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  1. 20,000 would be an improvement. We’ve played them twice in the last few years and the crowd was around 13,000. For a Thursday night game, live on TV, we’d only have needed about 700-1000 tickets. Just a shame they couldn’t fit us in.
  2. For that matter, folk who have a ‘side of the pump’. Most of the petrol stations I use have pumps which will stretch to either side. The folk who wait on their side are also part of the problem at busy petrol stations.
  3. I second the time machine proposal.
  4. I was thinking about it. Had a quick check at available seats and it all seemed to be one or two seats here and there. Can’t be bothered sitting in with the Celtic fans. Pretty disappointing situation for a cup quarter final.
  5. Boycie was 79! I forget I’m an old boy myself now.
  6. To be fair, they went off on a failed anti-Brexit campaign for a few years. That blip apart, they seem to be half-heartedly going back to campaigning for indyref2, albeit with the caveat that COVID-19 is still the top priority. In general though I agree with you. Not been much (good) happening at Holyrood in the last 7 years and my local council are a shambles. Local council blames it on having no money.
  7. Was it Hamilton Accies that Greavsie used to have a thing for? Think it was their first season in the Premier League about 1986 and Greavsie was supporting them because they were absolute gash. I think he went a bit mental when they beat Rangers in the Scottish Cup when Souness was there.
  8. Saint & Greavsie both passing away in the same year. RIP
  9. Wont there just be more “whit aboot ma pension?” types to replace them and more pensioners in general as we’re supposedly living longer?
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