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  1. I can't believe he doesn't play much. He had a year with us at same time as Tony Watt and Gary Mackay-Steven and was excellent.
  2. Sorry for asking a really dumb question but what is a "Pongo"?
  3. Would agree. Your team has fallen apart tbf. Losing my wee pal Connor has looked a sore one.
  4. He ran after the ref waving an imaginary card. Fcuking disgusting behaviour imho
  5. Rohan McIntosh Brownlie McDonald Edwards Fry RBrown Conroy Hastie Russell Carrick Subs: Kerr, Leighton, Truesdale, Cowie, Thomson, Brown. Very young but wtf, play the hand you're dealt.
  6. Ayr Fannies are literally dripping and throbbing with excitement. Unfortunately they're so excited they've lost control and sharted all over this fred.
  7. Really? We fail to take chances to score, we leave good players on the bench or in the stand, we fail to clear easily defended balls in our box to concede soft goals, we show no commitment marking at late corners and we have rancid negative attitudes from the same players who blame their team mates. That's not unlucky, that's a losers mentality and fixed mindsets. The new board and fans have given those players a level of security and hope that most never thought possible just a few months ago. Manager and several players are already on long term deals at relatively decent money. Its about time all those players started repaying that commitment on the park. The club have given their side, now the players have to do their bit to get the fans back in and that's by winning, being committed and by showing a winners attitude. The change has to happen now!
  8. Mark Wilson was sat near me at a 20s game last season and he was a big fan of Dean's ability to hit that same crossfield pass from the centre half position.
  9. Ross Brown's missed header at the EF first and McDonald's poor marking (and embarrassing remonstrations at the goalie ffs)...
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