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  1. There are some Yoon fuckwits on here....and on other places in social media.....absolutely raging and making right fucking fools of themselves. These twats need to step away from the keyboard.
  2. Another Yoon straw man. A second independence referendum WILL be held at a point decided by the Scottish government. That may be in 6 months, it may be 6 years. In the meantime, they'll get on with governing.
  3. You seem very confused about what a majority in parliament means. Probably because you're thick as shit.
  4. This. It's getting sickening listening to those desperate BritNat fruitloops trying to say that....uniquely.....we should ignore the parliamentary system in Scotland because it doesn't suit them and introduce some new metric, which does. What's the fucking point in having these elections if it's the case that winning seats apparently counts for f**k all because some people don't like the results ? I've never ONCE heard any of these Yoons whine about the fact that the Tories pushed through a hard Brexit despite having the support of only around 35% of the total UK electorate in the last GE. Nope, it was accepted that in the achaic FPTP system the UK uses, the Tories won the largest number of seats and have the right to govern. It looks very much like different standards are going to be applied to the SNP's crushing victory in Scotland this week. f**k them.
  5. Yoon semantics as you desperately look for a straw to grab at. By any definition of the Scottish electoral system, the SNP/Greens have won an overwhelming majority to pursue an Indyref2 at a time of their choosing. Suck it up.
  6. Curtice can suck my nutsack. He's perpetuating the myth that somehow in Scotland.....and Scotland alone....the right to govern depends on the exact percentage of the vote the winning party gets. Nope. Forget seats and all that nonsense. The SNP...and the SNP alone.....have no right to enact the proposals in their mandate because despite gaining 90% of the constituency seats, they only got 49% of the vote. This kind of ridiculous shite that needs challenged at every turn and knocked on the head instantly.
  7. This. All the graphs, statistics and computer programmes in the world can't factor in the fact that McCrorie caught a serious virus and wasn't the same player after it. Before the SFA gave him covid, he was bossing midfields. After it, he was half the player he was before. Writing him off is ridiculous.
  8. The Daily Express literally spent the last 6 months with a daily headline talking about how Galloway was going to hold the SNP to account and would revolutionise the Scottish parliament. f**k you, you fucking fucks.
  9. The most hilarious thing about this whole election....aside from watching the SNP dominate once again....is that the last pretences of Yoon party loyalty have been desperately thrown aside. Nobody who was previously a Labour, Tory or LibDem supporter gives a flying f**k about their parties policies, almost certainly because their party has no policies. All they care about is trying to stop the SNP. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less......no policies, no ideas, nothing positive. What a bleak, miserable viewpoint to have. Just disband these Tory, Labour, LibDem branch offices, form one new party.....the BritNat Hate Party, or the Anti-Scotland Party, something catchy.....and appoint a new party leader. Maybe Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, or Nigel Farage. Stop hiding behind the skirts of party names, you feckin cowards. Just come out with your Ulster-lite shit and let's see what you've got.
  10. Straw man pish. At no point in UK parliamentary history has anyone said to the party in government...'you cannot enact what you said in your manifesto because you won less than 50% of the vote'. The Tories are passing laws, and dragged us out of the EU, despite having the support of around 35% of the total electorate. So don't come out with this Yoon shite that somehow, now, in this election, the SNP have no mandate to call a 2nd referendum. With all respect, get to utter f**k with this nonsense.
  11. One of the most pleasing aspects so far is that the SNP share of the vote has actually increased since 2016, and the share for Unionist parties has decreased. That's actually a pretty remarkable statistic, given the relentless attacks on the SNP from all sides....but mainly the MSM...over recent months.
  12. Probably this. I just turned on the BBC news at the point where their political commentator in Scotland was making a big point about an independence majority. So it's not being ignored. There's no doubt however that a lack of SNP majority gives Yoons somewhere to plant their flag. That can't be ignored either.
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