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  1. June is clearly a dangerous month for Steve Clarke.
  2. Looking at the amount of EPL players who are out, I think we’ll do well to get the draw. I’m not sure Scotland can afford to lose Tierney, Robertson, McKenna, McTominay and Patterson from the defence and hope to do well. However, I’ll be watching to see if we can do it. We still have good attacking options. It’s just in defence that we’re light.
  3. I was in the Upper South Stand about the halfway line and the booing was pretty noticeable. It wasn’t me. At least I don’t think it was.
  4. Cheery stuff. Look forward to seeing the masses belt it out.
  5. That is extraordinary. Can the BBC budget stretch to this and we can see it on A View From the Terrace? @McGuigan1978
  6. I was in the North Stand in the section pretty much right next to the West. I’ve never heard or seen any of this sort of stuff in the South Stand. Is that the old man’s stand?
  7. First time in the South Upper. It’s excellent for getting a view of the whole pitch at the same time, but I felt a bit removed from the action. I think I preferred the South Lower and being closer to the pitch. I liked the padded seats and the queues for the toilets and snack bars were much smaller. Looking forward to my next visit. Hopefully we get the win in Ukraine and get a decent draw for the qualifiers.
  8. If we hadn’t got the penalty, I still think we looked like sneaking a late winner. Ryan Fraser did will when he came on. First half was a bit ropey and we never seemed to make the right decisions when attacking. Second half we were the better side but Craig Gordon saved us. It’s a concern that our first and second choice full backs have been in the wars. Wonder how many will make the Ukraine game?
  9. Israel must have had some set of results to be in Pot 2.
  10. That result was a pleasant surprise. When it went 2-2 I thought we may end up losing it but thankfully we managed to get back in front then see the game out.
  11. Result! We got pumped 0-4 last time Ayr visited. Rovers are on the up.
  12. Pissed me clearly disagrees. Sober me is back in control of the account and realises that this site is all about spouting absolute nonsense about football and other topics.
  13. I despise this kind of stuff. McGlynn had us finishing 2nd and 3rd in the Championship and won us cups and leagues. Make no bones about it, McGlynn is the most successful manager since Nicholl. Who the f**k are you to rate anyone?
  14. The LiveFootballOnTV website has this game live on ITV4. Is that correct?
  15. How did your 20 minutes of gardening go? Or are you gardening by floodlights?
  16. Apologies, had it in my head this was a thread about the Queen, but then I remembered it isn’t.
  17. For those of us with young children, that’s a concerning story. Kids live their lives by various social media and seem to think they can’t turn down ‘challenges’. Not sure what it has to do with Queenie though. What’s your angle? Are you just trying to get the thread back on track?
  18. What was the inspector in the Sherlock Holmes books called? I bought the entire works of Sherlock Holmes when I had a heart attack. That was a fucker of a book. Must have been a 1000 pages. You knew about it when you dozed off and that hit you in the face.
  19. I’m not a fan of the phenomenon of having a minutes silence at the football or having a minutes clapping. I go to the football to escape the outside world, to see friends and to watch the football. As for the Queen, I didn’t know her, have never me her, don’t wish the Royals any harm, but I’m not a Royalist so I don’t care deeply enough to engage with this funeral stuff. She was always there and now she’s not. As usual, I’ll stand silently at the minutes silence, as the majority do. While wishing we had someone playing for us who was worthy of being called a striker.
  20. Ach, I knew it was something like that. Is Lestrad from Sherlock Holmes or have I just made him up?
  21. Missing something? Going to stand in a queue to see a coffin? I’m good thanks. Instead I’m on a rather dull online training course. Today has been interesting as the presenter’s broadband is letting him down and he sounds like Commandant Lestrad from Police Academy when he got the surprise blowjob.
  22. She clearly just loves paying her respects. Hopefully she got some good selfies with the coffin. Entirely normal behaviour.
  23. The percentage of people actually/faux mourning will be small. In Scotland it’ll likely be a single figure percentage. I’m not particularly pissed off about it all. It’s part of life in Britain. I know this charade will be over soon and there’s little I can do about it but wait for it to pass, but I’m not going to join in.
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