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  1. Did Kilimanjaro in the Summer for a Cancer charity and it was brilliant. Fundraising is hard, asking people for money at collections etc is pretty awkward but it'll be worth it!
  2. Outplayed by the team who wanted it more by the looks of it, could have played Rangers today and never scored!
  3. I love it but I was a massive fan of the last one. Very similar to FC3 but better graphics more weapons and animals. The side missions seem to be a bit less repetitive but getting from place to place can be quite an effort without using transport.
  4. Hopefully somebody here can help! Living in student accommodation and to log in to the wifi you need to connect and then enter your username and password I'm the browser. On my ps4 I can open the browser and connect however my friend has a 360 and it doesn't appear to have a browser, or any log in prompts after connecting. Is there any obvious answers we're missing?
  5. Explains the double contracts.
  6. Grant weren't too bad for me when I rented from them in Stirling , one of the agents called Robert is a bit of a bellend and we got money taken off our deposit for having cobwebs on the ceiling though.
  7. Theres a new club in Bridge of Allan called 24 below who do Monday and Saturday nights during the semester. Bit small and out of the way but it gives another option instead of constant dusk and fubar.
  8. The CPR scene in the first part of Stress relief is one of my favourite television moments.
  9. Fire a PM if you haven't got it sorted.
  10. If worst comes to worst , 99% of lectures are available online at Stirling through succeed and a lot of Lecturers use Listen Again which just records the lecture in time with the slides. I'd talk to your Lecturers though in case they are taking registers.
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