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  1. ADL Season 17/18

    No axe to grind and not a player! There is no doubt the players have to take some of the blame. My original post was in answer to Tombo who reckoned that McLeans spending "2 seasons Budget" on players meant that Slaven couldn't improve the squad which as results have proved weren't up to the task. As far as I know the club had provisions available to bring in players but none were added? I agree with wintonfan that discipline was a problem, but I think that managers can substitute players on a yellow before being sent off, straight red not much you can do to avoid that, also indisciplined players should be dropped, but to do that you need replacements but none were brought in.
  2. ADL Season 17/18

    A manager should know when a player has been yellow carded that maybe he should be substituted before a red. Also down to the manager if he continually starts any player who's discipline is questionable and has let the team down too often. Ditto cant play football or get sent off when not selected.
  3. ADL Season 17/18

    He did unload and still couldn't bring in players? Decided to play himself and we've seen how that turned out! As I stated before does the player/manager include himself as one of the underachievers! The same players have beat the league leaders home and away. Sometimes its not the tools you've got but how good a craftsman you are with them!
  4. ADL Season 17/18

    Harsh to Blame McLean for Slaven's failure, the facilities were there for him to add to the squad and he didn't bring anyone in?
  5. Bryan Slavin resigns as Ardrossan Winton Rovers Manager

    I can only comment on whats written in the paper, but as the only team so far to have beaten the league leaders twice can't see why they are not good enough!
  6. Bryan Slavin resigns as Ardrossan Winton Rovers Manager

    Just read this weeks report in the "A&S rag" seems to be ok for a manager to rip into the players! " None of them good enough" "Not doing what was wanted of them" "need a clear out"! Does the "player/ manager" include himself in those statements? The Chairman publicly backed the manager a few weeks ago in the same paper, pity the manager could'nt have left with a little bit more dignity.
  7. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    look at the tackle in 59secs no contact on ball whatsoever and tackle on the edge of the box similair to red card which took the ball and never touched the player.
  8. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Would that be the no 6 who got away with an off the ball incident then hit the deck when anyone went in with a tackle getting a player booked and one sent off ?
  9. AWR

    Bryan Slavin new winton manager
  10. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    There is no point being made, just saying that being a signed player doesn't mean you cant move on if things change. Ryan was one of the best players at Winton last season he'll be missed for sure.
  11. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    So was Ryan Caddis and hes now with Onthank who Winton are playing in a friendly tomorrow night?
  12. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    Possibly Eddie Walton ex Largs Thistle as Player/Coach.
  13. Rob Roy vs AWR in WoS Cup

    What level would that be? sometimes the lower league teams raise their game against "bigger clubs" a bit of a poor remark, seems to be if the "bigger clubs" don't turn you over it was because they had an off day. AWR had 5 players unavailable and had to name a goalkeeper as an outfield player. The Rabs had chances to win in 90 mins but didn't, their goal was a deflected in off a defender and at 1 each AWR hit the post and only an outstanding save from the keeper put them through on penalties! If league positions don't change your team might be at "their level" next season.
  14. ADL Thread? ??

    Seems he's just signed for the Meadow.
  15. ADL Thread? ??

    If you were in the league winning/promotion positions would you still say the same and let them go? promotion takes them up a level!