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  1. Rossvale twitter says its on Thursday night https://twitter.com/RossvaleJFC/status/1450572532231380995?s=20
  2. It was Jordan's 202nd game for Pollok today, actually (His 200th was away at Medda.) So his goals to games ratio is even worse
  3. J O'D is not known for the accuracy of his reporting. For example in that piece he names the ref as Ross Menzies, whereas the actual ref was Ross Hardie
  4. Not by Pollok, and DEFINITELY not by Vics!
  5. https://www.pollokfc.com/2021/10/06/scottish-junior-cup-statement/ Scottish Junior Cup statement The club can confirm that following the SJFA Management Commitee meeting at Hampden on the evening of Tuesday 5th October 2021, we have been informed of their decision earlier today that we have been expelled from this season’s Scottish Junior Cup and fined £500. We are disappointed with this decision, and we are considering the options that might be available to us.
  6. So correct decision then? It's the decision I expected, in the circumstances.
  7. And Pollok were completely blameless? Didn't say that. Just saying what I saw.
  8. No, what happened next was that the Irvine Vics goalkeeping coach went onto the field and assaulted an opposing player.
  9. Not any more as Rossvale have been given a bye by the SJFA
  10. 94th minute so probably closer to the end than that.
  11. Still some idiosyncrasies, such as why are the latest results for Div 4 on the LAST page when all the other divs/conferences are on the first?
  12. A bit much, expecting the SJFA beaks to know their own rules lol.
  13. Forget it, Ginaro' s already answered.
  14. Also, tweet a short while ago by the SJFA's Alex McDowall This is a move that I and numerous others were advocating 5 or more years ago, before the arrogance and control freakery of Tom Johnstone and his fellow dinosaurs began the dismantling of the SJFA. Has it been left too late?
  15. Quote above is the blurb for the new P&B Highland Pyramid Forum. Has the North Region Junior League now been officially renamed the Grampian League?
  16. At least two lists, BOTH wrong. Or else how do you explain Maryhill at #64?
  17. Definitely not up-to-date. Round 1 is scheduled for 21st August Round 2 for 25th September
  18. Actually, it's even more complicated than that. Reading between the lines, it seems that after drawing 46 ties in R1, the teams given byes in should have been listed alphabetically and allocated new numbers 47 to 64. However, somehow Girvan were missed out and tagged on at the end as #64. Meanwhile, whoever made up the graphic originally posted on social media used the NUMBERS drawn together with a list with a DIFFERENT mistake, where Maryhill had been missed out alphabetically and tagged on as #64! Consequently, all the teams with numbers 55 to 59, plus #64, were placed differently in the graphic to what was drawn (and now confirmed as the actual ties to be played). So the current SJFA blazership is almost as incompetent as Johnstone & co were (who, a few seasons back, drew the wrong number of ties and byes in Round 1!)
  19. Burghead v Ardrossan has crept into R2 as well as R1 I see
  20. Look at the last post on the previous page where I posted the news.
  21. Div 3 is going to be a big division if even half of the new Associate Member clubs manage to meet the necessary criteria after one or two seasons. The intention is that the Premier Division, Div 1 and Div 2 will all be made up of 16 clubs, with the rest of the members being placed in Div 3. So, with 67 full members (assuming Annbank return from their year in abeyance), and Harthill pretty much a shoo-in for admission to full membership, that puts 20+ teams into Div 3 for 2022-23! My expectation is that Div 3 will initially need to be split into conferences, or regionalised.
  22. Would've been one more only I was beaten to it. Doesn't seem to be much point now though. Not even a casing one.
  23. Greenock Juniors have used Battery Park for games. Played against Pollok in a cuptie there a few years ago.
  24. Benburb out too https://twitter.com/BenburbFc/status/1326992289416278016?s=20
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