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  1. Plus Benburb, Bonnyton, Drumchapel, Girvan, Glasgow University & Threave,
  2. Dunno where you get that moan from. All Tier 6 champion clubs qualify, plus the Amateur Cup winners.
  3. 14 WoSFL clubs. 7 from the Premier Division & 7 others.
  4. There will be ONE Preliminary Round for licensed clubs and qualifiers in Tier 6 and below, to be played on Saturday 27th August. Pretty sure there are 50 teams in the draw, with 26 to go forward to Round 1 (when the HL & LL are added), which will mean 24 ties & 2 byes. Haven't seen a date for the draw, but I expect it'll be done in early August. There's a full discussion of this in a thread on the P&B Domestic Cups board: https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/271774-scottish-cup-202223/#comments
  5. Always and endlessly. It's my mission in life #notafeckinfish
  6. A significant number of clubs, and influential individuals, most definitely do.
  7. Isn't McKenna Park a grass pitch? If so, what happened to no new ground share arrangements except on artificial pitches?
  8. This sort of fluid relegation numbers situation is an established fact of life in the lower pyramid elsewhere, e.g. Germany. When there's relegation from a national or regional division to a series of divisions covering smaller areas it's essential to have either variable relegation numbers further down, or sideways transfers as in England. Far more uncertainty in the Welsh pyramid, where clubs have to apply for/confirm a licence at every level, every year. They can be relegated irrespective of their final league position and, with appeals, places in the pyramid can be undecided up until the start of the next season. (That's what can happen when the national FA is in overall charge.)
  9. We'll soon be able to form a splinter team and apply for Division 4
  10. https://twitter.com/pollokfc/status/1540727609356582912?s=20&t=yfjPRO8FFRtwADXuSdy9Kw
  11. Is there to be any relegation from Div 3 at the end of the season?
  12. Threave having 2nd thoughts yet, I wonder?
  13. Danny MacKenzie stays at Pollok for 2022-3. Yet another blow for the rumour mill! https://twitter.com/pollokfc/status/1540629063076909061?s=20&t=HcG4I4k86vJGhFmTpCGuaw
  14. Fixtures are due to be released a week today - Friday 1st July.
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