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  1. Pollok v Hurlford - official attendance 668
  2. That's a common assumption that afaik has never been seriously looked into. There are training lights already in place but I'm not sure whether they are currently operational.
  3. Benburb 1 Pollok 1 FT Ben's equalise with virtually the last kick of the match!
  4. Pollok penalty saved by Bens' keeper
  5. Benburb 0 Pollok 1 Shelvey 16
  6. Whaddya know - another fake news thread. That's P&B for you!
  7. Pollok 3-0 Largs Gallacher Pollok 4-0 Largs Shelvey Largs down to 10 men
  8. Usual smaller December crowd. Combination of foul weather, Christmas shopping and virtually no away supporters.
  9. Pollok 1 Rossvale 0 HT Forde
  10. Announced this morning on SJFA Twitter: "MACRON Scottish Junior Cup The draw for the 5th Round of the Macron Scottish Junior Cup will take place in the offices of the Evening Times on Tuesday 10th December - time to be arranged"
  11. But surely the date for the final has not been set yet? And there have been many arguments put forward over recent years for why it should be played earlier than has been usual, so maybe it will?
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