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  1. Gilmour's pathway to Chelsea's first team mirrors the decisions McKinstry and McAlear took to patch our Academy and join Leeds and Norwich respectively at the start of the season that got some folk bent out of shape because we were perceived to be selling players on before we'd even seen them in the first team - McKinstry made the bench last season, McAlear was part of the squad in the pre-season friendlies. Aside from him being an exceptionally talented player the reason Gilmour's getting his opportunity is precisely because he's a Chelsea Academy player and he's a product of their system - if it wasn't Gilmour then it's be some other re-gen plucked from their stockpile that would be in their midfield at the moment.
  2. Stand corrected on that. I mean, it even says it was January 2019 in the blurb about his release - f**k.sake. As you were.
  3. Reserves finished 3-5 against Morton. 2x for the lesser spotted Ndjoli, MacIver, Robinson and an OG. Turnbull started and missed a pen.
  4. I'm not actually sure he'd be eligible anyway. He's already played for Crusaders and Oldham this season. A minute off the bench for Oldham and 9 mins for Crusaders. ^^^^ This post is nonsense....
  5. Harry Robinson confirmed on a 'short term deal'. He's already played his 3 games as a trialist.
  6. I was genuinely quite surprised to see that he has the most minutes of any of our collection of forwards when I looked that stuff up last week. It felt like he was disappeared for a while after the proper stuff started. There's definitely a space for him in the squad - moreso than Seedorf and Ilic certainly.
  7. Tbf, I don't think he's fully expecting the ball to come back as @Ron Aldo says, the obvious ball is to Aarons - but once it does (and it's slightly overhit) the stutter step is like he's hoping Zlamal commits. I'm in agreement, it's not a pen but to devils advocate a bit Zlamal doesn't touch the ball but he connects with Hylton's feet and tbh he's a decent chance of keeping it in play if he's not impeded. In Robinson's position you're probably going to focus on that part publicly rather than us fucking a 4 vs 2.
  8. Kind of the same but also, not chucking an injury time goal in is a bonus and Top 6 confirmed. So there's that.
  9. I won't lie, I've been tempted to take a jaunt up to Bath Street one day to see what it's all about. Might even meet the man himself. Tbh, I've always just assumed it's a pal of his that has the place and he's just punting it as a favour given he's got a decent number of followers rather than him being in smashing breakfast rolls all day, every day. Pretty much the same though, it's crossed my mind to take a wander along.
  10. Quite a revealing line in Robinson's press conference today: It follows on from him talking in the press conference prior to the County game where he was saying that: Looking at the break down of the squad in terms of minutes played (in the spoiler below) you've got Gillespie, Gallagher and Campbell having played 3000+ mins, Polworth Grimshaw, Donnelly, Carroll and Hartley 2000+ mins and the various "forwards" 1000+...looking at that it's clear which players he "trusts". I imagine he trusts Hartley and Tait implicitly but it'd have been interesting if there would have been as much of a difference in playing time had Dunne not picked up his injuries. He also seems to have been hammering the "young", "inexperienced" squad line a lot in the past week or so - which is fine. It is. And yes, we'll absolutely have dips in form. It seems notable given we very publicly shifted from that core of McDonald, Lasley, McFadden, Pearson McManus, Hammell (due to retirement etc) which again is fine - absolutely zero argument from me in terms of principle but I think it's fair to say that in each season he's been in charge Robinson's faced different problems in terms of the make up of the squad and he's learned and adapted - I suppose I'm curious to see if the "experience" side of things is something that becomes more of a consideration in future. Then again we signed a 27 year old who had 8 caps for Denmark and he couldn't get in the team so...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Kind of related, fair fucks to Tony Watt - for someone on a short term deal he seems to be going all in with engaging with the club in terms of socials and the like. Saw he was RTing the Bois stuff from the other night and generally coming across like he's fully into being here. Good lad.
  11. The result last night was a monkey off our back in terms of our utterly shite run of form and all but confirmed Top 6 for us (12 points ahead of 7th with 12 to play for before the split). So given our generally poor record at Tynecastle I could see this being one where Hearts "want it more" as I'm not sure an unexpected European spot trumps unexpected relegation in terms of motivation. As @Swello says above our midfield were smashing last night and we looked like we were actually having fun playing fitba' again - which was nice. I'd happily take a draw tbqh.
  12. They want shot of him - he was out on loan at Lincoln for part of last season as well. He's been "transfer listed": The problem is he's still got a year of his contract to run down there.
  13. I kind of have thoughts on this in a broader sense but I suppose there's been a divergence of expectation with the way this season's panned out. Long and the short of it is that Hylton would probably be getting a bit of an easier ride if expectations were more in line with his skillset. When we signed Hylton (and Seedorf, Ilic and Manzinga I guess) our expectations in order of priority are 1. stay in the league, 2. push for Top 6. Maintaining the sort of form needed for a tilt at Top 4 is an entirely different mentality. Especially in a league where Celtic and their impending quadruple treble has kind of been normalised. If we were sitting say 7th or 8th (clear of the relegation conversation) there's a chance that Hylton fits in with a team in that sort of bracket and we'd be more inclined to accentuate the positives, tbh @well fan for life's comparison with Gboly kind of illustrates that. The second half of last season was a brilliant laugh but was largely informed by the dross that preceded it. Fact is - and Robinson alluded to this in his pre-match - we've been Top 4 since 14th September and 3rd for 17 of 25 rounds of fixtures since then - so that's kind of where we are now and it's the realistic expectation.
  14. See, in fairness to Hylton his effort off the bar for the 2nd goal was a sensational bit of technique and should (quite rightly) be getting clipped and fired straight into his highlight reel.
  15. That was Campbell's 5th and 6th goals of the season compared with a total of 2 last season and the season before. He's always been one of our best players but adding goals seems significant. By all accounts O'Hara's been 'transfer listed' by Peterborough which seems incredibly quaint these days but he's still got a year on his contract with them. His season with us has been one of the more interesting given that there was a point where folk had genuinely forgot we'd signed him and now he's out there chucking bodies about.
  16. I was away to post the same thing tbh. It's wild that 4 weeks ago everyone it was all cool, cool, cool after 3 clean sheets since the winter break: a 3-0 cup win, a 1-0 away win at Pittodrie and a decent performance and clean sheet against in a 0-0 with Hibs. Honestly feels like last season given we've played 7 games since then. I noticed a Motherwell fan account on Twitter wanging on about how we hadn't won a game convincingly since early December - like that was a legitimate complaint and the wins against Killie, County, Dundee and Aberdeen were worth getting bent out of shape over because of our form in February.
  17. I've just watched the whole thing. I'm genuinely quite conflicted...on one hand @YassinMoutaouakil's right it's an actual 40 min documentary and it's difficult to get past that. As a concept it's an unusual thing for a mid-table Scottish Premiership side to do for a bit of #content. Self indulgent? Maybe aye. Self important? A bit. Pushing the brand - absolutely. On the other hand, as @Mr Hahn says, it's well put together and it's an insight into his rehab and recovery which is very relevant to my interests and...yeah, I enjoyed it.
  18. Aye. The full 40 mins guy is below...it came up on my YouTube notifications (I've not watched it yet)
  19. Aye. It was exactly the same with us. 39 appearances - no goals, no assists, brushed off the ball with ease...but he nutmegged Jim Goodwin. He had plenty of chances but he never really took them - his time was pretty much up when he was hooked after 54 mins against East Stirling in the LC Group having made precisely zero impact. When you look at his peer group that came through our academy roughly the same time he never really had the same sort of application as say Cadden, Campbell, Turnbull and Hastie who were all in the Youth Cup winning team with him or Scott and Semple who have broken through since. He was a young guy - still is I suppose - but where the ones who have made a go of it in our first team put in the graft and bought into the strength and conditioning side of things Thomas seemed to resent that a bit. He was quite chippy with Motherwell fans generally but he kind of had a dig at the club when he left for Killie and it seemed to be about being asked to do the "free stuff". He was quite open about his attitude being that he just wanted to "play football" - which I'm not sure lends itself to the top flight: Still hoping we get to cash in on that sell on that took him to Killie though.
  20. I mean, we're not complete ingrates. Most of us have a pretty sunny disposition but no wins in 8, daft red cards, players selling the jerseys and chucking late goals all over the place? It's fair to say February's been a grind. That's before you even get to the sort of clown car performance that saw us 4-1 down at HT to St Mirren.
  21. Charlie Dunne out with a knee problem now...apparently Robinson brought it up in his pre-match. He's seeing a specialist about it.
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