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  1. The Artemio Franchi stadium in Siena has always struck me as being odd with its multi-stand configuration. Took in a game there against Inter a few years ago and it was quite a surreal experience. Siena are also looking at moving to a new stadium which if goes ahead will trump this considerably in the weird stakes
  2. Got a B2 for my pointless Law exam, Elements of Law for Engineers Also wee surprise to see an A5 from last semester bumped up to a A2:blink: Net result is an honours band rise of 0.02!
  3. Aerospace Engineering came out last week sometime and I'm so chuffed with 4 A's(including my Individual and Group projects), 2 B's and a D in the most insane course I've ever sat. Coupled with last semester's results this means I'm currently sitting on a First but I fully expect that to drop down to a 2:1 as fifth year is meant to be brutal. Still waiting on our pointless Law result which we have been told will be out tomorrow
  4. Yeasayer at Oran Mor last night; sensational
  5. We have been back for, I think, 5 weeks now at Glasgow:smartass So far this has easily been the hardest semester of my four years at Uni, five different projects on the go, six different(and all very difficult) courses and having to apply for every Summer placement under the sun at the same time. Got 3 A's for my exams before Christmas somehow though which was a nice treat!
  6. Emotion 96.3 - Mylo Badlands - Bruce Spingsteen Luna - The Aliens Victor Jara's Hands - Calexico Sensation - The Who Theory of The Crows - The National Uh-Huh Oh-Yeh - Paul Weller Skin Deep - Stranglers 12:51 - The Strokes Chasing Rainbows - Shed Seven
  7. Might be the fact I've now had 3 and half years of Engineering lecturers which are totally different to what Law was like as well. We have had to do courses in Economics, Management and now Law through my course, all taught out of department, and I haven't enjoyed any of them. Too much in my comfort zone me. It seems we are mainly dealing with Contract Law which takes up 50% of the final exam with then the further 50% on Employment Law, Intellectual Property and Company Law which to me just seems so dull; although this is coming from a guy who enjoys Fluid Mechanics and Aeroelasticity.
  8. I bought one book in 1st year that I have never had the need to read before. Would never buy another, complete waste of money
  9. First day back for me today<_< Currently doing anything but write up my technical essay for my Project. To be in for Monday at about 4000 words so should be alright once I get going. PS: How can anyone enjoy law lectures??
  10. Already put this on another thread but going to see Jon Allen on February 15th at King Tut's, someone I would never have even heard of, had it not been for the fact that Animal Collective are listed as the support. Personally I think there has been a big mistake somewhere but this Jon Allen guy is actually alright so at worst it should be a pleasant evening. On the 17th I'm going to see Yeasayer also at King Tut's which should be superb. Also my friend is buying us tickets for Sunshine Underground at the ABC but no idea when it is
  11. Final exam, Flight Dynamics 4, was finished yesterday Think it went OK but the guy has a reputation as a lunatic when it comes to marking so really could get anything from an A downwards. Overall I think I could have got AAB but would expect to be more CBB which suggests I'll be 2:1 which is fine by me. Also am I right in thinking someone is doing Law at Glasgow here? We have a Law course to do next semester which I think is going to be all about Contract and Employment Law. No idea why we couldn't have got this in 1st or 2nd year like the rest of our other courses like Economics and Management but there you go
  12. Well Saturday's exam was just rewritten past paper questions with some different numbers so should have aced it, and that coupled with 20% FAE Assignment I should be able to get an A; even accounting for the lecturer's random markings. Last late night library session finished just there and feeling quite confident about Flight Dynamics 4 on Tuesday; could easily have got an A if I started studying a bit earlier but will accept a B if it's coming. Cannot wait for these to be over
  13. Aircraft Structures and Materials 5 tomorrow at half 9 Worst course I have ever done at Uni, with a poor lecturer, shocking quality of notes, absolutely no examples and no indication what is in exam. The only two past papers are the excact same and I can do them; any deviation from that and I, and I suspect/hope everyone else, will fail spectacularly
  14. Physics of Fluids 4 today was a right bitch Would have been able to get an A in each of the previous 5 exams but this was compiled of 4 of the hardest questions to come up, including one section that he had previously mentioned was un examinable. Would love to get a B for it now, but a C is more likely I'm afraid Not a massive problem for me, got another 9 exams and two projects to try and get GPA into at least 2:1 territory bur for people on the BEng course that will be tricky to do now.
  15. Just leave them at the front of the exam hall Yeh the library can be impossible to get a seat between like 11 and 5, best getting in early and getting a good seat up in level 10 or something or study in your department building then moving across after dinner
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