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  1. Done OK yesterday. Be a good signing when upto full match fitness.
  2. Apparently so. Hope plans can be changed. 😬
  3. No when they dictate when a game is being played. Naw 😜
  4. Aye, they can all Pat their self's on the back in Dublin.
  5. Aye. It was like sitting in waiting on an MP chapping the door. Never going to happen. Could have posted a lazy leaflet at least. 😜
  6. Game played tuesday. Score on fb pinned Post today. End of the world I tell ye.
  7. As you say. It's a busy time of year. Players have nights out as well. Falkirk game was a friday sell out. Didn't see a rush for entry on Tuesday though.
  8. Well done the eosfl. Take note joonyurs 😂
  9. Regarding lights and camelon. After obviously knowing the lux requirements (I assume) their lights not passing the match refs requirements. Was this more down to the height of the light poles. iyo
  10. So the rose exaggerate away gates? 😂
  11. And if only half of them could remember where the park is every other Saturday 🙄
  12. You have read that this game is segregated aye. That's the price for having a country dancing team I'm afraid. 😊
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