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  1. Stranger that the last game we played each other at yours. Tansey was getting pelters about him and his ex girlfriend. But one of your guys said they punted him when they found out
  2. Take it he didn't have a good defence infront of him ? Only seen him twice and was impressed. But goals conceded suggests it must have been the defence ?
  3. Did Somina Dublin-Green impress at the Rose......and has he left ? Was loaned out to whitehill. Didn't play many minutes for the rose. Been released.
  4. TBF we only seen him in 2 games.
  5. Was he only at ww this past season ?
  6. And stays in lithgie. Less travelling.
  7. Agree. Think the post was aimed at a section of the BU fanbase who have drifted away from games the last few months and turned up for the final. Happens every where when it's a final. Glory hunters no the phrase
  8. Congrats to tranent on winning the league. See you next season. No sour grapes,but da£££l are the best team we have played this season. (Hope that bites me on the arse)
  9. Should have been filming the game tbf.
  10. Then whoever wins the title still has the play offs (load of crap) that'll be why reps from talbot and Darvel were at the game last night.
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