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  1. Get an op on the 2nd.call from hospital today (checking I'm Isolating imo 🤣) booked in for first jag on the 6th 👏. Woman from hospital says the 6th might be to soon after surgery. BOO
  2. Or 2 weeks booked in Spain. On the beach first day. Then outbreak in Spain. Then spend rest of holiday in a hotel room.
  3. Null and void all football. Star again when safe. The usual suspect will be banging his Heid off the keyboard 😂
  4. I was meant to get knee surgery on 23rd March last year. Op got cancelled. Going into jubilee next Tuesday. She better no f##k this up 😂
  5. What about his point on care workers and NHS nurses. Refusing the vaccine. Pay them off if no jag?
  6. Can you go and try on a pair of jeans the now?
  7. Vaccine passport? Not got. Don't get in?. Was there not talk of this for flying.
  8. Who was that. Politician or Joe public or journo. I was too busy cleaning up the spat out tea.
  9. Heard Morgan this morning rattling on about trump and twitter. If the governments shut down twitter, fb and the rest. Would there be a pandemic 🤔
  10. Original obviously. Don't want to confuse the likes of Bennett.
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