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  1. Reading about the COVID-19 pub experience on here, the thought of it is pretty unappealing to me. I’ll watch with interest but I’m not going back anytime soon. Hopefully by the time I go back the early birds will have consumed all the foostie lager.
  2. Out of interest, why was a Glaswegian serial killer wearing a ‘90s Pars shell suit top? Was he actually a Pars fan or was that lying around in the lost and found at the jail?
  3. So hard to choose. Probably one of the late ‘80s ones.
  4. It’s the one with Istvan Kozma in it. That’s your best effort I can recall.
  5. What a great fanbase we are. We came together almost immediately to help our club. Hopefully the other clubs get their mits in their pocket to pay Lionel Hutz wages. The man has to eat and I’m sure he made all the difference.
  6. Is that the new FACT! Facebook is a worry. I hadn’t realised there were quite so many people like this. I always assumed it was a tiny minority.
  7. That Dundee game was an absolute car crash for Mendy. He kept getting caught in possession. I can only assume that in France’s lower leagues the game is played at a slower pace with less pressing. Mendy wanted to take the ball out of defence but he didn’t seem to have much awareness of opposition players. Was it Paul McGowan who kept robbing him? He was bullied that day. Difficult to come back from that. McGlynn tried Mendy again, shortly after, against Peterhead. We were 3-0 and cruising. Mendy played a short back pass for Peterhead to make it 3-1. Then he nearly scored an own goal with a header, so he is dangerous, just need to get that happening at the other end. After those performances, McGlynn was understandably reluctant to play him. Physically he looks a machine. So it wouldn’t surprise me if McGlynn could turn him into a decent footballer. The coronavirus thing is just eating into his contract time, though, so time is against him.
  8. On a positive note, the Sevco fans will be spared any goading. No goading means no statements.
  9. Best wishes to Tony Dingwall. Right...so we need to find another player who runs in a comical manner and who can take pressure off us by winning free kicks.
  10. I quite like Dingwall. Great wee lad for winning free kicks. A strong Rovers side always needs someone with a funny running style. Whether it’s Stuart Romaines, Brian Fairbairn, or now Tony Dingwall. Which others have we had with mental running styles. It’s like Monty Python down at the San Starko.
  11. What did happen with Anderson? Was he injured? He was great for us playing up front at the start of the season. Was it about October he started featuring less?
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