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  1. I'm definitely not dismissing this out of hand. There are plenty of clubs with different models of fan ownership nowadays. One thing I'd ask folk to bear in mind is that fan ownership doesn't mean the fans running the club, in the same way that David Beattie and other shareholders were happy until recently to have a separate board running the club. For the avoidance of doubt I'm not involved with the new group, but I served on the Jags Trust many years ago.
  2. All the Dee fans wishing us all the best are forgetting the chant at the start of the game about "going down with United". About the nastiest thing that I've ever heard at a football match.
  3. Nobody that I know, coming away from Falkirk on title winning day in 2012 though that we would turn into a Premiership ever-present club. As far as I can recall, the prevailing mood was one of "enjoy it while you can, because it won't last". So I think we've had a decent few seasons, inevitably losing more than we've won, and if we stay up then I'll be delighted. If we go down, then I'll be back at Firhill watching Thistle next season, and hoping that the bard have the guts to stick with their long term plan of building from within.
  4. Anyone think Kenny McLean will get a Scotland call up again? Ever?
  5. I thought it was our McGinn that was suspended and was momentarily confused by the chat about midfielders. Bartley v Osman I'd like to see. Bartley v us right now has only one winner. 1-1 draw, Murray and Keown the scorers.
  6. My last contribution to this thread... Hearts brought all of the speculation last week on themselves. The sporting media and all of the fans involved simply filled the gaps in the non-information that came out of Tynecastle by speculating on what was happening. This was exacerbated by people being able to simply drive by the site and see how unfinished it was, even with the knowledge that it was never going to be fully finished. We all understood that it was never the intention to have the entire stand built, but if basic stuff can be seen from the street, like handrails missing on a fire escape stair, it's perfectly understandable for folk to begin to wonder whether enough will get done on time. In my view if Hearts had told folk at the start of the week that it may go all the way to the wire, then whilst folk would still have been anxious, most of us might have left them to get on with it. Instead we had a series of uncontrolled media utterances to the extent that various inspections had taken place and that no certificate had been granted, with outsiders seeing these as a series of failures rather than a series of steps towards a satisfactory temporary completion. All of the above is down to Hearts media team, who should have controlled information much better than they did. There's a big lesson here for them. If you don't send out a clear message then folk will fill in the blanks themselves.
  7. Any clue what the veg option is? A carrot? Maybe some pasta and cheese?
  8. At least if there had been a fire you could have just jumped through the hole in the wall near your seat.
  9. Fair play to the Building Control Officer that signed off the safety certificate with a hole in one of the walls to a main fire exit. Glad the game went ahead after all the uncertainty and Hearts lack of honesty about how well it was all going.
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