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  1. 100% this. Chrissy Long's shown that he's a good finisher but he's not someone who's going to hold the ball up against centre backs. Even Scott wasn't particularly keen on doing that and our assortment of other forwards are varying degrees of lightweight or inexperienced. If he's able give us an out ball, play with his back to goal, hold the ball up and let folk like Long, Polworth, Donnelly, Campbell etc play off him then that will be smashing. If we're able to help develop the #32watto brand then great - our paths will be aligned.
  2. Moving away from the bit for a second. Clearly everyone's aware of #TONY's reputation but given the last 3 games we've either started an Academy player as a #9, chucked Bevis Mugabi up front or thrown on Seedorf/Manzinga/MacIver/Ilic and asked them to change a game then while he's clearly not Moult getting Watt in as an experienced option is as good a punt as we're going to get given the circumstances. This is where we are...we saw the front 3 rotating on Wednesday against Celtic I'd guess that'll be what we're looking to do going forward. Fair play to the club btw. I had a slight concern that we might just look at the 3rd place and decide that we're safe with a good chance of Top 6 so choose to count the James Scott money and stick with the bodies we had running the risk of letting the season drift a bit rather than try and address the issue - especially after having been burnt by McCormack last season. Robinson's "we're a club that develops players" line tied in with that sort of angle as well when we were chucking MacIver and Manzinga in. If it works out then great, if not then at least we didn't just sit on our hands. Anyway, back to the patter...#WELCOMETONY
  3. What a rush lads. Proud to have been a part of it with you all. Dreams really can come true.
  4. Pretty much. Robinson's post-match: Thing about that - and it's not a criticism - is that we've heard iterations of the same all season about missing a bit of quality and consistency in the final third (even when Cole and Scott were at the club). We've piled the 'forward' area with a lot of mobility, pace etc and everyone understands the parameters and limitations of the budgets but there are only really two things that work here. You either a) bring in a better quality player or b) the players improve through coaching - stacking the squad with imitations of the same player then wondering why it's not working isn't really any sort of solution. You can't visibly weaken your side (Cole leaving was out of our hands because he wasn't our player, Scott was our choice because we were offered very good money) and not expect it to have some sort of impact. Similarly there needs to be a bit of latitude in terms of allowing that issue to be addressed - especially when there's a body in the building who'd offer a level of quality that's not currently on the pitch - with all due respect to Long, Hylton, Seedorf, Ilic, Manzinga, MacIver and Ndjoli.
  5. Fair fucks to Celtic. McGregor and Edouard are quite good.
  6. Aye. I mean - he's at the club, we're a body down from the start of the last window, he's more experienced than our other options and he's from the area. I'd guess he also knows a load of the players at the club as well as folk like Burrows. In that respect he ticks a load of boxes for us. What I was getting at was that yesterday there was apparently no commitment from either side, today he's "edging" towards a deal and it's "looking likely he'll sign". there's a hint of his agent flying a kite before deciding whether to commit to any offer or not. Clearly I'm all aboard the #ANNOUNCETONY bus but it feels like the article is addressed to the multiple clubs he's apparently been talking to.
  7. I mean generally as a rule - f**k The Sun but they've a quote in that article the wasn't reported yesterday. Tbh that article sounds a lot like an agent putting his client's name out to fish for offers but also the line that was being put out yesterday was the first part of that quote ie: that he was just using our facilities and there wasn't any expectation either side. There was no mention of anyone actively considering anything. That additional bit from Robinson changes things a wee bit... HWFG lads....#ANNOUNCETONY
  8. That's yer Adam Livingstone away to Clyde on loan until the end of the season. That's the First team squad back to 22 (inc Turnbull & Dunne)
  9. They sacked him when they were 6th in League 1 in Feb 2018. They've gone through 5 managers since (including David Hopkin). Were relegated last season and sacked Gary Bowyer the other day so he's back for a 3rd time (almost 2 years to the day from them sacking him the last time).
  10. That's kind of it. Everyone's sympathetic to the rationale behind the Scott sale - it's literally our business model - and Cole wasn't our player in the first place so that was largely taken out of our hands. However you'd hope that now the dust has settled a bit then we'd allow for a bit of latitude in terms of bodies in the building. Robinson's been banging on for the first half of the season about not having a certain level of quality in the final third (even when we still had Scott and Cole at the club) and there's an option landed in our lap who knows the league, offers some of the qualities we're looking for (if not the goals) and is local. Dae it. #ANNOUNCETONY
  11. Pretty much. (Tony Stokes looks like he's away back o Iran btw) I think everyone is sympathetic to the circumstances ie: bid came in late, it was good value etc and we seem to have managed to get a deal done to bring someone in but equally I'd hope there's a bit of latitude to take a breath and look at what other options are out there.
  12. I think it really depends on whether Aarons is actually any good or not and also whether we're actually open to addressing the issue of the lack of an out ball and physicality up front. The fact that we were chucking a centre back up front to try and give us something against Livi should surely give Robinson pause for thought. In terms of numbers the squad is 23 available First team plus Semple, Cornelius and MacIver from the Reserves. That's including Turnbull and Dunne. I know Robinson was giving it the whole "I wasn't planning to bring anyone else in" prior to Scott's transfer and Sloth being mutually consented but with Cole out at the start of the window and Scott and Sloth away at the end that leaves us 1 down from where we were when the window opened with Ndjoli and Aarons in. Like @YassinMoutaouakil I'm absolutely here for us scouting about and bringing in an option.
  13. I could see us doing something slightly different tbh. eg: having Polworth or O'Hara playing off either Long or Ndjoli. Alternatively simply pairing Long and Ndjoli as a front two. Gillespie Gallagher Mugabi Hartley Grimshaw Campbell Donnelly O'Hara Carroll Polworth Long
  14. It's easy to forget that initially at least Robinson had a fairly respectable record against Celtic at Fir Park (less so at Parkhead and Hampden but whatever). No wins like but when we were in peak "win the battle" phase we were 1-1, 0-0 (with 10 men) and 1-1 (granted that one had Gillespie saving a pen at 0-1). The 2-5 earlier this season was his first defeat in the fixture at home and that's the rub I suppose - this season we seem to be at a start of a new cycle where we're trying to be more expansive and the result is that we're a bit more fragile than when we were cutting about battering folk. It's been mentioned before but losing Scott could well have more of an impact than people might have expected as we've lost a bit of presence and a useful out ball (same with Cole leaving tbh). Whereas Scott's replacement is an out and out winger and our collection of other forwards are inconsistent at best. Like @Ron Aldo I'd take a decent performance compared to the shitshow against Livi but I'd imagine it'll be a fairly routine 0-2 or 0-3 for Celtic.
  15. Aye. Just had a quick check on your Wiki page from that season and it looks like it was his last game in charge. That game was 18th August and he left the role on the 20th.
  16. Affray. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-44209404
  17. That's kind of what I was getting at when I mentioned our record at Almondvale. Since Robinson's been manager we've only scored 1 goal through there. We've won the LC game when Livi had just been promoted 1-0, drawn 0-0 and lost 2-0 and 1-0. You compare that with our home record against them under Robinson it's: 1-1, 3-0, 3-2 and 2-1. That's F 9 A 4 and we've scored in every game. Even allowing for home advantages, the 3-2 game being an end of season kick about where we ended up giving Devine and Cornelius debuts and Livi being better than they get credit for etc it definitely points to something on our side in terms of how we're approaching these games.
  18. It's a guess but unless Grimshaw has been carrying an injury or such Tait ahead of him seems to be our 'rotation'. We did that in the cup tie against Dundee ahead of having the league game against Aberdeen midweek. The fact we've got Celtic on Wednesday and the cup game at the weekend might explain it - again it's another reminder that we're really not a good enough team to f**k about - or carry 10 outfield players having individual and collective shitemares, but that's a different story. The Mugabe up front business is a nonsense. It's also a tacit acknowledgement that we're short of different options. Clearly Ndjoli and Aarons were unavailable but the former doesn't look like a player who'll hold the ball up and the latter is a 5ft 9 winger, so neither address the issue of what do we do if Long isn't 'at it' or the system isn't working. As you say Robinson fucked it last season by amassing a collection of landfill 'physical' centre forwards and leaving us shelling the ball up the park this season he's gone the other way with fairly lightweight forwards to play 'anywhere across the front 3'. Don't get me wrong aesthetically I'd rather Hylton, Long etc than Sammon, Main and Bowman but it's the same principle. #ANNOUNCETONY 'sake.
  19. We've only scored 1 goal in our last 4 at Almondvale and that was back in August 2018 for the LC game. Since then it's been 2-0, 0-0 and today's 1-0. That's...not very good. Fair fucks to Livi for being good. Boo to us for being absolutely shite. #ANNOUNCETONY FFS
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