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  1. Big Z


    Away and f**k yirself ya a*****e!! Can't even f***in spell ya welt, you even been to school........take it you were in C17 mate hahahahaha!!! HendersonDelivers a load of pish!! Ashamed a p***k like you is also a Hibs fan!! Gives the whole of LEAFA a bad name p***ks like you.
  2. Big Z


    And how do we need to gee up???????? You come and run an amatuer side and see how you get on ya clown!!! Aye your on here sprouting pish and looking for bites as you've probably got nothing better to do than lie in yir ain ming and post up on here! Boys busting their ass to get guys to play fitbaw on a saturday is near impossible these days.....the lack of commitment is unreal so guys like you posting that nonsense aint helping matter! So away and take a loooooooooooong hard look at yirself in the mirror ya w**k stain bucket of pish!!
  3. Big Z


    Aye Henderson Delivers is talking nonsense! Pencaitland won't be folding or geeing up any time soon that's for sure! As a couple of lads on here have said, Rambo the secretary and myself for that matter, along with the management team won't allow that to happen! Too many years of hard work has been spent getting to where we are. If that means we struggle for a season then so be it but we have brought in a few new faces which has made a massive difference!
  4. Big Z


    Heard from people at the game that Tollcross were very good but Tranent didn't help matters by getting a man sent off early doors (shocking challenge) and not playing the greatest. Were up against it from the start by the sounds of it after mouthing off that they were going to do this and that! As ever, pre-season is always tough to predict and how teams are going to fare throughout a full season!
  5. We've been let down at the last minute and require opposition to play in a friendly this Sat 17 June, 2pm KO @ Haddington 4G, East Lothian EH41 4AQ. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks Innes Assistant coach at East Linton AFC
  6. Will be good to see how some of the border amateur teams have progressed over the years as they used to dominate this cup until teams from the Edinburgh, Lothians and West joined. Looking at the league tables for the borders embroideries leagues some of the more prominent teams of the past seem to have dropped away dramatically! Your Leithen Rovers and Gala Rovers used to always be competing at the top end! 2 upcoming fixtures are Pencaitland at home to Chirnside which always used to be a feasty encounter and both us and Chirnside seem to be doing well in their leagues! Tranent away to Gordon will be another to watch! I always thought when Pencaitland left to join LEAFA and Gala merged with the Lowland team those leagues would eventually suffer and not be as competitive. There was genuine bad blood towards Pencaitland being in the borders league but with them leaving you can see it has coincided with the demise of the few decent teams of the past! I always remembered a decent battle at Stow, Duns and Chirnside! Will be good to see how these teams fair against teams playing in LEAFA.
  7. Scottish school boy, Cambridge Utd trial and Lothian Star!
  8. Your profile names matches yir intelligence mate!
  9. This is hilarious!! Love it when folk bite back at posts!! Sned.....your a legend saaaan and always will be! Ashiq......born winner in my books lad!
  10. What a player......scored goals for fun wherever he has played! Absolute legend.....shame he didn't move up a level earlier when he was in his prime! Would strike fear into most defences!
  11. HRA friendly last night against Bonnyrigg 21s finished Bonnyrigg 1 - HRA 4. Another good run out for the team against a very young, fit side! Couple of minus points....one of our players Mum's had a mini stroke just prior to kick off so hope she is recovering ok! Also a very nasty injury to our centre after a cheap shot tackle from their centre forward! Perfect result leading up to a tough match against Heriot Watt on sat.
  12. Finished HRA 3 Edinburgh Alba 2....stuffy team to break down but a good friendly with working on fitness the main gain from a game like this. Ormiston got beat 0-2 by Tynecastle.
  13. Kujabi.....stick to the 6/7-a-sides mate!!
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