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  1. Speaking as someone who voted Yes in 2014, I can also appreciate that people have seen what ‘change’ looks like with Brexit, so alarm bells will be ringing. Also, the Scottish Government haven’t exactly been an exemplar of good governance in recent years, so putting more trust in them is a stretch.
  2. It’s a winning formula. We just need a big red bus and some misleading information printed on the side. People seem to like that.
  3. Well, that’s my take on it anyway. Don’t see how you can’t see that. If the majority vote for a party that have clearly stated they are standing on the single issue of independence, that’s clear proof that the majority want independence. However, I have sympathy with those who are in favour of the Union, given we’ve had a result in 2014 in favour of the staying part of the UK. 8 years isn’t a long time, but a lot has happened in 8 years. 10 years by the time 2024 comes, but still.
  4. Nicola Sturgeon (and I) know that even if the SNP win the majority of seats, and possibly even 51% of the votes at the General Election, this won’t provide independence. However, it would be confirmation that the majority of people in Scotland want independence. Then when the (reckless) Toaries refuse a Section 30 order it has them refusing to acknowledge the will of the Scottish people to be an independent nation. Of course some people in Scotland have now suffered through 12 years of Tory government, and may think the best way to get rid of them is to vote Labour and hope enough people in England in key seats do the same. Who can tell what people will be thinking in 2024.
  5. SNP candidates standing on a single issue of independence for Scotland isn’t a hard issue to get your head around. Or at least it shouldn’t be. If they are explicitly saying that independence is all they are standing for and people vote SNP for some other unknown reason, then those people are beyond help.
  6. That’s the method we use to elect a Westminster government and people think that’s okay. If a party is standing on a single issue of independence, why would you vote for that party unless you want independence?
  7. If the Scottish Government are not granted the power to hold a referendum, then it’s the best they can do to demonstrate that a majority of people in Scotland want independence.
  8. ‘Something’ is stating that it’s a single issue. Previously, back in the mists of time in the ‘90s, the Tories who were in power at that time, said that if people wanted independence they could just vote for it. That’s because they never foresaw the SNP getting the majority of MPs in Scotland. Then they changed their tune. The SNP explicitly saying that the 2024 General Election (in terms of Scotland) is a de facto vote for independence at least shows that if they get a majority of votes it is purely on the independence issue. Could backfire on them I suppose, as I don’t think many people will be hugely impressed with what the SNP MPs have achieved since 2015. I was planning to vote Labour in the hope of getting the Tories out.
  9. At least Nicola went on the offensive for once. Telling the (reckless) Toaries that if they don’t allow a referendum the SNP will run for the 2024 General Election on a ‘vote yes for independence’ platform and turn it into a de facto referendum is a move. Not sure how successful it’ll be in achieving independence. Possibly not very, but it’s something at least.
  10. I am hugely disappointed that 20p for a cuppa tea is gone.
  11. If they put a survey up asking folk 1. Do you buy Rovers tops? 2. What size(s) do you require? Then they’ll at least be sorted for this time next year. Unless the sizes are all to f**k, as some have mentioned. Then they’ll be left with a lot of stock. I find a Large in football tops is usually 40” to 42” and fits fine, but some Larges are 41” to 43” and look a bit baggy. Not into those ones.
  12. Should do that before ordering them. Find out shirt size of people who want football tops. That would save on being left with tops and running out of popular sizes.
  13. Possibly, but I did a quick site search and friendlies were included pre-Covid too. Here’s the advert from 2018.
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