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  1. Hopefully we can get through this game without any injuries to key players. Was it Souness that came up with the term Hammer-throwers?
  2. I would be raging if I got to 99 and never made 100.
  3. I’d forgotten about that commentator at Inverness. He was very enthusiastic. A male Sarah O.
  4. I’m not sure there are quite enough questions or enough adequate responses to eek out the nuances. If i can get back into stadiums I would definitely do that for Saturday home games. For midweek games, I would much prefer to watch the games online. I would probably watch more away games if I could watch online.
  5. Welcome to the crazy world of COVID-19.
  6. I have the cheap (ha! €50) tickets for the Czech game. Never even thought about taking a refund. Being at our first tournament game in 23 years is not to be missed. Ideally there would be a full house but there were only 20,000 there on my last visit to Hampden (the 0-4 pumping from Belgium in September 2019).
  7. Where are the parents in these situations? ”Hello, Mrs Fleming?...aye, that’s right it’s Thomas again. Yes, it’s the jobbies with menace again. Aye, what are we going to do with him!”
  8. That season apart, have we ever had that much animosity with Arbroath fans. Its usually Ayrshire folk we fall out with.
  9. The Courier mentioned playing The 🇳🇱 Netherlands.
  10. Played for all the Fife teams, so folk must have seen something in him. All I can remember about him was he was pretty tall.
  11. Is it too nice a day to be sitting inside watching football on a laptop? I think it probably is.
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