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  1. You're normally out yer napper on benylin or something by now. I can only presume that you're warming up for the night shift on the politics forum.
  2. Wow. Before I move on to next week, I've got to pick apart this utter shite. 'Flat track bullies'- well, under McInnes we're actually where we're meant to be (league wise). We have the 3rd biggest budget in the league, and for the last 6 years or so we've generally been either the 2nd or 3rd best team ibn the country. How the f**k is that being a 'flat track bully' ? Give us the budget of the OF, and we'd probably have won the league and a few cups. The biggest 'flat track bullies' in Scottish football are the OF, and have been for decades. What a pish. 'Far too easy to pick apart when faced with better players'- f**k me, I think you've found the secret of football. Teams generally lose to teams with better players. Rangers beat Hamilton, put them up against Bayern Munich and you'll be humiliated by 5 goals. I hadn't realised that could happen, thanks for pointing it out. 'stopped dominating weaker teams' - Jesus Christ, we lost a game. A bad day at the office. I'm sure you were on the 'Ross out thread' when Hibs were humped at home by Ross County and Livi. We're sitting on pretty much the same number of points as we have at this point of every season. Aside from today, the onyl really surprisingly bad result we've had all season was the loss to Motherwell. Jesus fucking Christ. 'don't turn your team over quick enough' - We don't have the resources of Rangers or Celtic, and we're not able to go out and pay vast amounts in transfer fees and wages. McInnes actually had the team playing very well with new players such as McCrorie and Watkins, and with anew style that re-invigorated Hedges and Wright. Injuries knocked that on the head. We all would like the club to shell out this month to bring in a few players, but I'm not sure the budget is there. 'two teams have gone in different directions' - No, they fucking haven't. in the last 3 years Rangers have spent millions to try and finish first in the 2 horse race (see 'flat track bullies'). Aberdeen are pretty much in the same place they were in December 2017. McInnes's Aberdeen teams are nothing if not consistent. OK, now I've ripped your rubbish to shreds, I'm away to watch TV. I've no idea what will happen with McInnes, but one thing I do know is that opposition fans seem desperate for Aberdeen to sack him for some reason. More desperate than me. I wonder why ?
  3. The first thing I'd do is add some punctuation into the title. Then I'd accept that it was a bad day at the office, wonder why it actually needs it's own thread, and move on to next week.
  4. Our horrifically poor striking options are completely snookering us. Cosgrove is less than half the player he was before getting injured and not sold, and Main is exactly the same player. The pair of them will be lucky to score 6 goals between them from now until May. Watkins was the glue that held the side together, and without him we're pretty damn awful. We won't sack McInnes just now because we're guaranteed at least 4th, but the summer time may lead to a change, especially if we fail in the cup.
  5. The choice not to strengthen a struggling squad seems to be working out well.
  6. Were Sporting not hit by Covid, and fielded a half fit team full of youngsters and a couple of 40 year olds ? They were technically very good (as you'd expect), but sadly we didn't put any real pressure on them until the last 10 minutes. If we'd scored first it might all have been different.
  7. Well done, and good luck. It would be really interesting to know how you get on...how many get vaccinated, how quickly it's done etc.
  8. Just watching the vaccinations from Stonehaven on the BBC news. I realise that they're dealing only with older people here, but I get the impression that often that the nurses are sitting down with them and chatting through their day for 15 to 20 mins or so. No offence meant, but for FFS just sit them down, stick the needle in, and get them out. To reach government targets, we're going to have to vaccinate more people, and do it quicker. They're vaccinating 300 people per day, but it looked like there were at least 8 stations available. Meaning that each station is vaccinating less that 40 people in an 8 hour period. 5 an hour ? Maybe there's a general lack of vaccines available and they can't do anymore than that ?
  9. I was always under the impression that Murray's popularity grew because of his involvement with Hearts supporter's groups back in the good old Vlad days. I agree that his constituency contains a varied clientele, but football wise it's big Jambo territory, and he's cornered that vote.
  10. I thought the days were gone of braindead Scottish footballers...step forward Chris Maguire....throwing away their career by heading to dead end clubs in the lower English leagues. Maybe not.
  11. Probably with Hibs getting relegated again, so it's a win-win all round.
  12. I recognise that, but it's still Livingston's responsibility I'm afraid. I've no idea, do you have a history of games being postponed ? I honestly can't think of many games in Scotland on artificial pitches being postponed. Maybe I'm wrong on that...
  13. So fucking what ? That's Livi's fault then, no one elses. Either get a better pitch laid that can actually cope with the Scottish weather, or be professional enough to take timely measures that stop opponents travelling 130 miles for nothing.
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