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  1. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    Heard right.also must be reasons for not having under 20's.heard kelty are scrapping theirs next season.dont know if any truth in that though.
  2. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Aye,on the TV.
  3. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    And what is their first ?
  4. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Ormiston was the same.they didn't even have a designated toilet for supporters,when we were there.
  5. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Hardly the same.you could say the same about bathgate and Blackburn.
  6. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I was basically going to say the same thing.but thought I'd see if anyone else thought the same way.
  7. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    be good to be back at bonnyrigg.no as if you will be going anywhere.oh wait,linlithgow might be playing elsewhere.
  8. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    leave him alone.hes doing fine in the eos forum.
  9. Can they no back date it
  10. Has Kamara been put on the list yet ?
  11. Groundhop 2019 dates

    530 paying at linlithgow.
  12. Groundhop 2019 dates

    Steak&Haggis for your supper.
  13. Groundhop 2019 dates

    Pinch that idea of Camelon.
  14. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    There is a difference.you have probably seen it in the cabinet at the rose club.