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  1. I’m looking for bolder clothing choices from the presenters this week. A strong statement of intent for the rest of the series. Maybe a few odds and sods from the clearance aisle in TK Maxx. Something luminous orange with flowers.
  2. Even if you just take our games against ICT at Starks, the last 10 games reads W0 D3 L7. You have to go back to the summer of 2000 when we last beat, neighhhhh horsed ICT 4-1 at Starks.
  3. That Mantis boy is right. Those 3 draws show there is no hoodoo.
  4. We’d have taken you to extra time or penalties and won that one. That’s our thing in finals.
  5. Police are obviously busy with other stuff. Maybe the boy who looks at social media crimes is on holiday.
  6. I came on here looking for funeral topics. I saw the post above. I have a friend who recently died. He had suffered from heroin addiction for a number of years. His mum and dad died a few years ago and he has no brothers or sisters. We (his friends from back in the day - I last saw him on Boxing Day 2016 when he had briefly cleaned up) are a bit concerned that he’ll end up needing a paupers funeral arranged by the council as a last resort. Not much laughs to be had there. Has anyone else experienced this before? I had a look on the Fife Council website and basically if you get divorced or are a VL with not much family, then there’s a chance of being in this position unless you arrange your own funeral beforehand. Steak pie is rare these days. Last time I had a three-courser was at my Grandpa’s funeral. My Grandpa was a prod and a mason. My uncle was a Rangers fan and a mason. We had steak pie at both their funerals. It’s obviously cheaper to do sandwiches and sausage rolls. Maybe the wartime generation were just more generous and the current lot of Boomers and Generation X are cheap b*****ds.
  7. Running people over? She’s a c**t right enough, but that was a poor attempt at running someone over. I was expecting more shocking footage.
  8. I’ll watch with interest while plod and the courts leap into action.
  9. For the avoidance of any doubt, I believe he did on occasion.
  10. For Rovers: 1. Brewster - 25-yarders, 35-yarders, and all other sorts of goals in between. 2. Big Marv - Would win every header. What a boost it was getting him back when we were at a low ebb back in the seaside league. 3. Tade - all action superstar who will bully defences, get some important goals and provide some comedy moments with Row Z shots. May have to resort back to hoofball to make him effective. Edit: given it’s to improve the current team, I’d probably swap Big Marv for Dalziel.
  11. Dear John, please could you win us the league again, so we can get a decent crowd in.
  12. I recall us getting 2000 against Arbroath a couple of seasons ago but generally 1700 against Arbroath is the usual crowd against them over the last few years. It’s only October so maybe if we keep up the good form and we can mount a title challenge then the crowds will rise:
  13. I think this could be the season we finally manage to win a game against Inverness. Aye, it’ll probably be the diddy cup QF.
  14. I’m not a Newcastle fan but I appreciated that vintage of Newcastle as they were the football purists dream.
  15. Dig up the Pars shirt? Get an adventurous priest to piss in all four corners and find the buried treasure?
  16. I think the Main Stand being shut may make a difference. The crowd on Saturday was 1700. How many fans were folk expecting? Around 1400-1500 home fans didn’t seem that bad to me.
  17. Saying that, i’d always prefer a team like Newcastle if they could just get over the line and win things.
  18. Agreed. As a neutral that Newcastle side were brilliant to watch. They featured in classic games like the 4-3 against Liverpool. It’s a crying shame that team never won anything, they had so much talent and flair. But being on the losing side of classic games isn’t great and in the end it leads to this.
  19. I don’t really keep and eye on who the refs are but when I see Dallas I get the fear.
  20. I was interested to see what all the fuss about Nouble was. Thought he did okay first half in terms of harassing our defence but their players weren’t doing enough with the space he was creating. I hadn’t twigged that Dowds had left Falkirk. He usually causes us bother. We are a quality finisher away from doing well. Berra and Bene are a good partnership. You can see how Bene has come on with a player like Berra who he can depend on.
  21. This is why I prefer the Main Stand these days and hope to return there when we get rid of this Red Zone thing. There are definitely less moon howlers in there. Some of the shouts I hear have my eyebrows lifting and/or eyes rolling. Apparently Tait was shite today. I think folk watch Match of the Day and expect Rovers games to be like the edited highlights they see on there where multi-millionaire footballers are doing the business.
  22. Another good win for Rovers. Second in the league and everything looking rosy. It would be nice if we could put games to bed, but that aside we’re doing pretty well. What a guy McGlynn is. Wouldn’t swap him for anyone.
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