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  1. Fraz has done an incredible job at Sauchie. Might just fancy a change. Been there a while now, how long??
  2. Congratulations to all at Sauchie. Well deserved.
  3. Kelty for me, very difficult for Bonnyrigg to win all their games in hand and beat Kelty on their own pitch as well. Much rather have the points on the board!! As fir tofay, Tranent are a very decent side. Was always going to be a tough ask at their ground. Daz Smith and Fisher have them playing well and organised.
  4. Lithgae played into Haws hands all of 2nd half. Long ball down centre halfs throats constantly. Wilson and Dair won 99.9% of them too. Deliveries from set pieces were poor and never really though Lithgae would score with exception of header at the back post midway through 2nd half.
  5. You'll have a better insight on the situation than me as only saw them 3 times this season so not in a position to have an opinion other than seeing results, reading reports etc. I'm sure with the budget Saints have though, IF they do go down then they'll be favourites to come back up, though north league is tougher than people think.
  6. I'd like to see St Andrews stay up personally but doesn't look likely. A lot of mates up there and have a lot of time for Morri. Don't know what's went wrong and thought the change in manager would've gave them a lift but found wind very hard to come by after having such a good start to season as well
  7. Am I right in saying that Whitburn's final 4 games are dundee violet, Downfield. Arniston and Glenrothes??? They'll be confident of getting 2 points needed I'd imagine.
  8. Only 1 of the sendings off were a straight red, mine was for 2 bookings. My 2nd booking for a tackle on Kelbie, Ryan McDonald received a straight red for violent conduct believe it or not! The fact that everyone thinks it was for dissent shows you that there was nothing in it. Very poor referee performance but a comfy win for Linlithgow. Good effort from our lads, missing so many key players takes its toll on any team but credit to the boys who played.
  9. Well done Blackburn. Always said, in big Andy they have the best striker in league. Capable of scoring goals out of nothing. Enjoy your night lads.
  10. Aye, very poor appointment indeed!!!
  11. Right, here goes!! I've no replied to any of your posts as you're only on here to get bites and to wind folk up!! Am I offended by any of your comments about me? Not at all, but this will likely be my only post in reply to you!! If you were a genuine Glens man then why not get behind the club instead of continually put it down. You might not agree with them appointing myself as manager, you might end up being right, you might also have got it wrong but I'll certainly give 100% towards being successful. For the record,I've never been told what I can or can't say on the forum,the forum has never even been mentioned in any committee meeting we've had!!! I suspect that you already know why Johno was released, but I'll confirm it for the whole forum to see. John gave great service to the Glens, and after deciding he wouldn't be continuing at the club and being out of contract in the summer, it was the right thing to do imo. Nothing more to it, nothing less!!! Now real fans of clubs get behind their team in good and bad times, not slag and belittle them at every opportunity. It seems you have an issue with the club that you pretend to support,every poster on here can see it!! You try your best (and actually succeed to be honest) to cause bother/animosity for us with other clubs by continually having digs at clubs like KSH and Thornton etc...They think you're associated with Glens but hopefully others can see the truth here!!! As for stirring the shit for Crossgates, I'm not! I won't name boys as it's not my place to do so. Great respect for everyone involved there, the ex management team were very decent people as are the boys set to take over.
  12. It must be true mate as they've contacted one of my players last week with regards to signing. I'm still registered as a player and will play when need be but ideally I'll not keep playing.
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