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  1. Good on him, he's a decent player. He just wasn't a good fit for the Dons....looked overweight and unfit when he signed, and didn't have any real influence on enough games. Glad he seems to have sorted himself out.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Rees-Mogg has looked at the publicity and influence that an unelected cqunt like Farage gets, and realised that his eccentricity and bizarre statements could get him quickly into the public eye. He's an intelligent man, far more so than the rest of them, and is dangerous because I suspect he's simply a face and a voice for some serious money (both domestic and foreign) that is lurking in the shadows, waiting to come out once the shackles of the EU have been thrown off. As to the other Tory MP's, they're shit scared of the Woman's Institute and ageing Gammons that make up the people who vote for them. I'd reckon that the vast majority of them are either Remainers, or at the most very 'soft' Leavers, but they're gagged because of the geriatric, xenophobic fuckwits who vote Tory.
  3. Aberdeen v Motherwell

    Trying too hard I think. He's aware that outside GMS we've got very little....ooo aaaar missus....penetration. He sees it as his job to defend, play passes, hold the midfield together, set up attacks, and get into the box when he can. Another decent striker/winger up front would make it much easier for Shinnie.
  4. Having watched the highlights for the first time I'd like to revise my opinion on how Collum got all the penalty decisions right. The tackle on GMS in the last minute was as stonewall a penalty as you'll ever see. Collum was 5 yeards away and still got it wrong...
  5. Aberdeen v Motherwell

    I also quite like Gleeson. I think he's doing a fairly decent job in front of the defence, given how quickly our aimless punts to Stevie May come back. He weirdly seems unable to play 90 minutes though.
  6. Aberdeen v Motherwell

    While at face value, all of that is true, I don't think there's been another point under McInnes in the last 5 years where we've been so weak up front....both in creating and taking chances. Our recruitment in the summer was worse than piss poor. That's not panicking, it's just stating a fact.
  7. Aberdeen v Motherwell

    Where did you get the idea from that we create chances ?
  8. Aberdeen v Motherwell

    Absolute stick on 1-1. We'll score from a penalty.
  9. If that's the way you gauge your 'progress', no wonder you have such low ambitions.
  10. Then you're simply ignoring what has been posted here over the last 2 months (which I doubt, since I get the impression that most Saints fans are for some reason obsessed with Aberdeen. We have no goalscorers. And very few attacking midfielders. And yet, this super, new, improved St Johnstone struggled to create any chances and didn't come close to deserving 3 points. I think that's what hurts you the most.....you can't get better, and we can't get worse, and yet you're still struggling against us. Enjoy.
  11. I think we know what you wanted to say there, but you just tripped yourself up in your eagerness to be all clever and funny. Go on, try again.
  12. He was better than Craig Thompson last week, so every cloud and all that....
  13. You could well be right. I also thought Lowe's tackle was one of those in-between a yellow and red, and given what happened with Devlin last week Aberdeen have a right to feel a bit aggrieved that Alston's cynical foul on GMS when he was about to run into the box was only a yellow. I only meant the penalty decisions, I thought he got them all correct.
  14. Collum actually got all the big decisions right. The one that the Random Aberdeen hater guy is talking about was never a penalty in a million years. The guy jumped over Lewis and fell down. 5 minutes before that the Saints player was lucky not to be yellow carded for a laughable wee dive. Wasn't a penalty in the last minute either, the Saints player got the ball.
  15. If you're happy with that, you're going to be ecstatic over the coming months given the number of draws we'll have. We were abysmal 1st half, better 2nd half once McGinn decided he could be arsed. Given the hubris from the tractor boys on here, I expected a lot more from St Johnstone. What we got was the same insipid, clogging shite that they're famous for. I saw nothing more from them than last season.....was Watt playing ? Never saw him kick the ball. That's irrelevant though. The reason we didn't thrash them again is because we've gone backwards. As I said earlier, it's criminal that we haven't strengthened up front.