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  1. Keep pushing. the B word for paedos isn’t liked by some. Better to stick with the all-encompassing’nonce’.
  2. Similar to yourself, I suspect, I have no idea what our contract is with the stewards, but as a minimum I would have thought it is to identify people who are doing things they shouldn’t be to the police in the ground. That’s always supposing there are police in the ground. The two most recent episodes didn’t involve our stewards. They involved the stewards at Falkirk and Ibrox. There were definitely plenty police at both these games. As it goes, I heard some of the young team did get lifted after the game at Ibrox for the smoke bombs.
  3. When I see these comments, my first thought is ‘what is the point of the stewards?’
  4. I got the Euro 2020 top from a supplier on DH Gate for me and the boy and they were decent quality. Postmark on the package it came in was that place Covid originated in.
  5. As more and more Spanish forward players kept calling off injured in the run up to this game (Pedri, Olmo, Gil) and then the likes of Gavi was on the bench, I was getting more confident about our chances. When we scored early you wondered if Spain would come back and they had a few chances but I was never really that concerned that Spain were going to outclass us. That Dykes run and chip at the end of the first half would have been a thing of beauty if he had scored. I was in the East Stand so I got a good close up view of the first McTominay goal too. Second one I’ll need to watch the highlights to see what happened. That was a great game to be at and I’m looking forward to the next games. Only concern for those ones is the timing after our performance against Ireland last June.
  6. Got home 1am which is a pain in the hole but that was an excellent result.
  7. 2-1 Scotland. Forecast is for rain and that pitch won’t hold up. It’s happening! McTominay hat-trick.
  8. Look at that league table. A quick fire 6 points and we’re back in the game.
  9. Yesterday was the first time I’ve been to a final with Rovers where I expected to win, rather than hoped to win. When you feel like that it’s difficult to get up for the game. I think the recent years of always getting to the final have made me blasé about it. I think that was 14 ties we had won in a row in that cup until we lost in the final yesterday. You never usually bother that much about this cup until your team make the semis, but I was hoping we would win for all the youngsters there yesterday. Now we have the last 8 league games to go. The Queens Park and Accies home games will provide some indication whether we are up for a fight for the play offs or we’re settling down for a mid-table no dramas end to the season.
  10. Lol at the commentator (Cammy?) - “I’m unsure, I think he’s just put his hand in his face.” The perfectly reasonable and accepted hand in the face challenge. I notice Alba is now in HD. Hallelujah! Good skills. It’s now watchable again. I’ll maybe put myself through watching it again.
  11. Maybe the second ref watching on TV also thinks it’s a red card. Would you then be criticising VAR? I’m not sure what the Accies boy was up to anyway. What sort of challenge is a ‘hands in the face professional foul as your running past’ challenge? In real time at the game I thought he could be off, and he was. Didn’t surprise me.
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