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  1. Don't mind the design so much just the material looks cheap reminds me of that God awful Megabus top with the material did not give or move....not the best that they couldn't of given it a wee iron to get the creases out Edit: looks better in the video 7/10
  2. That is, hypothetically, if there is a reciprocal agreement from United that it will be broadcast on saints TV. Last season if the club's were with the same company then this was the case. Now moving to PPV I suspect the only place this will be shown 'oficially' is through the hosting clubs channel
  3. Given a pre covid walk up price of £24 for an adult East stand seat, and potentially £5 for parking, £17.50 to watch on TV in your own home is very reasonable in my opinion. Surprised other clubs are cheaper to be honest. I honestly had ~£20 in my head As we hear every time there is season ticket priority give...I don't have one but go every week and pay at the gate, of so that's money saved paying PPV every week
  4. Good news. Is the new United TV online yet as can't find the link?
  5. hoping this may still be a goer? Not sure if it will work with UK registered cards though? https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/arabzone/watch-live
  6. The suspect, clothed only in what appears to be the remains of a dead badger....
  7. Honestly. As someone who had a season ticket last year but was not able to make it to games, I paid for the international sub and watched there. It was ok but they are going to have to up their game a bit here. There was a few weeks it was just simply goosed, supposedly the providers fault, bit other games with that provider were up, on one occasion when it was down on saints TV it was up on VIPbox, so not sure how that works. May of been the way I was accessing but. For me though what is most noticeable is watching an away game on the same platform the picture is always much smoother and crisper than anything streamed from McD. Add in extra traffic and they need to make sure the infrastructure is not the bare minimum. On the whole though it's perfectly serviceable and it's good to have ex players commentating (Callum was a hoot trying not to swear) but if people may need to temper their expectations on pic quality
  8. Villa should take a knee and let United score
  9. No need to apologise...was just answering your question...
  10. Comfiest trainers I have ever had back in the day
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