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  1. Good Will Hunting 9/10 Hadn't seen this since it was first released. Absolutely brilliant film. The scenes with Sean (Williams) and Will (Damon) are just superb. Particularly the scene by the lake when Sean just talks for ages about how Will may know about everything but has experienced nothing. Really brilliant dialogue all through the film. Love the 'How do you like them apples?' scene. Class. Robin Williams is a bit of an enigma. Flubber? Bicentenial man? Pish. But then GWH and Good Morning Vietnam absolutely superb. (Maybe he should stick to movies with titles beginning with Good?) I suppose variety is the spice of life and all that.
  2. Turned right at a cross roads the other day. The road I turned into was flooded but not deep. There was a guy sitting in his Audi convertible facing the opposite way from where I was going. I drive a Toyota Hilux so don't slow down for something as trifling as a slightly deeper than a usual puddle. As you would expect there was a bit of a wave from me going through said puddle. The wave splashed up onto the Audi. Ther road I was on leads to 2 garage car parks, one of which I was going to. As I parked and got out my car, here is the driver of the Audi approaching me shouting about me soaking his car! Now, this was on Tuesday, and it was, and had been all day, absolutely pishing down! Couldn't believe it and just started laughing at him. He mumbled something about calling the police so I told him I would be in the garage for half an hour or so, so feel free to call the cops. I also suggested that if he was so concerned about his car getting wet, maybe he shouldn't drive it in the pishing rain, and certainly shouldn't stop in the middle of a fucking road width puddle! Needless to say, the police never showed. They must have been busy attending a damp umbrella incident somewhere!
  3. I'm finding more and more that I struggle with dialogue in films. The wife is even worse. I have an excellent surround sound system and watch blu ray movies. However, a lot of the time I really struggle to make out the talking parts. Explosions, cars, fights etc, the sound is excellent and loud, but then there's some chat and it's rubbish. It's not all films but certainly a lot. I've tried all the different sound settings and it makes no difference. Anyone else find this, or are both me and the wife developing partial temporary deafness at the same times?
  4. A Prophet (Un Prophete) 9/10 French Gangster/prison movie. I really liked this film. Great characters and a good plot. Got the usual mob style plot but done a wee bit different with it being almost all set in prison. It's 2 and a half hours long and I was devestated when it finished! I have it right up there with Goodfellas.
  5. UTN, I got mine in Tesco in Ayr. It's one of the BART brand pastes. I find them to be the best for when I can't be arsed making a paste from scratch. I've never made Massaman paste though.
  6. Good stuff. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Just a quick correction to the recipe I put up. I forgot to state that you return the onions to the pan after browning the meat. You can also sprinkle some roasted peanuts over it to eat. Adds a nice texture to it. But taste wise, it doessn't really need them.
  7. Well that turned out better than I hoped it would. Beef fell to bits and the sauce was awesome. Would highly recommend it.
  8. Right, that's me just got a Mussaman Beef curry on the go. Fried some ginger and bird's eye chillies, then a couple of red onions and garlic added to it. Fried till softened. Removed onions etc and fried off some beef till it's sealed. Then some Mussaman paste, fried for another couple minutes. Then added a tin of coconut milk, some beef stock and some new potatoes. Brought to boil then put in SC. Will require 2 hours at medium, then some green pepper added. Then 6-8 hours on low. Cannae wait tilll this evening!
  9. Do you do anything before hand, or just chuck it all in at once and turn it on? I have a couple of slow cooker recipe books, but nearly all the recipes involve a bit of cooking in a pan etc before putting in the SC. They do turn out nice, but bit of a pain in the arse especially if you want to stick it on in the morning so it's ready when you get in in the evening. Frying off onions, spices, meat isn't something I really feel like at 7 in the morning!
  10. Yeah, would probably agree with you there. Think they've got a great balance with the spy technology, fighting/violence and the personal dilemma of Bourne. I also love the whole secrecy environment within the CIA etc. Everyone screwing everyone else! I also think Franke Potente is great. Shame they had to kill her off so early in the Supremacy, but it was a pretty important plot factor!
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