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  1. I reckon that there isn't a single person left in the country that believes Johnson when he speaks, or truly trusts anything he promises. Oh, there are many that want him as PM because they believe he supports a certain ideology...but they don't actually believe what he says. Most people in the country now are just watching him for the LOLs.
  2. There are Tory MPs all over the country at this moment dealing with filled mailboxes from angry constituents. They're weighing up the anger of people against their loyalty to the Führer. Polls like the one above are bringing them out in a cold sweat. Khqunts, one and all.
  3. I hope people realise that criticism of this whole fucking shambles is moon howling of the highest order. We're well into Trumpland here. In fact, we're so far in everyone of us has taken out a 30 year mortgage to live in it. The country.....like the USA, because what they do we always follow.....is hopelessly split 50/50 up the middle. Our side always good, their side always evil. For half the country, the Tories could eat babies while downing champagne live on TV every night, and they wouldn't give a f**k as long as brown people are thrown out of the country, they can still celebrate Dunkirk, and they can hate these scrounging Jocks in general and Nicola Sturgeon in particular. And the thing is, at the moment, that half of the country have all the power. The other half can complain all they want, the right-wing half will wave their cocks at us and say there's f**k all we can do for another 5 years.
  4. We live in a black and white political world in the UK. Right and wrong have nothing to do with it. All he needs to do is muddy the water enough to give the gammons enough reason to say that what he did was justified. Blaming the press......i.e. the 'established order have it in for me'.....is a clever move. It appeals to the same lowest common denominator that won Brexit and a GE.
  5. Because Boris is just the monkey, Cummings is the organ grinder. As I heard somewhere today, Johnson sacking Cummings would be like emu sacking Rod Hull.
  6. I think it's fairly obvious what will happen. He'll make statement which will swing between sounding mildly contrite and witheringly sarcastic, will give bland answers to some questions, and then the Tories will say 'it's over and done with now, let's draw a line under it'. The Mail and Telegraph will swing back round to the Tory side, and it'll all be Nicola Sturgeon's fault.
  7. Not a chance. Never forget that Cummings is not an elected politician. In his mind he answers to nobody, not even the guy who pays his wages. He's also got a long history of holding the press and public opinion in contempt, so anyone expecting him to do the honourable thing has got a long wait coming. What's interesting is that this is the first time I can remember a SPAD doing his own press conference, and having a Q&A session. Maybe Mandleson or Campbell ? I'm not sure.
  8. Heartbreaking stuff. And something that thousands throughout the country have had to go through, thinking that they were complying for the greater good. As it turns out, they could have said 'f*ck it', made up their own rules, and still acted with integrity. Who knew, eh ?
  9. You get the feeling that Durham police would delight in shoving this right up Johnson's fat arse. Now that it's officially been reported to them, I'm hoping that they have at least 150 crack officers trawling through CCTV looking for Cummings.
  10. We're deep into Trumpworld here. ....you know, the world where facts are irrelevant and the only thing that counts is how many cult followers continue to support an ideology rather than make cold, sensible decisions based on an understanding of common sense and human decency. A Downing St. tweet yesterday used the phrase 'fake news'. Cummings is unelected and doesn't give a flying f**k what the whole country thinks about him. Johnson has a huge majority, the majority of the written press on his side and almost 5 years of breathing space. They're laughing at us.
  11. So the Tories are just going to scream 'fake news', and hope that it all goes away. Khqunts.
  12. I agree. I think it's quite a damning statement, and it cuts right through the right-wing smokescreen that he wasn't there at all.
  13. It's semantics of course. The police actually spoke to Cummings' father about his visit, but they didn't speak to him directly. That allows the Tories to create the statement.... 'the police never spoke to Dominic Cummings'.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/23/the-observer-view-this-breach-of-the-lockdown-guidelines-is-a-disgrace The Observer not holding back tomorrow. Linking a 13 year old's death....where his parents were unable to see him and had to miss his funeral......to Cummings arrogance. This is not going to go away. Hopefully.
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