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  1. So to summarise, you're jealous of Dyron Daal's ginormous knob? And that he did not score.
  2. Fan Zones? Half time enertainment? 'Match day experiance'?......f**k right off! Its bad enough we have fucking mascots and 'celebration' music and all that shite, the latter totally ruined the cup final. There are many reasons not to attend, but because there is not enough other things on offer? Saints and a Pie and Bovil and maybe a quick pint in the club is all you should need......fucking entitled millenials!
  3. Indeed there is only one person who is looking like a big throbbing member here and it ain't randomguy.
  4. You are the only one who does it. Within seconds it's on WAP. And it's only you who does it. If I wanted to post there I would. There is a reason I don't so hence I'm pissed off you instantly run and post it. So I'd appreciate if you would delete your post on WAP that actually is a screen grab from here Unbelievable, you have posted it on a public forum. I don't post on the bear's den for similar reasons but I can't really complain if someone, regardless if its same person or not all the time, copies something and posts it there. Especially if it's of interest from an insider source. There is a significant cross over of fans between both sites anyway, sometimes not in the same guise so naturally there will be cross pollination. if this is your feeling then you are doing the right thing as I don't think the internet is for you...These are public football forums for discussing football and wider than that, it's the internet. If you don't want something that could be posted elsewhere don't put it in the public domain.
  5. Thinking on it...We probably paid that to release a similar striker from his contract with you in the summer.....
  6. With an average wage if £48k (I suspect a couple players, kennedy included bump that up) you 'could' say that's it's two players wages for a year and you have a high wage off the books It will probably be added to the 2mill pound coin swimming pool however https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/premiership/the-average-wage-paid-by-scottish-premiership-clubs-ranked-in-order-1-4880885/amp?page=2
  7. if ever there was a doggie band, this is their album cover
  8. Said it before but the whole rangers* thing killed a lot of interest for me. Said at the time if/when they returned to the top league I would probably start to question the whole point of it. This coupled with the last couple of years, typified with this summer and what seems like the complete amateurish, complacent and overly negative nature on the running of the club has me really questioning. This year is my 37th year of having a season ticket, through one thing and another I have not made any games. Those mates I used to go with (4 to 5 of us) like the rest of us have other priorities like family, mortgages etc so rarely go to 'make a day of it' I do manage to watch on saints TV and honestly, sitting down with a bottle of wine in a comfortable chair watching on the telly, with mates round or conversing with people on social media during the game provides a much better, value for money experience. This to me seems the future... Deep down it's no less love for the club and the apathy is deeper than the club. Scottish football (football in general) is over priced, stale and run for the sole benefit of two clubs which is verging on the criminal. The 'fight for top six' is boring, who really cares? We made more than the 6 place team in overall revenue last year so other than bragging rights what is there? A relegation fight is not fun or exciting, it's excruciatingly frightening and a real risk to the future of some clubs ( not that anyone running game care as long as the OF are ok). Having half your top division literally fighting for their existence leads to the brand of 'at any cost don't loose' football we see which not entertaining....it may be wonderful drama for the OF centric shill media. Drama however does not equal an entertaining product or a prosperous situation for the game in general in this country.
  9. I think they started together once? I agree give Henry and May time to form a partnership, let's face it if it takes time to gell (if at all) we are hardly any worse off. It's not as of we are even giving chances for May to miss Stevie May loan striker experiment is a failure. He should never of been bought if this was the intention, it's just baffling.
  10. Right we all know May is hopeless up on his own. So why almost every time we then change and go two up top we sub him off to facilitate this? He is meant to be our no 1 striker, yet more often than not runs about on his own for 60 mins being completely innefectual then is subbed off, for us to then go two up top when we inevitably are chasing the game. We spent all this time and money in the summer let's start with two up and at least give him the best chance to prove he can still play
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