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  1. Would've been one more only I was beaten to it. Doesn't seem to be much point now though. Not even a casing one.
  2. Greenock Juniors have used Battery Park for games. Played against Pollok in a cuptie there a few years ago.
  3. Benburb out too https://twitter.com/BenburbFc/status/1326992289416278016?s=20
  4. Larkhall are out http://larkhallthistle.co.uk/club-statement-3/
  5. The choices were structured differently. Essentially though, the other option was to delay the start until restrictions are eased. And your #2 had no "all".
  6. Fair enough. I must be mistaken. Knew about the overage rule, thought there was a less restrictive limit the other way too.
  7. I'm pretty sure there's a limit to the number of times dev squad players can appear for the first team
  8. Friendlies were played in mostly clement weather so lack of changing & showering facilities not so much a problem as league & cup games in midwinter. Also, players do not get paid pre-season. Never said playing in the SJC is ok, it depends if the circumstances have changed whenever the games get scheduled. If not, I'd recommend withdrawal. Never asked for no penalty, it was offered. As I've said elsewhere, I'd still have argued for withdrawal if it'd meant dropping to the conferences or even tier 9. Pollok are also to withdraw from the SCC & I expect the rest of the 9 will be the same. Fair point although I disagree with your last sentence. Pollok earned their semifinal place so deserve a crack at getting into another final irrespective of the financial aspect.
  9. Somebody else who wants to change the basis of the questionnaire. If you want that then argue for the vote to be run again on a different basis. Personally I'd still have recommended withdrawal under the current circumstances, even if the consequence was to be placed in a tier 7 conference next season - or even a tier 9 division. After all, Sevco survived something similar albeit for a very different reason - and we'd maybe have Talbot , Nock, Glens and Ladeside for company!
  10. They should have read the guidance that came with the questionnaire, then they WOULD have known what they were voting for. I suspect that none of the 9 got what they voted for either. Vote in Q2 for a delayed start rather than scrubbing the season but, because of the way 36 of the other clubs voted your season gets scrubbed anyway!
  11. Just over a week ago, 70% of the WoSFL clubs said they couldn't survive more than a month financially if playing competitive football behind closed doors. 3 days ago, 53/67 of them decided to take the risk of trying to do exactly that, and it's barely 24 hours since that number went up to 58. I truly hope that none of them come to regret their decision for any reason. Of course the decisions of the other 9 were taken with financial factors in mind, how could they not be? But if you've taken the trouble to read their statements you must recognise your mantra "all about the money" is as wrong as it is pathetic. None of us really knows what either the near or the more distant future holds for any of us either in the 58 or the 9 in the West or you in the East who took the plunge en masse. Fundamentally we can only hope to survive and, eventually, to thrive again. Nasty digs like that of yours in the quote are nothing short of shameful and disgusting. Put a sock in it, please!
  12. A bit unfair to Pollok as they'd already qualified for the last lot of SJC semis so are entitled to that guaranteed semifinal income
  13. Why on earth would they do any such thing? SJC is completely separate from WoSFL & SCC, which Lok & Talbot have withdrawn from. IF the postponed 19-20 SJC games are at some point scheduled to be played while there are still restrictions then a decision will have to be made. Admission of spectators should not be an issue as there's a gate money guarantee for semis and final is there not? Which the SJFA would have to stump up if they announce the games are to be closed-doors. No doubt there will be other developments before any such situation has to be faced and decided upon.
  14. IMO the other 58 clubs are taking a huge gamble. Withdrawal and sitting out the whole season is not what I, or most if not all at Pollok wanted - our vote was to postpone playing till safe and our preference was to then combine the rest of 2020-21 with 2021-22 into a single season. The no relegation offer may have made a difference to some but I for one would still have voted against the restart if the consequence had been dropping out of the Premiership. The health and welfare of the people in the Pollok family and even the existence of the club could be at stake, some things are more important than top division status.
  15. So how do you and the misinformer think the clubs that HAVE decided to start playing with NO fans and NO gate income are going to pay their players from now till April or whatever?
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