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  1. Aberdeen will get plenty of live Friday night games next season.
  2. Nope. The McGhee team was far worse. It was full of utterly hopeless fuckers like Ifil, Kerr, McDonald et al. And McGhee is a genuine khunt. What we've got at the moment is a team that on paper.....I know, I know....should be fighting it out with Hearts and Hibs up near the pointy end of the league. We have decent players. What we don't have is a team as such, or a manager that is capable of getting a tune out of the players available. I suspect that the players lost confidence is what the manager was trying to do around 4 games ago, and it simply won't come back. We'll go through the motions until Glass is sacked, but I'd stick a fair whack on a different, more experienced manager getting instant results out of this side.
  3. I'd just like to point out that our next 4 games are Hibs, Rangers, Hearts and Motherwell. The way we're going at the moment, the odds pretty strong that will be second bottom in 3 weeks time. I say second bottom because I'm gambling that Ross County won't get 6 points in their next 4 games. That's 8 league games in a row where we've conceded first. 2 points from the last 7 matches. Humiliated in the League Cup. If anybody would like to use a word that describes our season other than 'freefall', I'll gladly take it.
  4. Was it not always the place up on Clepington Road that used to take a pelting ? The name fails me at the moment.
  5. Nah. I get the feeling that either your heart's not in it because you realise that a win against a dreadful Aberdeen doesn't mean that you're not shite yourself, or more likely, you've just forgotten what winning and ripping the pish out of other fans is like.
  6. I get the feeling that this thread is a combination of people half heartedly trying to dig up controversy in a game where there was none because that's the P&B way, and Dundee fans laughing at Aberdeen, but slightly nervously because they're still really worried and aren't really comfortable or used to ripping the pish out of anybody. Much like the game, this thread has turned out a bit second rate and an all-round disappointment.
  7. That ship has come and gone my friend.
  8. OK, fairy nuff. I'll take a step backwards. Of course, it's not the direct fault of supporters that wanted change. I can't help but think though that Cormack used the desire of some supporters (not all) for the 'grass must be greener' change, to force McInnes out and bring it what looks very much like an idiotic, egotistical appointment. Regardless. We are where we are. And the fact is that Cormack will do nothing to change things, unless there is supporter pressure once again.
  9. Not at all. Cormack himself has intimated that he reacted to 'fan pressure' in removing McInnes and appointing a pal. People screaming for McInnes to go and demanding that the grass should always be greener, were Cormack's useful idiots.
  10. Under the twisted set of circumstances.....a Chairman who didn't want McInnes, gave him little support, thinks he's a footballing genius himself, and wanted his family pal in....there was no choice but for McInnes to go. McInnes himself knew he was dead in the water from the second Cormack was appointed. I've been consistent in saying from the beginning that McInnes had to leave. That doesn't distract from the fact that Cormack and his ego have been a disaster for the club.
  11. Every single Aberdeen fan that went on twitter whining aboot 'McInnes oot', and therefore helping Cormack in his suicide mission, needs to take responsibility for this fucking shambles.
  12. Not really. Just 22 guys masquerading as shite footballers, and one fucking idiot referee.
  13. Like everybody else, I don't think he gives a f**k.
  14. Absolute pish. He played the ball and the Dundee player went into him. He didn't even stretch for it.
  15. Credit to Dundee. They must have wasted at least 10 minutes of time in the last 25 minutes. Watch for the referee adding on 3 minutes of injury time.
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