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  1. Kids doing the pots and pans thing is fine. Grown adults? Not so fine in my book. OFTW.
  2. Thanks for not pointing out that it’s ‘buy’. Is that domain name taken?
  3. I’m not even sure where you by a rainbow suit. He probably made his. He’s definitely better at arts and crafts than me.
  4. Nobody is forcing anyone to go out and clap. There are no repercussions for not going out to clap. If people feel like doing it to show their support for the NHS or whoever else they are doing it for, it seems okay to me. It engenders community spirit. What I find more disturbing is people on social media criticising MSM for taking the government to task on things like lack of PPE for frontline staff and lack of testing. The ‘this isn’t the time for negativity’ defence for a completely inept government by members of the general public who are being failed by the same inept government is a worry. The rallying round some old soldier trotting round his garden on a walking frame make me raise my eyebrows. That’s makes less sense to me than the clappers. I assume this is the poppy people, some of whom are concerning with their antics. There’s nowt as queer a folk.
  5. Also, I’m not getting the cynicism for the clap for NHS thing which happens every Thursday at 8pm. The wife and kids lap that up. Seems innocent enough, if ultimately pointless.
  6. I can only speak for me and the wife, but neither of us have been furloughed yet, so we’re still working from home and we’ve 3 kids to look after. Not as much time as you’d think. To be fair, I’d be doing the garden or painting in my free time, so fair play to the man in the rainbow suit and braces. Making a lifesize model of a person with balloons is next on my list after I sort the garden out.
  7. That man has to much time on his hands.
  8. It will surprise no one that I wasn’t there, but Armstrong’s free kick against Arbroath is spectacular.
  9. I see you’ve gained a stalker - shortnado - who is stalking you with dots. I would of thought the ‘llittle people’ would show greater solidarity with one another. I’m away to check which team shortnado supports. If it’s the usual - Scotland - I’ll be disappointed. Any guesses who you’ve pissed off recently? Must have been a spat? Edit: correction, it’s Shortnardo. You pissed someone off a lot on 18th April.
  10. Lewis’s lob against Peterhead for goal of the season. Toss up between MacDonald and Hendry for player of the season. Hendry is undoubtedly our star player but I just felt MacDonald was more consistent.
  11. Probably the same order for me. I only got the fag end of Connor’s time but he did a sort of McGlynn job in taking Rovers from the third tier to the second tier, keeping them there and consolidating us as a top half side in the second tier. Nicholl got us to the top tier twice, our first major trophy and a run in Europe. If this is ever topped it’ll be some achievement. Undoubtedly the most successful manager Rovers have ever had and the Football was excellent too. McGlynn is second to Nicholl for me. Got us promoted, consolidated and gave us a chance at a return to the top tier. Now he’s got us promoted again.
  12. Shows the type of muppets that have been in charge at Starks.
  13. Do you have pets and a sob story ready?
  14. The Last Kingdom starting again is good news during these weeks as a shut-in.
  15. Next up on the Q&A, Big Nade. You’ve played for a few clubs in Scotland, which was your favourite?
  16. Just out of interest, who is the person at Starks Park with the wee red book with all the players numbers?
  17. Tony Rougier answering questions on the Q&A now. Loved big Tony. Great player in a great side. Had Gazza in his back pocket, scored that free kick at Celtic Park, and that miss in Munich, all covered in questions. A few more cult figures like Armand One would be good.
  18. Sevco are like fucking Voldemort. Difficult to kills the c***s.
  19. L is for League Champions*. *Tainted, obviously, but better than getting bumped and being told this season is null and void, thanks for your efforts, hope Lewis Vaughan gets well soon, maybe he can get his ACL injury cancelled. After being top for almost 3/4 of the season, and scoring 5 again at Methil, home of the famous East Fife who have won the Scottish Cup.
  20. Sportsound appears to have turned into some sort of football administration show now. Dull and duller.
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