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  1. It’s early in the season, and folk are already getting annoyed by a simple parody account. Doesn’t bode well.
  2. I want an Ian Murray parody account. Maybe something like ‘Ask Ian’. Can’t decide whether I want a grovelling one or an angry one.
  3. We’re almost as good as Ayr at shots and crosses, almost as good as Morton, but not quite, for touches in the opposition half, and we have an xG of 3. We’ll be fine.
  4. We need to find a system that gets the goal-scoring midfielders scoring again. Ross, Zanatta, Connolly and hopefully add Easton to that group. Maybe even Gullan. If we don’t then we’re as good as relegated seen as we don’t have any forwards worth speaking about.
  5. Leeds would be a step up. Much bigger club.
  6. Maybe the pish from the wet knickers and on here can put the fire out?
  7. In the way that we know it’s coming but can’t or won’t do anything about it until it becomes the looming crisis that awaits us. Did you read the post I responded to? He ponders why it’s not more of a big deal, and to clarify, my general answer is ‘because it’s too big and scary and we don’t have a clue what to do about it’.
  8. I don’t understand. Is the water from the wet knickers?
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