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  1. Going well for us so far. Shame about the injury to Ross and the other knocks we’re picking up. Good service from QOS TV.
  2. Purchased easily enough. The email to register was in my Junk Mail folder. Paid with Paypal.
  3. You should report them for bullying. No place for bullying in the workplace. Should be the same for P&B. Actually, I would go one step further and take legal action against Div for being an enabler. There should be nothing more important to P&B than the health and wellbeing of it’s users.
  4. I enjoyed the show last night more than the first show in the new series. I like seeing some of non-league and Highland league clubs getting featured. It gives the show an earthy feel. Love the back and forth between them. Just a great show if you are a fan of Scottish football. Liked the tops. Joel should have went for the Medium.
  5. I watched it on iplayer this morning. Good show.
  6. If it’s anything like their Complaints procedure then you’ll be disappointed.
  7. For me, it’s remarkable as a ‘BBC Scotland (sport) recruitment and selection’ thing; a ‘fairness’ thing. If your pal was just out of school and was now broadcasting, this would also be remarkable. It’s great that women have managed to get into male-dominated roles in BBC Sport in recent years. The more women’s prospects improve in the workplace the better it’ll be. However, given the number of people (both men and women) going to uni to do digital media degrees, it makes me wonder how a person pretty much straight out of school got the job ahead other people with better qualifications and experience. As she got the job I can either take it as read that she is exceptional or I can doubt the BBC. Due to my dislike of BBC Scotland especially its sports team, I chose to doubt it. Apologies for that. Maybe I should be less cynical.
  8. just as a show of hands. What were other people working as within two years of leaving school?
  9. I’m sure there are loads of pretty good journalists out there. It just surprises me that someone went straight from school to Production Assistant and then onto getting a job on OAM in a very short time. I would have thought these jobs would be like hens teeth and their would be a line of suitable graduates desperate for them. Give it a break? It’s just a discussion. Good luck to her.
  10. Do you think the likes of Biscuits, Billy Dodds and the likes had to interview?
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