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  1. Bobby Russell was signed by Rangers direct from Shettleston for £200 in 1977. Still waiting on it 😂
  2. Tam courts supports celtic does he no. Cannae see Barry asking celtic back.
  3. Songs are the same though in the bigger games (Easter Road) sash?
  4. Aye but when does the rationing begin for a virus. Prof? 😂
  5. What happened to season 1939.did we tell Adolf to hang on the seasons no finished yet 😂
  6. Should and probably will just scratch this season. Who's to say there will be a next season?
  7. If you have already paid upfront for a St. You will hardly miss it surely.
  8. Starting to show Scottish Cup finals
  9. Iirc it's not automatic promotion for eosfl teams. Or is it?
  10. Leverkusen keeper looks like he should be wearing a suit.
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