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  1. Robinson talking about the need to invest in the training ground/academy/infrastructure in is pre-match interview earlier.
  2. It's worth giving this Scottish FA Marketing podcast with Burrows another bump as he covers a ton of the stuff @Kyle is talking about in the posts above (yes, including the Brand Personality Strategy Document): https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/25-inside-motherwell-fc-with-chief-executive-alan-burrows/id1411592525?i=1000464117512 Even Kyle's point about St Johnstone and the cup win - in the two seasons since our cup finals we've apparently grown our home attendances and have seen a record number of season ticket sales both this season and last - that's after seasons where we've finished 7th and 8th respectively. Again as @thisGRAEME says it's not a criticism of any specific club but it feels like what Motherwell have managed to get right with Burrows heading things up is a concept of culture and identity and - probably the hardest part - an effective way of delivering that. The key thing I suppose is knowing your audience and delivering the right message. It's a strategy thing that needs to come from board-room level down but needs buy in from everyone. Also, on the broader picture The Longer Listen he did with @AndyRoss covered the ideas trying to 'future proof' the club:
  3. According to O'Carroll in the wee summary of the game he played the first 45.
  4. Sticking this in here as well as the Cup forum. Prices for the Cup replay - £12 / £6 / £3
  5. Prices announced for the replay £12 / £6 / £3
  6. Ha! No apologies needed was just mentioning for the sake of it.
  7. Finished 4-2. Not that it matters but slight inaccuracy with your SLO Twitter feed. It was 1-1 at H/T - we (Motherwell) missed a pen at 1-0 as well. The in-play read like it was a thorough bodying from your lot though.
  8. We've missed a penalty too. Not sure who took it. It was Ross MacIver.
  9. Ha! It's just a guess but Harry Robinson (Son of Stephen) was released by Oldham early last week. I noticed a tweet in his replies suggesting he was coming up here but looking at the guy's account he seems quite the fucking oddball. Going by the Oldham announcement he was released after the window closed so it'd explain the 'trialist' patter.
  10. #TONY starts for the Reserves... A trialist there too (I've a feeling I know who it might be but I could be miles out on it).
  11. I'm not sure it's harsh as I think most of us are yet to be convinced on whether we're actually good or not. You can only beat what's in front of you though - and in that respect we've been fine if still very much a side in transition. Where you're maybe slightly off is the "well organised team", I mean we have been in certain respects but if you look at some of the goals we've been conceding then defensively we've looked anything but organised and the game against Livi at Almondvale was a shitshow for the ages - we had absolutely no fucking idea what we were doing on any level. I'm maybe overstating this but it feels like the fact we're trying to evolve a bit from a %s sort of side to something a bit more expansive has been pushing the players out their comfort zone a bit which has been resulting in mistakes. I suppose the whole "being brave on the ball" mantra is how you get players to improve rather than just launching it but there's very obvious risk involved there. I think Robinson kind of summed it up the other day when he was talking about the team generally - the gist was that back to middle the team almost picks itself (bar the occasional rotation) but up front we've not really had any of our front 3 nail down a spot and we've not really had much consistency. Hopefully the addition of Watt (this game will probably come a bit early for him) and Aarons can sort that out for the run in. We've lost 2 of our regular front 3 from the first half of the season (one at the last minute - though for decent money) so there's definitely an unknown element in terms of where we are now. We might be good, we might not.
  12. O'Hara's goal was quite a tidy finish. First time, kept it down, bit of composure and all that. Long should absolutely have buried the initial effort like. If we could please stop giving the ball away in really daft areas of the park that would be smashing thx.
  13. No idea but there seem to have been a few changes. I noticed they brought in a few UK based players during the summer. Graham Carey being the notable one along with Watt but Viv Solomon's there as well. The wiki page of their season is here. I'd be lying if I said I knew anything about Bulgarian fitba' though.
  14. His last appearance was 14th December (4-0 win), his last start was 8th December (0-0). So a week or two longer than Aarons - his last start prior to Wednesday was 26th December (2-0 loss).
  15. 100% this. Chrissy Long's shown that he's a good finisher but he's not someone who's going to hold the ball up against centre backs. Even Scott wasn't particularly keen on doing that and our assortment of other forwards are varying degrees of lightweight or inexperienced. If he's able give us an out ball, play with his back to goal, hold the ball up and let folk like Long, Polworth, Donnelly, Campbell etc play off him then that will be smashing. If we're able to help develop the #32watto brand then great - our paths will be aligned.
  16. Moving away from the bit for a second. Clearly everyone's aware of #TONY's reputation but given the last 3 games we've either started an Academy player as a #9, chucked Bevis Mugabi up front or thrown on Seedorf/Manzinga/MacIver/Ilic and asked them to change a game then while he's clearly not Moult getting Watt in as an experienced option is as good a punt as we're going to get given the circumstances. This is where we are...we saw the front 3 rotating on Wednesday against Celtic I'd guess that'll be what we're looking to do going forward. Fair play to the club btw. I had a slight concern that we might just look at the 3rd place and decide that we're safe with a good chance of Top 6 so choose to count the James Scott money and stick with the bodies we had running the risk of letting the season drift a bit rather than try and address the issue - especially after having been burnt by McCormack last season. Robinson's "we're a club that develops players" line tied in with that sort of angle as well when we were chucking MacIver and Manzinga in. If it works out then great, if not then at least we didn't just sit on our hands. Anyway, back to the patter...#WELCOMETONY
  17. What a rush lads. Proud to have been a part of it with you all. Dreams really can come true.
  18. Pretty much. Robinson's post-match: Thing about that - and it's not a criticism - is that we've heard iterations of the same all season about missing a bit of quality and consistency in the final third (even when Cole and Scott were at the club). We've piled the 'forward' area with a lot of mobility, pace etc and everyone understands the parameters and limitations of the budgets but there are only really two things that work here. You either a) bring in a better quality player or b) the players improve through coaching - stacking the squad with imitations of the same player then wondering why it's not working isn't really any sort of solution. You can't visibly weaken your side (Cole leaving was out of our hands because he wasn't our player, Scott was our choice because we were offered very good money) and not expect it to have some sort of impact. Similarly there needs to be a bit of latitude in terms of allowing that issue to be addressed - especially when there's a body in the building who'd offer a level of quality that's not currently on the pitch - with all due respect to Long, Hylton, Seedorf, Ilic, Manzinga, MacIver and Ndjoli.
  19. Fair fucks to Celtic. McGregor and Edouard are quite good.
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