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  1. That was my thoughts too regarding the choice of Peterhead v Dundee.
  2. Were you there? How long after this did they both croak? If only Tommy Sheridan was about in those days.
  3. Lovely people. Ancestors of people who starve dogs to death.
  4. Corrie McKeague according to Wiki. He’s the Fife one.
  5. I recall hearing workmates (male ones) from Linlithgow talking about this Black Bitch thing. Something about being born within the town boundary making you one. It seemed to be a thing they were proud of. Haven’t we done this thread. This is like de ja vu.
  6. Bigfoot? It’s the various black panthers and other big cats you should be wary of.
  7. These Friday night games are great for lazy hoors like me. I can stay nice and warm and get a couple of jars. Morton seem to have found some form since they punted Gus. Our form has been ropey for a while. If we put in an Inverness away type performance we’ll be fine. If we put in an Ayr away type performance we won’t be fine.
  8. We weren’t great yesterday but we got the job done, progressed to the next round and got lucky with the draw. Morton on the telly next. Hopefully we don’t have to ride it out for too long before the team find their sweet spot again.
  9. This isn’t a winnable tie? Ethan Ross will do the business. Zanatta will rediscover his form. Berra will hold it all together. 2-1 Rovers.
  10. I forgot about that. Still, better than Livi away again.
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