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  1. scores 15/8/18

    Round 3 draw: QF 1) Whitletts v Auchinleck QF 2) Kilwinning v Johnstone QF 3) Petershill v Clydebank QF 4) East Kilbride Thistle v Lesmahagow Semi-final draw: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 Winner QF4 v Winner QF3
  2. Tonight's Scores 1st Aug

    Pollok 2 Rossvale 2
  3. Tonight's Scores 1st Aug

    Pollok 2 Rossvale 1 S McCann
  4. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    The League Cup tables are not quite sorted yet I'm afraid. Bellshill's bonus point is missing. And Beith & Dalry are both still blank!
  5. New West Region Pages on SJFA Website

    You're right. The new season's League Tables, Sectional Cup Tables and fixtures are all there, but the "About the West Region" page is a whole season out of date. http://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/sjfa/scottish_football.cfm?page=1793 Talk about stuck in the past!
  6. West Region KO times

    The next General Meeting is Thursday 27th September IIRC. That will be a Management Committee meeting surely? For the last few years there have only been 2 GMs a season in Jan/February and April.
  7. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    5) and 6) are effectively the same surely? I mean, if the h2h goal difference is the same (zero) then it's because the goals scored are the same too!
  8. Fixtures in the West -Sat 21st

    Pollok v St Andrews Utd at Lochinch playing fields, Pollok Park
  9. Premier league next season

    What on earth has this got to do with the Premier League (the top division in England)? Premiership - you're talking about the West Region SJFA Premiership!!
  10. West Region Fixture Update

    Unless either Pollok or Meadow are drawn to play in the single 1st Round tie of the Junior Cup on 15th September, in which case their game COULD be brought forward to 1st! (When IS the draw for the first stage/s of the Junior Cup going to be made?)
  11. West premier & championship season ticket cost

    Pollok doesn't do season tickets (the idea has been discussed at some length but not adopted). Membership at the prices quoted DOES include a premium and confer the right to attend and vote at the AGM, join the committee etc. It also gives entry to 15 home league games and home friendly matches. Historically it also entitled entry to home games in the group stage of the Sectional League Cup but, as gate takings now have to be shared, that idea may have to be revisited.
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Yeah that grated a bit. Other than the above though I'm struggling to work out what other errors you see in the article. I thought it was a reasonably accurate, well-written piece, and helpfully informative for those outside Scotland who know little or nothing about the non-League scene here.
  13. Various club name issues

    Albion/Albany/Alba (meaning "white" as in albino) all refer back to the white cliffs of Dover, the only bit of Britain visible from the continent, Rather strange that in Gaelic it has come to be the name used for Scotland,
  14. Various club name issues

    No, Notts County's ground is called Meadow Lane. The County Ground is where Swindon Town play.
  15. Various club name issues

    There was a St Rollox chemical works before the railway yard was there. St Rollox church is across the road as you enter into Sighthill. My great-granddad James McCulloch was manager of the St Rollox Chemical Works at the end of the 19th & start of the 20th century. His son, also James, was his assistant and took over when he retired. Famously it once had the tallest chimney in Europe (possibly in the world?). Sadly, neither of them had any interest in football afaik.