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  1. No doubt Zander has been at fault for a few however it also tends to be when we give up a chance it is a guilt edged one
  2. Chuffed for kane......strikers taking up position on the pen spot who would of thought that was a thing
  3. I'm assuming maybe time spent together in a closed environment? Or difficulty in rearranging the correct transport. Not sure if we were at the ground or not To be honest thats a bit of stretch and not sure how a couple of hours makes a difference
  4. Rooney - Gordon - McCart - Booth Conway - Davidson - McCann - Craig Guy May
  5. Oh it will be his press conference all right "Five, two fucking three"
  6. Another fucking cross ball, defenders making a c**t of it and the keeper rooted.......just f**k off now
  7. Yeah should of said is maybe about changing it and creating less shots but better chances
  8. It's maybe creating better chances? A lot of these shots were outside 18 yards and we're blocked
  9. 100% we had one bad decision against us, the rest is standard at Johnstone at the min. Sloppy under any pressure and devoid of any attacking threat
  10. Soft pen, but it comes from the forst wee bit of Aberdeen pressure and we fold
  11. Been thinking about this a bit the last week and this can be said about mccaart, Kerr and Rooney. They are all of a similar level and have heeps of potential. Indeed Gordon, mccaart and Kerr were beginning to look solid pre shutdown but for whatever reason they have regressed this year. Is this down to a more offensive focused back 3 v a more defensive TW back 3...? I don't know? To me I'm not sure it's an individual thing as It feels a bit unfair to replace either of them. undoubtedly there have been mistakes but they have never really looked out of their depth. However something defensively needs to get sorted. What is clear is what we are doing is not working and they do not seem to be learning what CD wants. if they are not how long do we stick with them? Or does CD need to change the focus?
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