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  1. I checked Always Next Season and in the 1996/97 season Duffield didn’t score many. He did score our goal in our last ever Premier League game against Hibs; a 1 v 1 draw. He also scored against Dundee United in a 1 v 2 away defeat in March and in a 1 v 5 home defeat to Motherwell in February. Duffield scored the winner in that 1-0 friendly win against Bayern Munich too. In 1997/98 he scored a hat-trick against Forfar in the game after Stirling. Was it that season we sold him?
  2. If we can go on trains with a mask, could we not do something similar for the football and just make mask wearing compulsory?
  3. Just checked Always Next Season and it was apparently Duffield who scored. Crowd 2159.
  4. Was Alan Kelly a Rovers fan? I seem to recall Kelly Copiers sponsoring Dundee before us. What happened to the boy after us? I remember working at Kelly Copiers offices in Edinburgh back in the early 1990s.
  5. After that 1996/97 season I decided enough was enough and fucked off to Aberdeen to go to university as a mature student. Watching the Janny and Iain Munro relegate and destroy your beloved Rovers will do that to you. My memories of that season are being hugely optimistic at the start as we’d spent close on £1m on what on paper looked decent signings, then shock and disbelief at the initial string of absolute tonkings, while the Janny was interviewed on TV in a Hawaiian shirt and slippers. Then the McLean cameo, then Munro, then getting the Scandinavians in in desperation, then the Scottish Cup run and humping by Falkirk in the QFs, then losing interest and stopping going, then seeing we lost 6-0 at home to Rangers. The end. I recall going to the opening day 1-1 draw with Stirling Albion at Forthbank on the opening day of the 1997-98 season and jumping on a bin and getting into the terracing. But it was the home terracing and it wasn’t open. Got escorted round to the away terracing and didn’t have to pay a bean. Away stand was full. Some travelling support that day. Loads of optimism at the start of the day, but 1-1 (did Danny Lennon score?) and then the downward spiral. I only went to a handful more games in the next 7 years. There were also 4 defeats against the Pars in 1996/97 but the only one that comes to mind is the last one at Starks. It was the end of the glory years.
  6. I suppose it doesn’t sound that great when I think about it, but then again neither is watching Rovers in League 1. My favourite time watching Rovers was back in the ‘90s when we were floating between the First Division and Premier League and doing well in the cups. I don’t particularly like playing other teams 4 times a season. I can’t remember why but I recall only playing teams 3 times a season back in the ‘90s. Ah, the ‘90s! Everything was so much better then. Pars were the wee team. Rovers were in the Premier League and Europe. Great days.
  7. The authorities here try to mimic English football, so why not a 20 team Championship? The English Championship has 24 teams in it.
  8. My boy had umpteen reflection sheets when he started school last year. This was because he was used to fighting back with his two older sisters. I got sick of signing the fucking things. I think wee boys are worse. What did you do? Punched Sam. How did this make you feel? Sad Who feels sad when they are punching someone? More like filled with murderous rage. Every time he got one he lost his iPad for a while. No Minecraft or Roblox or YouTube! Disaster.
  9. Sadly I must have missed that episode of Super Nanny. What about a cage fighting class?
  10. They’d possibly also refuse to do the litter picking punishment people have suggested. Community Service punishments take a huge amount of management to make successful as those same arsehole people who litter would conveniently sleep in or forgot to turn up or some other excuse, and there’s a likelihood it would become a costly and unsuccessful bureaucratic nightmare. The cone it is.
  11. This is basically it. There’s a mindset where people don’t care about other people.
  12. It really annoys me. Almost, but not quite, to the point where I’m going to be seen wandering the streets with a black bag collecting other people’s littler. I do on occasion pick a couple of items of litter up (usually plastic bottles) and take them to the nearest bin. I feel that that or the bag idea are basically pissing in the wind. It won’t change unless people stop littering. Then there’s fly-tipping which is also completely out of control at the moment. In summary, some human beings are awful and will possibly never change.
  13. No, it wouldn't. It’s like most ideas on here. Starts off okay, then goes into the sort of excruciating bureaucratic detail which no reasonable person can be bothered with.
  14. How long are you leaving her on the naughty step? Let her do the crocodile, or real, tears thing. Wait 5-10 minutes or so until she’s had a cry and realised she’s in trouble and she doesn’t know how long she’ll be sitting there. Then go and see her and do the eye contact thing where you ask her why she did that, let her know that was wrong and if she does it again she’ll be back on the naughty step. Then she can do the apology thing and you both move on. This is like a repeat of that Super Nanny show. f**k me, what has my life become.
  15. Do you have a naughty step? Try putting the 3 year old on that.
  16. So I’m the only punter on here with 3 bairns/weans? See when I enter ‘win a family holiday’ competitions and it’s only for 4 folk. Really boils my piss. It’s discrimination! Oh, I see there’s some bhoy character who has 3 kids too. I’m in distinguished company.
  17. I have 3 kids. 2 girls and a boy. Oh, I see I said that in 2015. It’s like lightning on here! Good skills for doing it. All it took was a global pandemic and it’s happening.
  18. He was breathing and leching. That’s as alive as a lot of us get. Bit concerning that he’s involved with security at an airport. Well, not now he’s dead, obviously. RIP White Witch (racist!)
  19. The rugby player is pretty good on the radio. That said, I never watch him on that BBC Scotland channel. I think it’s probably fair comment to say the BBC are hoping it fails and they can quietly bin it. If Rovers are back in the Championship next season, I’d maybe watch some of their away games on the BBC Scotland channel. Could they not just merge BBC Alba and the BBC Scotland channel? The only programme I’d really miss would be A View From the Terrace and I usually watch this on iplayer anyway.
  20. Sign language. Instead of singing. There could still be a singing section. There’ll be no wheezing section as those punters recovering from the virus will still be in the house. The singing section could still work. The masks might muffle the singing a bit, but sacrifices must be made to ensure football goes ahead as soon as humanly possible.
  21. Instead of singing sections we can have wheezing sections. Signing section? People can still make the w****r sign while wearing a mask. Maybe the masks will prevent folk booing. If folks eyesight is going after a bought of coronavirus they’ll not suffer as much. So many positives.
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