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  1. That's your opinion bud, and I have mine. I don't like these regulations for various reasons. The main one (outside the fact that I hate showing some nobody details on my phone and photo ID) is that they're completely arbitrary, and have little or no legal or medical basis. Secondly, the rules being applied are not consistent. There were no masks at any other ground aside from Pittodrie, and little social distancing anywhere else. I'm not sure about the LFT tests or photo ID, but I haven't heard that apply anywhere else. If you're going to have specific rules that apply only to football games, make them consistent country-wide, or forget about them completely. I'll go along with it to watch my team, but unlike you I'm not 'comfortable' with it. That's all.
  2. That's obviously not true. We weren't exceptional but we were light years away from the dross of last season. 12 months ago that would have been the 0-0 that United were desperate for. Today we didn't even have to get out of 2nd gear and yet we won at an absolute canter.
  3. That's pretty much it. I would imagine other clubs would have received instructions from their local councils, but nobody seemed to give a f**k. It looks like it was only at Pittodrie where it was enforced and people went along with it. Giving these powers to the councils means that there's absolutely no consistency Scotland-wide, and in Aberdeen's case it doesn't bode well for games after 9th August, where it's got to be suspected that the city council will be reluctant to give up these sweeping powers.
  4. 3 relegation candidates plus Aberdeen in action today. Shite defending all round, aside from the mighty Reds obviously.
  5. It takes some doing to come across as the most stupid man in Dundee. Chapeau to Courts.
  6. Aberdeen city and shire and have far fewer cases than both north Lanarkshire and Edinburgh (looking at last nights game). Yet fans attending the game at Pittodrie had to jump through hoops like performing poodles and do everything aside from wearing hazmat suits, where as fans at Fir Park and Tynecastle last night both looked like they are/were enjoying the experience of a normal game. Ridiculous virtue signalling from Aberdeen city council, sadly supported by Aberdeen FC who seem determined to act like they're doing fans a favour while actually making it as uncomfortable as possible to support the team.
  7. Pittodrie today - testing, photo IDs, no food, compulsory mask wearing, turn up 2 hours before game, social distanced seats, told when to leave seat. Fir Park today - no social distancing, no masks, nobody gives a f**k. What a fucking joke. What's the point of it all ? Either do it everywhere, or don't do it at all.
  8. Maybe you didn't read my full post. I said that Aberdeen are entitled to make their own regulations for entry. Just as I'm entitled (at this moment in time) to point out that many of these regulations have no legal or medical basis, and are in fact utter shite.
  9. They're making us wear face masks. Outdoors. When there's absolutely no legal or medical reason for it. They're making us share our medical records with complete, unqualified strangers who have no business looking at anything on my phone, never mind my medical history. We're required to show 'photo ID' before getting into the ground. I didn't realise that was now the law in Scotland. Now, I realise that we're not being held in cells and waterboarded, but as far as 21st century Scotland goes that's pretty damn much an abuse of my civil liberties. I also realise that these rules are set not by the club, but by the most useless district council in the western world. I also get ti that Aberdeen FC as a private business are entitled to set their own standards for entry. But I'm pretty stunned at how many people are unquestioningly going along with this prejudicial nonsense. I'm interested to see what will happen after 9th August when 'restrictions are lifted (hahaha)' but individual councils and clubs decide to keep on applying them anyway.
  10. It looks like Hogg and Duhan will be the scapegoats for this defeat. The Welsh whining to play Adams and Williams will grow ever louder. As you said, being pawns in the Gatlandball game is not really their thing and it's hard to blame them (although many will) for finding it difficult. Their only involvement in the game was watching the ball in the air, and both must be pining to get back to Murrayfield and rugby that doesn't make your eyes bleed. The BIL forwards were generally pretty pish today, and given that any possession was kicked away by Murray or Biggar it's not hard to see why the Boks won easily. While I respect Gatland's record as a coach (in the northern hempisphere), I detest his rugby philosophy. You can tell why he's generally ridiculed in New Zealand.
  11. https://www.afc.co.uk/2021/07/30/supporter-information-dundee-united-h/ A heap of utter pish. All of it an abuse of civil liberties, tied up in some vage excuse of 'public health measures'.
  12. Sky now analysing the official's performance. The footballisation of the sport continues. For fuxsake, leave it alone.
  13. Is it not the case that it;'s still the law in Scotland that facemasks should be worn on public transport ? I don't necessarily agree with it, but I'm not going to ridicule people who feel that the law should be adhered to.
  14. A reason to cheer even louder for the Boks.
  15. I'm looking forward to a game of actual rugby against the Boks.
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