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  1. Ran on the pitch and touched a Regan! Happy valentines mon the Raith [emoji173]️
  2. If we got offered an acceptable sum for Bowie with him coming back on loan for next season I think it would be good business in my opinion.
  3. Expecting a close game with at least a few goals in the match. Can’t imagine East Fife sitting back which should play to our advantage but it’s the Rovers after all. Predicting 3-1 Raith hopefully get confirmation before the match about Bairdy to give us a boost! What is the best pub to head to before that match ?
  4. I feel that there is a over reaction to the whole interview scenario. John did make a tit of himself! However i feel that the emotions got the better of him and the pelters he has been getting have been a bit unfair! We are 3 games in and if you offered us 6 points from the first 3 we probably would have taken it ! I would like to hear suggestions for his replacement from the people calling for his head 🤔
  5. Couple of years ago I rated him but he is just constantly moaning at others and getting wound up over nothing instead of concentrating on his own game . Need new faces in and not the dead wood.
  6. Hopefully Davidson isn’t offered another deal aswell. Can’t be arsed with his pish attitude for another season
  7. Campbell to the pars would be ideal but can’t see it
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