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  1. I’ve been watching all the series on iplayer over the last couple of months. Just finished series 3. I never got into this when it was on telly, as to be honest the adverts for it looked a bit shit. However, I have been won over by it. It’s a great show for watching on your own. Really easy going. I really hope they do make Series 4, although going by online reports that’s unlikely.
  2. Aye, I get that. Just wondered. I see people becoming online curtain-twitchers on Facebook. “What is he doing out?” “Where is he going?” “Don’t they know they’re meant to stay home.” These are the same people who were on Facebook telling you such-and-such a place was hoaching. They are one of the people making that place hoaching but they don’t seem to register this.
  3. Are you saying the 2 metre thing doesn’t work? What surfaces are at Troon Beach that they’ll be touching? I think some of us are lucky that we can go a walk near our house and not have to avoid too many people. Others may not be so lucky. Do you think the people living in Troon should be allowed to go to the beach for exercise? I live in Kirkcaldy. Am I allowed to walk down to the Beach in the town for exercise? I’m taking the view that I am as long as I stay at least 2 metres away from other people.
  4. Yes, but only other like-minded couples who went to Troon Beach.
  5. Just go on current standings and give us the trophy. It’s the only sensible way to finish it. Then cross your fingers that next season isn’t too badly affected.
  6. Cow Killers Ltd. sound like a great bunch right enough. Well done to them. 😷
  7. He’ll maybe raise an Irn Bru to him. 46 doctors deid in Italy. How many supermarket workers?
  8. So you won’t be joining the nation at 8pm and clapping your hands in the dark and pishing rain? You are a flaming filthy fifth columnist. I hope they take you away and lock you up.
  9. More video appointments with GPs would be a good thing. They are already moving this way with phone appointments.
  10. It’s difficult to say how things will change without knowing how long the current situation will last. If it’s 2 months then back to normal, then I can’t see great changes, if it’s longer then I can see big changes. The cash to contactless thing was already on the way, so it’s difficult to credit coronavirus with this. I can see more home working on the back off it, as people who haven’t tried it before see how easy it is and how handy. It also cuts down on the nations carbon footprint and probably more importantly to most, cuts down on commuting costs. More washing off hands might be a healthy upside, but I’m minded to think of the MSP on the radio who hoped that public decency would see us through. Then I went to Aldi and noticed that most can’t even follow simple rules about trying to keep 2 metres away from their fellow humans in a crisis. That’s before you take into account the junkies, alcoholics and other people like that who are at large in society. Personally, it makes me think I should stop putting things off and act immediately, but that’s because I have a bit of time on my hands now. I tried to get a delivery of stuff to do the garden the other day, but there’s no deliveries at the moment as companies decide how to operate (if at all) during an epidemic. I still managed a bit of gardening. After this I’ll likely have little time on my hands again as my kids classes will have started up again, work will be actual work again, but I’m not going to sit watching TV. If it’s a nice day I’ll be outside walking or working in the garden or on the house. I can see people being more prepared for any future outbreaks. Stocking up on food and equipment for 1 month rather than 1 week. The more extreme characters may turn into survivalist types.
  11. It’ll gladden your beautiful Falkirkian hearts to know that your Fifeshire neighbours are doing likewise. Our recycling centres are shut and we’re threatening not to collect the recycling bins.
  12. Bowie has dropped off the pace a bit recently but he was excellent for the first part of the season, he’s only 17, and he’s a shoe-in for our young player of the year. Swithering between Regan Hendry and Kieran MacDonald for POTY. Both are excellent on their game.
  13. Just as well it’s not a female QC or that would be another charge.
  14. Okay, I will rule out walking with friends. I will only walk alone or with the kids if they are going crazy in the house. In which case, I’ll take them in the woods, or across the fields and avoid all other human contact.
  15. Pretty good and 2 metres would be a minimum. Totally. Shake hands now? Who would even offer? I may touch my face though. I am certain I can avoid door handles while out walking. Obviously I’ll have to touch my own door handle if I want back in the house. I usually walk with friends, and I wouldn’t rule that out, but I am planning to just walk alone for now, or possibly with the kids. I’ll also try and find places with nobody there.
  16. Has government advice changed? I thought it was okay to walk for exercise as long as you were social distancing, staying 2 metres away from people. Either way I’ve only left the house/garden once since Monday. That was on Friday to get milk at the Co-op for my parents. They have been self isolating since the start of March, as they both have issues with their lungs.
  17. 😎 good stuff. I live in the burbs, right on the edge of Kirkcaldy. Can I go the odd walk for exercise purposes?
  18. It was one of the few games I missed too. I was in Ibiza when we humped them. Phoned a pal at home and was told what a great game it was. “Remember, how you said Brewster would score a Brazilian free-kick, well he did!”
  19. Back around 2004/2005 we transferred the footage from a video onto DVD, when we were trying to Reclaim the Rovers, proceeds went to the Reclaim the Rovers fund. I’ve never uploaded all the content We got back then onto YouTube. We sold a few DVDs so someone must have it. I’ll (hopefully) have plenty time to hunt the DVD out and transfer it to YouTube over the coming weeks/months.
  20. 1) how many have you visited - 31/42 2) how many have you seen your team play at - all of them 3) what was the first one you visited - Douglas Park, Hamilton (the old one) 4) what was the last one you visited - The Spaghettihad 5) what was your favourite (for whatever reason you like) - Not sure, for some reason I want to say Tannadice. 6) what was your least favourite? - Alloa’s ground. Hate it. Even worse than Cowdenbeath. Old grounds, no longer there that I’ve been to, which I haven’t counted - Kilbowie, Meadowbank, Love Street, old Douglas Park (been to the new one too), Brockville.
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