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  1. How many people choose to postal vote these days? I haven’t been near a polling station in years.
  2. Listen to 7.5 minutes of Jo Swinson? Think about what you’re asking!
  3. If you were half a man you’d put a sledgehammer through that alien b*****ds head before he takes over the planet! Have you not seen War of the Worlds?
  4. Poor old Davo gets some abuse on here. It’s not his fault he’s a bit red-cardy. It’s in his nature. I hope he has a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
  5. I see Davidson is out for 4 games. He’s at it. Managed to get all of the festive period off.
  6. Probably ashamed Tory voters. Nobody wants to admit to being an uncaring monster who hates his fellow man.
  7. Aldi have a milkman? Must be the boy on the tills, the c**t.
  8. The filling in the Asda ones is pretty poor. Relative to Aldi Classic ones and Tesco ones I would rate them poorly. I’ll go 5/10. I feel i’m being too kind. It was shite. Pastry was acceptable, but no more. Filling was awful. Change it to a 3/10. Not worth consuming.
  9. We know each other now! You can call me Scary.
  10. They don’t even have a Section B anymore. Total misnomer. The 50 year old baldies are bealing. I would love to see them in their retro Sergio Tacchini tracksuits again. Quality. As it goes, i’d have to wait for the highlights and hope they were getting escorted out trackside like the good old days.
  11. I’ve had two of these today. I think they are a good example of a decent mince pie. I also had a Tesco one earlier in the week, which didn’t compare to the Aldi one but which was acceptable.
  12. Hello father, It’s been a few years since my last confession. I watched porn recently where Georgie Lyall - that Scottish bint who pumped Virgil Van Dyke - gets slapped, choked and spat in the face by some lad putting on a French accent. I have to say, spitting is really foul, especially in the face. The other two seem standard for modern porn.
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