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  1. We have to do better next season. We were running away with it this year but the wheels spectacularly came off. I'm just glad we don't have to face Darvel in the league season coming, major thorn in our side this year
  2. Yeah, congratulations to Darvel and Kello, all the best for next season. As for us, the three defeats in a row from WV, Kello and Darvel killed us after being previously unbeaten and seemingly unstoppable. We just never recovered. Must do better next season
  3. Yep, fully stocked bar in Winton Park. All welcome
  4. Ardrossan 4 Dalry 0 My word, we needed that!
  5. Kello 6 Ardrossan 1. Looks like my team have suddenly imploded [emoji24][emoji24]
  6. Good draw for us. Kello away will be tough though, they are one of the better sides in the ADL this season. If we get through, we must be favourites at home against our local rivals. The last eight will definitely contain three ADL teams
  7. Ardrossan 2 Annbank 2 Poor performance, needed a last gasp equalizer which to be honest we barely deserved. But we'll take it. Referee was terrible
  8. 2-0 Ardrossan. Liam Caddis in injury time
  9. Winton Park tonight. Looking good, pic courtesy of Darren Miller
  10. Ardrossan 1 Darvel 2 Really disappointing, we just didn't do enough. Fair play to Darvel Scottish over for another season
  11. Any word on Darvel v Ardrossan? Heard it was 1-1, but don't know if that was the final score
  12. We're in cracking form right now, and we knocked out a much higher ranked team in the first round. But Darvel are the only team we have dropped points against in the League this season, so it should be a very tough game
  13. Ardrossan Winton Rovers 2 Dundonald Bluebell 1 Stunning result, we were not favourites to go through at all. Well done boys
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