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  1. Well I had a wee thought about maybe I should get a season ticket again......right up until about 15mins ago Underwhelming at the very very best.....and I'm being polite
  2. He has only ever been there because of who he plays for. I don't watch EFL but his team mates must be making him look good, for him to get the plaudits he does. Absolute charlatan for Scotland
  3. Of you didn't want to spend on a VPN something like epic browser has free IP masking built in via a plugin
  4. I think it should be. They did say they would be back next year after the playoffs
  5. 2+ years for Crawford and Money for McPherson Could of been worse can only be better...... right......right?
  6. I think this last year has proven the concept. Like I say the vast majority will want to go to the games and all that entails and I think we can say that attendance has not dropped of in that time. When I was attending regularly, season ticked for 30odd years, laterally away games were down to maybe one a year. In comparison last year I paid every week through the club's channels and watched every game, that was available. As said I felt more connected to the club by being able to watch all the games....also having a few beers during the game was an added bonus, and smoothed some results over Certainly where the benefit come in is those away games as stated costs, but also the 7.45 ko away to county midweek or mid winter away to anyone. Clubs are potentially gaining entrance prices they would not before at no perceive attendance drop off
  7. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/scottish-premiership-clubs-ppv-streaming-215800151.html Was always likely to happen. However feels very short sighted to me and had hoped clubs would of put pressure to keep this service. Well aware I am in the minority, certainly for home games, but milage will vary on this for away games, certainly with travel costs, disruption etc the way they are I think less will be inclined to travel but would still like the option to pay the club's ppv costs and watch I know there will probably be ways and means around this, but these are ways that see our clubs get no income. To others i.e international subscriptions that sees us pay a fraction of the money and none to the opposition for away games. However that's not really my point, where possible I would rather pay full price and not see clubs out of pocket. For a host of reasons I have little interest in attending a live game now a days, but I still would like to see my team play and where possible pay a price that benefits the clubs as I would if I attended. Basically if the only way to watch is to go then that is really not a big enough draw I'm afraid. it will either end up me not watching or at a significantly reduced price. I'm sure I will be told I'm maybe not a 'real fan' and should just f**k off anyway
  8. Interesting stats. how does that compare to other right handed keepers (assuming he is right handed) potentially that is the general weak area for a right hander? Also how is it calculated, for example does it speak to potential weakness in the team in general? I.e. are more shots coming from an area of the pitch that leads to a low left goal?
  9. This for me, he mentioned speaking to muzz about a new contract as well. McPherson, Crawford and muzz signed, that is solid backup for me....we need 2 midfielders that are really first choice.........not sure that is what he thinks though, so I guess we take stalk and see.. If we are in the same position at Christmas next year however, there can be no second chances
  10. So we are now about to lump meaningless balls up to Stevie may........ tactical genius I hope this does not age well
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