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  1. 100% this. Particularly the whole being really bored with the saga thing. I realise I'm contributing to it by wring this post but it's actually at the point where it's just really fucking weird. He seems to have been built up into being some sort of wunderkind while his performances since that initial spike have gone the other way. There's no doubt there's a bit of face-saving going on at the moment but while we should absolutely be re-evaluating and learning from this in terms of when we're offering out deals equally (as far as I'm aware) there was f**k all mention of any interest from big clubs when Hastie was at Alloa. The whole thing is largely hindsight and revisionism. The other thing that has kind of been overlooked is that he had an offer on the table in January at the same time as James Scott and Barry Maguire. That deal was on the table before he started against Hibs (Robinson mentioned it post-match). So that was before the hype started building and undermines this idea that he'd just have signed whatever we shoved under his nose before he started pinging in 30 yarders. So far we've offered out contracts to 6 of our best young players. Turnbull, Scott, Maguire, Livingstone, Semple and of course Hastie. Only one hasn't signed. That's not a bad hit rate. We should definitely be learning from this experience and seeing what we can do better though. Turnbull obviously took a fair bit of negotiation but that situation highlights how ridiculous the process is. In the summer his agent wanted him out on loan this season presumably because he didn't think he'd get games. Then after Robinson kb'd that and played him and he cemented his place in the team as our main #baller his agent starts playing hardball and is hawking him round left, right and centre. Don't get me wrong, that's the game but fucking hell. Hastie signed a 2.5 year deal back in 2016. Since then and coming back from Alloa he'd played precisely zero minutes of first team football for Motherwell. Waiting to see how he got on in the Premiership is presumably what was agreed by all parties before committing to any new contract. Daft as it sounds given the number of goals he scored Moult was absolutely useless as a lone striker (there's not a chance he's coming back anyway). There's a fair chance we'll have to entirely rebuild our forward line given pretty much all our forwards are out of contract. Danny Johnson's the only one we've got contracted and he's been benched since County papped us out the cup and has spent most of his time playing in the reserves. James Scott actually fits the bill as a #9 but he could do with a loan in the Championship.
  2. Tbh, with half an eye on all of that unless there's an agreement in place with Leeds that would block it (given signed up as a scholar at their Academy induction at the weekend) I wouldn't be against giving him a run out post-split. The season's pretty much done so 10-15 mins off the bench or the like realistically isn't going to do any harm.
  3. Hot take: I'm kind of echoing @well fan for life here but I genuinely wouldn't be expecting players with the sort of ambition/potential/call it what you want we're hoping for to be sticking around after 22/23 anyway. So it's all a bit of a moot point IMO. We're pitching ourselves as a platform for players so the balance is protecting our interests while actively delivering on a sales pitch to develop careers and trying to facilitate that rather than going full Jim McLean. It's not on us to try and convince someone to spend their entire careers with us. Fwiw: Barring unforeseen circumstances I think it's pretty safe to say we'll be able to add future fees for Cadden, Campbell and Turnbull to that list of Academy alumni. Absolutely. If that opportunity comes up then it's really all about the player (and I don't mean that in a cynical, money grabbing way). It's a genuine life choice. There's f**k all point in us getting in a pissing contest trying to match Leeds (or any club at that level). It's about picking your battles I guess. All we can really do is say, we can offer you first team football and a small wage bump when it comes the time to renew and point out the benefits while also acknowledging that getting the opportunity to move to a club like Leeds is pretty much the career trajectory that we're selling to kids joining the academy.
  4. Fair fucks to 'Flow. That's a decent exercise in expectations management, not just in relation to Hastie either. Just generally. Seems weird to me he's having to explain as I've always thought the reasoning behind our recent approach to contract offers to Academy players was obvious. Apparently not, it was just a massive co-incidence that all those contracts expired just before the cut off for Development Compensation. Looking at it, it seems we offer a 2 year deal from 17-19 to see how they develop, then if they're around the first team they get a 2-3 year deal (depending on when their birthday falls) to take them up to 22 and make sure that worst case we're still covered by compensation. The fact we got more for Lee Erwin than we did for Murphy, Reynolds and Hutchinson combined pretty much vindicates that. The fact we gave Allan Campbell a 4 year deal (and a 3.5 year deal for James Scott) means I'd hope we'll make exceptions now and again but it becomes a question of what the player is willing to sign. It needs buy in from the player, we got it from Turnbull but clearly Hastie has options on the table that are turning his head. Which is understandable since as 'Flow says he was doing alright at Alloa (and Airdrie) but nothing suggested teams would be knocking his door down. Hastie could just have easily gone the way of Dom Thomas, Dylan Mackin, Ross MacLean, Craig Moore, Luke Watt, David Ferguson et al at the start of the season (when lots of folk now seem to be saying we should have handed him a 10 year deal and forced him to sign it). Tbh, he still could. The whole Hastie to Rangers thing is utterly fucking tedious but equally chucking the guts of £400k at us (along with whatever ludicrous wage package they're offering) for a 20 year old off the back of 12 starts for Motherwell is as on brand a move for Sevco as you get. Ultimately though, if a team is willing to take a punt of that sort of money on a player at this stage of his development then they're going to be able to offer better terms than we can. So it's a case of offering the best deal we can and leaving it up to the player, if they're on board then great. If they're not then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I don't know the details of McKinstry moving to Leeds but it's probably worth making the distinction that he was/is under contract until 2020 (as opposed to Hastie's contract expiring) so it's a case of Leeds swooping in and being willing to pay 6 figures for a 16 year old who has yet to play a first team game and has only just broken into our Reserves.
  5. Wait...what? Burrows talking about Hastie...all of it fair enough. It's in the Record if you want to read the whole thing. Surely some mistake there...? Edit: It's a mis-quote.
  6. So I take it Gallagher and Polworth are the two players Robinson was saying we'd already signed the other week? I don't know if I'd originally mis-read the "offered contracts" line below as being extension offers to players who were already at the club. Given Fané's still cutting about training it wouldn't be a surprise if he was one of the verbal offers? If we've made offers this early to 6 players and signed 2 on pre-contracts then presumably they're players there's competition for (clearly St Johnstone). The flip of that is that we almost certainly know which players are definitely gone and who we're having to replace. Reading Robinson's quote on the official site and having seen clips of the sort of area of the park he plays I'd say Polworth sounds like he's in the Tanner mould: "He will give us another option in the middle of the park and out wide."
  7. #WelcomeLiam Two year deal.
  8. Nah, he's 24. It's 23 that's the cut off for development fees.
  9. Robinson was saying to the press the other week that they've been down scouting the English lower leagues in their midweek fixtures so I'd imagine the out of contract and fringe guys in League 1 & 2 will be getting the once over. What I do wonder is whether or not we're at a point where there's less value in the English lower leagues now. I've no idea what sort of money someone like Polworth will be on at ICT or Gallagher at Livi but I don't think it'd be too much of a stretch to guess that it'd be less than we're currently paying say, Frear or Tanner in the case of Polworth and less than we're chipping in for Aldred in the case of Gallagher. In that respect getting someone in who's a bit more of a known quantity mitigates the risk. Similarly there's every chance someone like Fané (if he signs) would be offered less than we're paying McHugh (given he'd been made captain when he signed his extension) and more on a level of what we're offering Ally Gorrin (who would be mental to kb a top 6 Championship side if they're genuinely interested). On paper we're getting guys in whose numbers look good for (potentially) less than we're currently paying. Incidentally I was having a look at Fané's link in bio video on his IG and he's an absolute riot of arms and legs. A full highlight reel of tackles and blocks. Either way, going out and signing players who are actually good and more importantly fit in with what we're trying to do is an approach that I'm fully on board with.
  10. @AndyRoss no toes stepped on there. You can probably go back to McCall's time and raise the question re: Vigurs, Lawson and Based Craig Reid. I'm probably missing someone really obvious but Sutton and Higdon are probably the last stand out successes from other Scottish clubs? As @Casagolda says, it looks like we're heading for a pretty substantial turnover of players. In itself I'm not actually sure that's a bad thing, we barely touched the first team last summer and suffered for it. Also, our requirements are slightly different now than when we were signing the likes of Frear and McHugh under McGhee so there's a natural shelf-life/cycle there. The fact we seem to be turning to players based up here who are relatively speaking, quite well known is a bit of a shift. Given the anticipated turnover there's bound to be an element of squad building here. It's interesting to see @RiG talking about Polworth in a creative sense in terms of picking holes in a defence as that fits quite neatly into what Robinson (and most of us on here) have been talking about in terms of our final third. In that respect it feels like we've identified an issue and are looking to add a player who might give us something we don't really have much of. It's also an indication that we may not be abandoning #SexyMotherwell if we're looking at creative players. By extension, if we're in for Polworth and his best position is as a '10' then if we stick him in there or a bit wider cutting in either way we'll be looking to add a forward who can play as a lone striker. Also, thinking back to his point after the Accies game about needing players who are physically capable of playing week in week out I notice Polworth's only missed one league game this season and one league game last season. According to his Transfermarkt Gallagher's played 100% of league minutes this season as well. Given Polworth's age it suggests we've got a clear profile we're looking at.
  11. Dundee 1 - 3 Motherwell
  12. When Robinson was talking about having pulled a loan deal for Brown at the end of the January window because he wanted to try and get him in the first team he mentioned he'd been carrying an injury. The last time he started was the Ross County game on March 11th, I don't think he's been involved since. Edit: That's the Reserves top of the league with a game to go. Given Craigan stepped down in December Mo Ross seems to be doing alright. By my count he's only lost 2 games and won 7 of 11. Interesting to see we were playing Broque Watson as a centre forward and Rehman wide right. Any time I'd seen Rehman before he's been centre mid and Watson's always been a winger. Some ball from McAlear for the opener btw. Tidy finish from the Leeds-bound McKinstry too.
  13. McKinstry starts for the Reserves. Good to see Kyle MacDonald back in.
  14. That's Tam Aldred being linked with a move to India in The Sun. Fair fucks with that one, if the money on offer is anything like Pearson was reported to be getting then it's a no brainer. It's a short season so he should be able to cash in then come back in January and pick up another decent paid gig. One of the teams reported to be interested is Kerala Blasters who Pearson was with and currently have Dheeraj on their books. On Polworth, aside from the fact our recruitment from ICT in the past isn't exactly stellar with Fisher and erm...Dean Brill, looking through his goals and assists he definitely more attacking midfielder than 'forward' though interestingly (caveat: according to Transfermarkt) his most prolific season (6 goals) was 15/16 where he was apparently playing right midfield. Again, Transfermarkt play fast and loose with their stats for 'assists' but 19 this season and *cough* 25 (TWENTY FIVE) last season playing as an central/attacking mid is something we don't actually have. Using their metric Hastie has 1 assist for the season, Ariyibi has 2, Frear has 6, Cadden has 5 and Turnbull has 8. On the face of it he's probably more versatile than someone like Frear. Given we don't actually play with a '10' but tend to be using inside forwards and inverted wingers cutting in rather than wingers who will hit the bye-line it'd be interesting to see where we'd play him if we're interested as our midfield 3 has a good balance but as has often been said we've lacked creativity in the final third. He can ping a ball from distance as well tbf (a selection of his goals in the spoiler).
  15. He ruptured his patellar tendon. The gist seems to be he sustained it simply kicking the ball rather than it being a Thunderdome incident. If you really want to know then there's a video of his actual operation in the spoiler. Warning graphic content (like...honestly) etc.
  16. Possibly/probably me. It was mentioned on SO that his contract expiry date had changed on the official site to 2020 (and it definitely had) but that's since reverted back. Robinson/Burrows were asked specifically about Tanner at the AGM and the response they gave was that they'd do the right thing by him. Basically if he couldn't pass a medical then they wouldn't just cut him loose but the gist was it'd be significantly reduced terms that reflected his situation. From the looks of things he's been putting in extra hours in the gym so I'm guessing he's in a position now where he'd be able to pass a medical.
  17. No official story. I was browsing Exeter's forum the other day after Bowman got his first couple of goals and noticed some boy there had popped up with the claim that Tanner to them was a "done deal". It's pretty spurious I grant you but equally he's out of contract and I can't imagine any deal we're offering is going to be difficult to better after the length of time he's been out. Given he spent a few seasons in that neck of the woods with Plymouth it's actually pretty easy to square the circle. Especially with Bowman having moved down there in January and the Reading connection with Jake Taylor.
  18. Quite. I've just read the posts from January on the ICT thread. Looking at the squad the assumption is that we're crying out for wide players (which we absolutely are) but equally, we don't really have an alternative option to Turnbull as an '8' or '10'. Edit: Actually, if Tanner to Exeter is indeed a done deal then that would probably be like for like-ish.
  19. St Johnstone were linked with him earlier in the season on a pre-contract but with Kennedy, O'Halloran, Swanson and Wright all on their books you'd think they're pretty stacked in that area of the park. We're a bit more of a clean slate at the moment. I see from his Transfermarkt he's a World In Motion client, we seem to have a pretty good relationship with them. I'm sure Moult took them on as reps while he was at FP. Interesting if that's another first team player from a Scottish club we're looking at though. Anyway, here's Polworth pinging one past Craig Samson...
  20. The Main to Hearts rumour (like the Aberdeen story through the week) sounds massively like his agent flying a kite. I thought the line in the Record piece about the Aberdeen interest seemed pretty, pretty accurate: I'd imagine if there's interest from some mid-table League 1 team (or even a newly promoted Championship side if he's really lucky) then that's where he'll end up. Reading this bit in The Sun from Martin Foyle about Main's transfer it seems clear Motherwell has always been a one time thing and he was (not unreasonably) viewing Scotland as a platform.
  21. 100%. I think the GK situation becomes a bit less contentious given Carson's injury, Gillespie's clear #1 but a gradual re-introduction to competitive football could work for Carson but if he hits the summer and is fully clear to play then you can imagine he'd be keen to make up for lost time. The forward area becomes a bit more complicated as the writing looks like it's on the wall for Johnson and a lot will depend on what our plans are for Scott. You could absolutely argue he'd benefit from 6 months or a season out on loan with someone like Goodwin at Alloa. If we do loan Scott out then it leaves us in the position of needing to bring someone who'd offer us a short term option but wouldn't mind being the 2nd forward on the bench. If we're sticking with the shape we have then you're looking at a guaranteed starting #9, a back-up who's relatively close in level to rotate plus an additional cover. It's a pretty hard sell to get players to come to Motherwell in the first place let alone trying to pitch coming to Motherwell to sit on the bench as 3rd choice. Looking around the lower leagues in England there are plenty names that we've been linked with in the past and also it's interesting to note the number of clubs who seem to be hitting financial difficulties. For example, Notts County look like they're getting relegated to the Vanarama and they've been hit with a winding up order. Pretty sure Bury were in the High Court recently as well with HMRC issues too and Bolton's situation has been pretty public. Our market is really players at teams who are either miles off their first team (Hartley, Aldred, Main, Ciftci, Sammon, Ariyibi, McCormack et al) or players who are getting relegated (Fisher, Carson etc). The problem of course is that quality in the area we're looking to recruit is still going to be pricey. Pace and power in the forward areas come at a premium.
  22. I see that's us replaced Lewis Irons. Laura Brannan's taking over as 'Senior Producer' having finished up at COPA90. Who knows if that means more Reserves footage but either way"Yay!" for #content. #WelcomeLaura
  23. Absolutely buzzing to see us building a season ticket campaign around Div Turnbull doing keepie-uppies and James Scott cementing folk in 50/50s. Some club. The brochure is pretty good too: https://issuu.com/motherwellfc/docs/2019_season_ticket_brochure/24
  24. Just a bunch of staunch lads working themselves into a shoot about us signing Declan Gallagher.