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  1. I see Arsenal have taken inspiration from the Penman Stand.
  2. This time around construction sector (for example) is still open. The wording on the SG website doesn’t talk about key workers only being allowed to work. Going to work is noted as a reasonable excuse to be out and about. That’s a key difference.
  3. My kids have been back at school since August and it’s been safe enough.
  4. Kirkcaldy hasn’t done well either since the creation of Fife Council. Centralisation has been the order of the day since the mid-90s. That’s all about cost-cutting, albeit under the guise of improving services. In recent years the council offices at Forth House (by the train station in Kirkcaldy) and the depot at Smeaton Industrial Estate In Kirkcaldy have been shut and all the jobs moved elsewhere. Those sort of decisions have a huge impact on places like Kirkcaldy. In general Kirkcaldy has suffered from Fife Council’s misguided plans to have us as ‘East Fife’s Premier Shopping Destination’. In terms of strategy it’s like being run be the bowling club. When I praise them it’s pretty much because I have low expectations of what a council can offer these days. Not sure I would be able to boycott them even if I wanted to.
  5. It’s clear to any person who doesn’t just see red mist when they hear the word “Tories”. I’d be reluctant to vote for them myself, but I do perceive them to be a good opposition.
  6. Just on Fife Council, they get quite a lot of Facebook abuse, but in general they are okay as local councils go IMO.
  7. Further proof here that the Tories are the only real and effective opposition in the Scottish Parliament.
  8. Allowing foreign travel does seem a bit cavalier from a normally risk-averse government and my perception of the track and trace thing isn’t positive either. Probably need a few token resignations from ministers.
  9. We live in a society where someone working for a massive subscription based media service can literally spit in the face of a fifteen year old lassie then take a wee holiday and cruise back into the same armchair as before like f**k all happened. Folk are stupid, and get the public figures they deserve. Spitting, aye. Noncing, not so much. Is that Carragher, with the spitting? Maybe it’s just football fans who have no morals. I mean look at Clyde.
  10. He did resign as Finance Secretary but as you say, the tried and tested approach is to keep taking the money until the next election when the public get to empty you. So going after schoolboys is resignation material. Obviously not resignation material as in leaving your well paid job, but still. It remains to be seen whether the current handling of this crisis is resignation material.
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