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  1. If it is Murray I am happy enough with that. From the outside he’s had steady progress with Airdrie.
  2. Second interviews? What further searching questions will they ask at these second interviews? Just get someone employed already. The one who interviewed well and says he’s going to win Us the league and make us the third force in Scotland.
  3. What’s another year of failure to a club like Falkirk?
  4. Purple and orange just go together, like King and Billy.
  5. I seem to recall there used to occasionally be some sort of city funding for local officials to spunk on vanity projects. Is that no longer the case?
  6. Does Tam just like the name Shandon Par or has money exchanged hands?
  7. @Shandön Par have you requested a signed photo yet ya sook?
  8. If Hummel are going to give you another clubs retro strip, at least that’s a nice one.
  9. Bit of a Rangers heavy panel on BBC. Token Jambo Levein and every one else a proven bear.
  10. It’s sad but we’ve all looked at the absolute deadbeats that are available and the likes of him and Thomson seem relatively good. They’ll probably be rotten but such is life. They seem desirable as they are both in work at clubs who did well this season.
  11. I just believe that football management is a thing best undertaken whilst naked. As it goes, I voted for big Elvis, however I would hope your Board stipulate that the role is better suited to a naturist.
  12. Previously the Scottish Government deferred things to Transport Scotland who deferred things to Scotrail. If you query an MSP they defer to Transport Scotland who in turn write to tell you it’s up to Scotrail to sort. It never gets sorted. This is government in Scotland. It’s not very good. I am an independence supporter who will no longer vote SNP. The SNP have been in complete control of Scotland since 2011 so it’s right that they are getting criticism.
  13. I don’t feel so bad we didn’t beat them this season, now they are a city team.
  14. Is John Brown still available? I haven’t heard any news about him. Have Dundee checked he didn’t get himself locked in a cupboard?
  15. It’ll be Berra plus some other worthy. Maybe Gary Locke can come back as assistant. Unfinished business: this time it’s personal.
  16. If the applications thing doesn’t work out, then it’s a vigorous hunt next time.
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