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  1. Same for Blackburn. Rose were due to play Cambuslang rangers in a friendly. That got called. Ended up playing bathgate. Rose won 3 v 1
  2. Wife and myself waiting on results from pcr. After testing positive. Both double and booster. Hope Abbotsford fvcks up. Had worse colds.
  3. Or you can go to the bar and order. But drink brought to table and pay for. Then staff come to table again,with change.
  4. If one person is positive in a household. And using one room only.do the others fully vaccinated have to isolate. if not in direct contact with the person with the cold ?
  5. Have to come back in a few hours. Can't decipher word salad at this time happy new year btw.
  6. Would that be the same player who's mother and girlfriend. We're taking dogs abuse of some camelon supporters the last time we were up there ?
  7. The ministers being interviewed should be hooked upto the mains. And told answer my questions. Yes or No. Anything else and I throw the switch.
  8. Forgot all about that lol. Surprised at united dropping 2 points.
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