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  1. I’m watching this again. I wish I could go back and relive that time.
  2. His agent has failed him. That was the obvious next step.
  3. He was getting on for 30 after 1996, his injury problems from the 1991 FA Cup Final onwards had limited him and he had a mad personal life, so it’s not that big a surprise he did nothing at international level after 1996. He was a great player but he was a nutter.
  4. Has Pepe cleaned up his game or is he just too slow to get near people to kick them?
  5. Can we beat Croatia? Will we beat Croatia? What weaknesses do Croatia have that we can exploit? Que Sera, Sera
  6. Now can he turn Croatia into ‘boring old duffers’? Even better, can he make Scotland score a goal?
  7. Well, we got a point. Bonus. Hopefully next game we can score a goal. f**k it! Go nuts, score 2!
  8. Does anyone watch a Scotland game against half-decent opponents without constantly saying “no, no, no” when they are attacking?
  9. Would of been good if he had scored that chance. Would have done his confidence the world of good. Great to see Tierney is at it.
  10. I like McGinn but he wasn’t playing against Holland and we did fine. If I was looking at picking a team for England away I’d go with that line up. I’m not precious about it, though. I’m more concerned with Tierney being fit. I want to see what the likes of Turnbull and Gilmour can do. Hopefully either one or both of them get some game time this tournament. Let’s see how far England get and how far the Netherlands get. I think the Netherlands are a better side.
  11. We’ve got to win sometime. Might as well be tonight. I hope Tierney is actually fit and we’re not just crossing our fingers he’ll be okay. We did okay against Holland and they are better than England. Just need a performance like that, minus the late free kick equaliser. So a team something like that. Although, that means no McGinn and Adams.
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