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  1. Here's the pie thief being arrested yesterday!! https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/guy-getting-lifted-at-half-time-west-enclosure.69470/
  2. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Your verbal diarrhoea may be almost in overflow mode, but your basic arithmetic leaves you floundering at the bottom of the class. 70 goals conceded in 29 matches would average out at 2.41 per game, some way short of your notional 'more than 3'. Brush up your basic skills before spouting in future.
  3. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Ardrossan Winton Rovers has signed local lad Michael Wardrope on loan from Kilwinning Rangers until the end of the season.
  4. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Brendan's opportunities?? Can’t be Liverpool. Can’t be Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, or Arsenal. Chelsea a poss fit, but Abramovich usually aims for overseas coach profile. Ironically, his time at Chelsea as youth coach was as a result of Steve Clarke’s recommendation!! And he did graduate to be reserve team coach. That’s the top six covered. Of the rest, only Everton & Newcastle could be considered bigger than Leicester, and both have money worries, or stadium worries, or dodgy owners. All the other so-called bigger clubs are currently languishing in the lower leagues e.g. Leeds, Villa, Forest, Derby, Wednesday, Sunderland. Leicester have a wealthy owner family/corporation. Big crowds. Good stadium and facilities. A history. Europa spot regular is realistic. FA Cup success realistic. League cup success realistic.
  5. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    You can't make a stand on sectarianism the way Steve Clarke has and then sign for Celtic surely?
  6. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    You can't make a stand on sectarianism the way Steve Clarke has and then sign for Celtic surely?
  7. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Celtic have given Brendan Rodgers permission to begin talks with Leicester about becoming their new manager, according to Sky sources
  8. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    "Chris appears to be a nice guy away from the match" apart from when he's been barred from local pubs - more than once!!
  9. Sportscene Watch 18/19

    In fact, if you watch the incident closely, Defoe actually kicks out at Broadfoot with his right leg to 'manufacture' contact then dives. But that's ok according to Sportscene. And by definition and precedent that will also be OK for the joke that is the Compliance Officer.
  10. There. Sorted that for you, mate: IAN FLEMING Born: Maybole d.o.b: 15 January 1953 Position: Winger / Midfield Teams Seasons Apps. Gls. Source : Craigmark Burtonians Kilmarnock 71-76 94 51 Aberdeen 75-79 66 12 Sheffield Wednesday 78-80 14 1 Dundee 79-83 48 5 Brechin City (P./Mgr.) 82-87 132 15 Appointed Asst. Mgr. Forfar Athletic Totals 354 84
  11. Todays scores 24/1

    Ref injured at Kilwinning. Delay
  12. Thanks Arry. Brown envelope is under second flower pot to left of your front door.
  13. I am the original poster of this thread, and frankly am enraged that it has been moved to the Ugly Sisters section. The whole point of the discussion is that it impacts on all clubs potentially. In fact the essence is that all us other clubs are being discriminated against in terms of disciplinary procedural fairness. Think again, Admin. Your reasoning is flawed. We