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  1. The Wreckreation Ground at Drizzle and its car park get pretty near full when Pollok or Talbot have played there. Given the likely level of interest in the Aberdeen game I'll be very surprised if there aren't moves to relocate it. With Killie drawn at home too, maybe on the Monday there, or else to Ayr?
  2. That's a compliment all at Pollok will happily take home. Good luck to Ayr in the rest of the competition.
  3. Ayr 1 Pollok 0 FT Relatively little threat on goal from the Lok but we certainly didn't disgrace ourselves or the WoSFL. Some world class saves from Jordan Longmuir.
  4. Pollok 2 Petershill 0 FT Docherty (40) and Mullen (56 pen)
  5. Cumnock 2 Pollok 2 (Esplin 55)
  6. Cumnock 1 Pollok 1 (S McCann 23)
  7. What's to stop Doncaster applying for a SFA licence and paying the usual bribe to field a team in the Lowland League?
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