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  1. SJFA, in denial about the departures, schedules a R1 same as this season but gives all the teams byes to R2 (mebbe even to R3!)
  2. "condone" doesn't make any sense. Don't you mean "condemn"?
  3. Presumably that's just Petrie's opinion. I thought the idea of a WoSFL was to fill a gap to give clubs access to the pyramid who AREN'T being catered for by the SoSFL So more importantly what's the LL's & EoSL's take on whether ANY applicant clubs get priority treatment? And if "Geographical Integrity" is an issue what ARE the geographical parameters that apply? And at what point do the eventual member clubs of the prospective WoSFL get to take charge of their own collective business?
  4. Maybe the Rule does not exist now because the Ruler (back-of-a-fag-packet man) has gone!
  5. It would've cost me a ridiculous £22 to watch Notts County v Woking in the Tier 5 National League yesterday, all other reasonably priced non-League games around here being off. Needless to say I've had a footy-free weekend.
  6. Dalry v Pollok @Newlandsfield is OFF
  7. I'd LOVE to meet up with him & collect my Werthers but unfortunately I'm in Nottingham till the start of next month! 😭
  8. That your tip for the inaugural WoSFL champions? 🤣
  9. There can if one of the 3 'feeder' leagues has no members eligible for promotion (i.e. if the WoSL has no licensed clubs, as seems certain in its first season)
  10. No need. In the German pyramid they have fixed geographical boundaries and variable relegation below Bundesliga 3. At the start of the season the expected and maximum number of relegation places in each Regionalliga is declared and so the clubs know exactly how far up the risk of demotion could reach.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/glenaftonathletic/
  12. Is this off Twitter? I can't find any such Twitter account!!
  13. Don't see why you've put Nairnshire in the NCL area when Nairn St Ninian are a NRSJFA Super League team??
  14. Also, remember, it wasn't meant to be a vote. As I understand it each organisation being consulted was meant to discuss the 4 options and give feedback on the pros and cons of each.
  15. ... and it wasn't the whole ERSJFA that switched.
  16. No it didn't because the top division ERSJFA clubs WERE the newbies
  17. Yes I am because if you take the trouble to check back through the sequence of posts, THAT was the suggestion I was originally answering: "cant have a conference set up if you bring in the entire 4 divisions of the West juniors." A piffling detail
  18. Fuxache that is a DIFFERENT scenario!
  19. Is P & B now twinned with Cloud-Cuckoo Land?? This sort of suggestion is nuts and will NEVER happen! Do you REALLY imagine the Premiership clubs would accept being forced to play a season in a 'Conference' made up of just 3 of their main rivals and 4 clubs from each of the lower divisions just to accommodate a handful of newbies? Read my lips - i.t.w.o.u.l.d.n.e.v.er.h.a.p.p.e.n !!!!
  20. Pollok v Cumnock today :- 549
  21. As I said in the post I quoted above, the WRSJFA joining on mass is not the same as creating a new League so any additional clubs would need to be admitted according to its rules, as were Rossvale and Gartcairn a few years ago. Also, since the old EoSL had only the one division, that was an utterly different situation to the current 4-division West League so expecting it to split into conferences for the sake of new applicants just to be 'in keeping' with what happened 2 years ago in the East is just plain daft!
  22. Option W is not about the creation of a new League, it's about declaring an existing league to be an official feeder to another existing league (with appropriate adjustments to rules and procedures being made). As to whether it can now happen ...
  23. Don't expect any early statements from Pollok on this matter but, if there is one, it WON'T be what you're insinuating!
  24. It's not purely about away supporters - high profile opposition is needed to keep/boost home and neutral attendees too. Caledonian Braves' reserve side isn't going to do that!
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