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  1. An end of a football pitch. Is usually where the goal posts are situated. Chump
  2. The canal is along the touchline side. Chump 🙄
  3. Be a bit of a lol moment if it did happen though.
  4. Turned out no to bad. 3 nil Rose. Paints dry noo 😂
  5. ^^^ never played on a public park on a Sunday. Rain sleet or snow. Even with jeans and Auld gutties on. Then walked home in same clobber covered in mud. Stick to fifa on device. 😂
  6. A bit like nicola and Boris. Give it a couple of weeks. Then il fall into place Boris 😂
  7. Rule of 6 and meeting in our house
  8. Could stick the non driver in the back. And he could stick his Heid oot the windae.
  9. Does budge think if there were only Premier and championship. And1&2 teams. Their stadiums would be full to bursting. From fans of leagues below those divisions. Jumping on board another team?
  10. Why don't the sg tell us the health condition. And the ages of the people who die from covid. That would at least remove at least some of the fear factor surely.
  11. Players and management wanted to give the season a go it seems. At glenafton anyway. 🗡
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