously unsuitable for high office. In normal times, it would be laughable to suggest that somebody as blatantly ignorant and incompetent as Johnson could possible be PM, regardless of which party he represented. But we don't live in normal times, and that's not what this election is about. This election is about nothing more than ideology and identity politics. If Johnson was murdering schoolchildren and raping nuns, people would still vote for his party (and by extension, him as PM) because the Tories represent an ideology that appeals to them. On Thursday, the Tories will form a majority government on a mandate given to them by probably no more than 35% of the total UK electorate......the 35% who want Brexit, hate immigrants, would love to see gay rights abolished and are desperate to have the death penalty re-instated (other right-wing tropes are available). That's where we are. The question regarding Johnson being morally fit to hold high office doesn't even come into it.
  11. On top of that, it's logistically far easier for the police to funnel away fans down McLeod Street away from the home support. I think they also block off Murchieston Crescent so there's no route for away fans back up to Dalry Road. By the time you get to the Roseburn Bar even the coked up arseholes are generally too cold and wet to consider some pavement dancing. The old days when the home and away support used to pour into Gorgie Road at the same time were chaotic.
  12. I looked at the team on Saturday (same team as Wednesday), and the 4 defenders and Cosgrove aside, I couldn't work out for the life of me what Leigh, Vyner, Wilson, Gallagher or Ferguson were meant to be doing or what formation they were meant to be playing in. They didn't look like they had a clue either. Too many round pegs trying to fit into square holes in this team. No doubt the tombola will be whirring again for Saturday.
  13. Just thought I'd bring this post back to the top after the shambles of Saturday. Tbh, we've been heading for a hammering for weeks now. It should have happened last Wednesday, but we somehow dragged it back from the edge. We got lucky against St Mirren, and we threw away points against St Johnstone because McInnes felt like being clever after 60 minutes. The fact is, we have no midfield. Ferguson's an excellent player, but he can't hold the midfield together by himself. Ojo's long term injury hasn't helped, and the fact that we signed an absolute dud in Bryson (paying him big wages in the process) has come back to haunt us. Throw in a niggling knock to McGinn and we've had to resort to throwing in two full-backs into midfield with all the uncertainty that goes with it. There's been a recurring theme to McInnes's team selections over the last couple of seasons......we stumble through pretty much 50 games and at the end of it nobody, least of all Mcinnes, is really sure what our best side is. I've no doubt that we'll stumble past Hamilton on Saturday and we'll probably pick up enough points against Livi and Hearts to keep us in 3rd or 4th place before the break. It's pretty bleak stuff though at the moment.
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