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  1. Pollok's goals were scored by Stuart McCann (3) and Sean Burns. The 3rd goal was originally given as an o.g. (not Brownlie) but on later review credited to Stuart, giving him a hat-trick.
  2. Is it possible to restrict sales through Fanbase to one set of fans and not the other, or to neutrals?
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I've not been involved in the ticketing process but it's my understanding that the provision of paper tickets was intended to be an interim arrangement for high-demand matches until sales through Fanbase became established.
  4. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/troon-fume-axed-scottish-junior-28064345
  5. I agree with you on the importance of clear communication but, ironically, as you have only mentioned "differences" and not communicated what those differences were, I'm not really sure what you're referring to.
  6. Differences are almost certainly because tomorrow's match is a WoSFLeague game and the match scheduled for 2 weeks ago was a South Challenge Cup tie. Or possibly due to lessons learned over the last 2 ticketed fixtures vs Beith and Huntly.
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/ayrshire-sides-scottish-junior-cup-28039853
  8. And they had an outside broadcast unit available today for the Camanachd Cup final so not all of their resources have been redeployed to That London!
  9. Tomorrow at 6.00pm. Thanks, I was sure I read somewhere it was Monday.
  10. Has anybody got any idea why Fraserburgh Utd were still in the draw for R3 yesterday despite apparently being defeated on penalties by Irvine Vics in R1 and Vics scheduled to play at Troon in R2 next Saturday? Is there some sort of appeal going on? Ineligible player or some such?
  11. Will the draw for R2 take place on Monday? Or, more likely, be moved to Tuesday because of the funeral?
  12. Absolute b****y scandal it wasn't on TV, what an ad for the WoSFL it would've been. Still 10 mins to go but it's probably safe to say R2 here we come. BBC you owe us one!!
  13. Latest score: Pollok 3 Huntly 0 Christie 64
  14. Latest score: Pollok 2 Huntly 0 S McCann 14, Christie 17 3rd goal disallowed 18mins S McCann
  15. I realise your post was (hopefully) only in jest, but even if it was possible to "retract" a SFA licence for one game, doing it for a match in the SFA Cup would seem to be the least practicable time for doing it!
  16. The clubs have been dropped in the proverbial in several ways. No TV money but Pollok still have to pay for floodlighting. Huntly players, other staff having to take time off work, supporters unable to travel. Too late to switch back to Saturday I suppose - or is it?
  17. Petershill and Whitletts Vics have said they're going for a licence too.
  18. Syngenta pull out of the Junior Cup https://twitter.com/CraigmarkOff/status/1568638300193275904?s=20&t=F7_d2TmAb2AzyI_HHkUXNw
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