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  1. The SJFA AGM is on Thursday 23rd July.
  2. The standard k.o. time in the Development League (West) will be 8pm. Possibly with the proviso that, if both teams agree, it can be brought forward to 7.45 or maybe 7.30 - on a match-by-match basis.
  3. No reason for Beith & Pollok to play each other IF this was arranged as pre-season, they could play anybody available! Anyway, I thought the suggestion from the SJFA was to play out the 2019-20 Junior cup ties much later on in 2020-21.
  4. Pretty inappropriate for Beith and Pollok to meet before the Final, as Pollok are drawn vs Hurlford/Talbot in one semifinal and Beith vs Darvel/Broughty in the other! Only Darvel v Broughty requires a replay (following a draw at Darvel) as Hurlford v Talbot has not been played yet!
  5. If Season #1 is significantly shortened (as looks likely) the plan is for the WoSFL top division and conferences to each be split into 2 mini-conferences followed by play-offs to determine promotion & relegation places etc
  6. Until reconstruction in 2018, the WRSJFA constitution was actually LESS confusing and error-strewn than the SJFA's. But they failed to publish a fully amended version after reconstruction. Changes were made reflecting the new rules about fixture setting but the references to league structures still referred to Super Premier & Div1, District Leagues & play-offs etc. (Maybe the clubs were eventually issued with a corrected one?? but there wasn't one available publically from the WRSJFA website for at least the first full season of the new Divisions.)
  7. Totally agree. Also, having a Premier and a 1st Division/League 1 is equally daft since (as we all know) Premier means 1st! In case anyone's interested, the working group for the reconstruction of the WRSJFA Leagues 2+ years ago proposed the naming format of Premiership, Championship, League One, League Two at the request of then Regional President Felix McKenna. As I recall, nobody else on the group objected, and the assumption was that, if the clubs didn't like it, somebody would propose an amendment and they'd vote to change it at the AGM. But they didn't do that. So, if the 63 clubs now DON'T like it, they've only themselves to blame! 😄
  8. It's actually FOUR non-ex-junior clubs (Bonnyton, Glasgow Uni, Drumchapel Utd & St Cadocs) plus the 63 that are ex-WRSJFA. There's currently a consultation paper gone out to WoSFL clubs regarding several issues, including the number of relegations from Tier 6 to Tier 7 in first two seasons (7 & 3 or 5 & 5) and the names to be used for the divisions once the new 4-tier structure is finalised (16+16+18+17 is apparently the split being aimed for, dependent on any existing clubs not surviving or new clubs joining in 2021).
  9. 1. It's Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic, not Red Rose! 2. I believe Livingston United's application has been rejected.
  10. But there won't be '3 second placed teams' after Season #1, as the conferences are for one season only (unless the member clubs vote to keep them, which is highly unlikely!) Some sort of decision DOES need to be made though about the final league structure that's being aimed for as, if a 16-team division is the ideal size, a 67-team total doesn't fit that model
  11. Context was the problem as you certainly didn't make it clear you were agreeing, at best it was ambiguous. Having had your comment clarified then obviously I withdraw my statement.
  12. Did you even READ the post you quoted and commented on and see who wrote it? YOU are clearly the ignorant one Mr santheman as (although I don't have Extranet access I know several people who have and so) I can confirm Wishaw Secretary's statement to be 100% correct. Comment withdrawn in the light of clarification, see later posts.
  13. You are mistaken Jamie. Pollok specifically decided we would NOT sign Gordon Ronney's loyalty-to-the-WRSJFA declaration. On the contrary our representatives at the Hampden GM were instrumental in having it radically altered to something that WAS signable! They did indeed and that was a very different stance from "We're behind you TAJ" or any such statement!
  14. That 3rd email instructing destruction of the minutes was sent by the Interim General Secretary of the SJFA, not the West Region. Strange.
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