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  1. And Jacksgranda gets the first studs up, over the ball, Neale Cooper-esque tackle in with Sunday approaching.👍 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Heid first.
  2. I think you're being very generous to Brown. In an international or European game he would have been red carded for 'cynically attempting to hold him back' by lashing an arm across his face. In fact, I seriously doubt if Brown would have done anything like that in a European game. He's clever enouzgh to know what he can get away with and what he can't.
  3. Anybody else think that McLennan would have shat it and blasted his shot against the keeper ?
  4. I fully admit to having a blind spot about Wright. I'm yet to be convinced he has a long term future with Aberdeen, but I'm still hoping. However....he's proven this season that he can give the team a turbo charged 25 minutes or so, and was certainly the case against a creaking Celtic defence that looked slow and scared when somebody ran at them. If we're still in the game on Sunday with half an hour left, Wright (in the same form) could be priceless.
  5. The biggest question surrounding Christie is if he's a bigger fucking d1ck than his auld man. The jury's out on that one.
  6. It's a different game completely playing Celtic at Hampden, as their record there over the last 4 years or so shows. The space that Hampden offers compared to Pittodrie makes it much more difficult to close Celtic down than it was yesterday, and as they've proved countless times against us in the last few years there's a constant danger from their midfield runners finding space. Celtic will undoubtedly score. The only thing is, we're much more threatening than we have been in years....we'll score as well. But can Taylor, Considine and Hoban do enough to win us the game ? I think it'll come down to that.
  7. If Celtic win their game in hand (against us ironically), they'll only be 3 points behind Rangers. We're only a third of the way in to the season so it seems premature to talk about a crisis at Parkhead. Lennon does have a long history though of mental frailty when under pressure, so it'll be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks.
  8. Yeah, we shouldn't forget Kennedy. I agree completely about Wright. His lack of consistency means that he's starting to look like a 30 minute impact player. I'd rather have that in the last 30 minutes against a tiring Celtic defence than in the first 30 minutes and then he becomes invisible.
  9. Good point. McGeough is quietly efficient in almost every game he plays, and he was pretty much strolling today until his injury. I'm hoping that he'll be available for next week because if he's not there it means us starting with either OJo....nooooooooooooooooooo......or Wright, who was excellent when he came on but shouldn't start next week. Fingers crossed, but it didn't look too good.
  10. It was a foul, but big Sam managed to make like it wasn't. I don't blame Collum for that.
  11. No idea how McGregor avoided a red card.
  12. I wouldn't start him. He was good today as an impact player.....start him next week and he'll drop out the game after 20 minutes.
  13. Gonna be King Ojo time soon. Edmondson off.
  14. Bad start to the morning I'm afraid. I feel better now 🙂
  15. No matter how shite they're playing, Rasellik always raise their game against an Aberdeen side who will merrily help them on their way by dropping back from the 1st minute and gifting them tons of possession. How I'd kill for a Neale Cooper type tackle in the first 3 seconds, and for us to start off right in their faces. I remember in one of the utterly dismal semi-finals against Celtic a few years back we went something like 25 minutes without committing a foul, so scared were the players to commit. In our desperation not to be caught on the break, we too often gift Celtic total domination of the ball up to 30 yards out. That generally is succesful for about 15 minutes until they inevitably score anyway. I agree that we need an 11 man effort, both defending and going forward, but pretty much every Dons fan is sick of us playing like pussies against Celtic when teams like Hearts and Hibs are very good at getting into their faces and exploiting the weaknesses in their defence. Sadly, the game is hanging over me like a big black cloud, so I don't see anything other than a routine win for Celtic I'm afraid.
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