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  1. Has to be the same formation that has actually managed to take points off them this season......faint heart never won fair lady!
  2. This is another point, I was not able to make many games last season but with an international subscription I was able to get most of the home and away games. As this was the only option I would rather do that than the obvious hooky streams as saints get some money from it. This year I could of done the same but prefer to pay the 'full' price for the game Now if things return to normal I am back to the old VPN but it's a massive loss to the club compared to the PPV prices
  3. This is where I think carrying on the PPV is a good option. For many reasons folk may not want to go physically, like the added travel costs and times but they may just decide on the day to pay to watch at home. This is money that would be otherwise lost to the club. In honesty Saints and Scottish football have probably benefitted more from me this year than any other in my 35 years. I have paid for every stream home and away, purchased pie boxes and still purchase the usual merchandise. For the first time ever I am on course to actually watch every Saints game in a season in that regard I actually feel more connected in some strange way.
  4. Honestly I know I'm in the minority here but PPV is my preferred option now, for most games barring the big ones it's just a much much better experience. Don't miss attending at all even to the point of, if it's the only way I can watch I can't see that being a big enough draw to get me back to the stadium. Basically was a season ticket holder for 35 years up till this year and hardly missed a home game in that time. They do say it's habit forming and I suspect a few have got out of the habit this year. For your average game I really have no desire to attend and go through all the usual hassles of cold, car park, stewarding etc etc but I do want to watch and pay for the privilege. I'm just worried that with the lack of desire to really attend right now of PPV is removed o start to drift and Saints will loose my money
  5. This fucking defence man...it's getting to the point is enough is enough, they are not learning
  6. No doubt Zander has been at fault for a few however it also tends to be when we give up a chance it is a guilt edged one
  7. Chuffed for kane......strikers taking up position on the pen spot who would of thought that was a thing
  8. I'm assuming maybe time spent together in a closed environment? Or difficulty in rearranging the correct transport. Not sure if we were at the ground or not To be honest thats a bit of stretch and not sure how a couple of hours makes a difference
  9. Rooney - Gordon - McCart - Booth Conway - Davidson - McCann - Craig Guy May
  10. Oh it will be his press conference all right "Five, two fucking three"
  11. Another fucking cross ball, defenders making a c**t of it and the keeper rooted.......just f**k off now
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