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  1. Vaguely related but I noticed this from Burrows in response to one of his reply guys who is "Concerned about the early signing philosophy, no longer players to be developed and sold…a lot of good things off the pitch just nothing on it so far". God grant me Alan Burrows' patience etc...
  2. Yeah, that's the impression I got, which is why I asked. Like I say, given we've lost both O'Hara and Donnelly from the squad it wouldn't be a huge surprise if we'd taken a look at McGhee as an *option* but chucking money at Dundee to get him is a completely different conversation. To that point, is there a chance McGhee has some sort of relegation clause or agreement with the club that would make it easier for him to move for a more nominal fee?
  3. Is the guy that mentioned it on TDBF not a bit of a shitehawk? I notice he's replied to a guy saying it's not something that he's read but instead he's "been told" that we're "sniffing about". Any time I've taken a dip into that forum he seems to have been swinging his dick about something. Tbf, someone like McGhee would kind of fit in with the trend Spittal/McGinn trend we've seen ie: relatively experienced Premiership players and as you say he's versatile which although we have Barry Maguire for that sort of role we've also lost both O'Hara and Donnelly so it wouldn't be massively surprising if we'd taken a look at him. It's been mentioned a fair bit on this thread but our squad is pretty stacked at the moment and there's probably not that much room so being honest I'd say that it feels like our priorities at the moment should probably be a centre forward and an actual midfielder.
  4. I suppose the announcement of the B team cup fixtures and Burrows suggesting the Reserve league is restarting begs the question - who's taking the B/Development Team? Kerr alongside his role with the 18s? It was obviously the position Ross was in previously but what with that tier having effectively been mothballed/binned through the pandemic we've not really had to replace him (albeit Lasley seemed to have filled his role with the 1st team). Then again, Alexander suggested that we were still in the market for a coach when he spoke to the press the other week. Which makes sense as at the moment the first team coaching staff consists of him, Lucketti and Dibble (plus the assorted S&C types).
  5. We've got EK at home. Annan at home in the 2nd round should we qualify.
  6. Unused footage that would have really got the mumsnet crowd worked up on Motherwell Twitter.
  7. See, the first thing i thought of was that there was a pre-season video published of McGhee taking the team out on bikes along the Clyde canal but looking through the archive on the MFC YouTube I couldn't find it. Turns out they've made it private. Footgolf is still there though...
  8. Picked up (and bought) the new away shirt earlier. Size-wise I found it pretty much the same fit as last year's. I didn't need to size up or anything. I've generally been a L in Macron shirts and the L of this one was fine for me although I also tried an XL just to check the difference. Anyway. It's very nice - good job everyone. In other news, Austria looks nice.
  9. The other thing that's super obvious is that for a lot of teams some of their coaching/medical staff double up with both first team and reserve team. I don't think there's really much appetite for the costs of effectively having to run two distinct teams.
  10. I was getting the same message but it seems to have been an issue on Ticketmaster's side. I just tried logging in again and it's worked for me.
  11. I quite fancied Carey for us when we binned Polworth. Even now I wouldn't have minded him as an alternative to Goss tbh. It'll be interesting to see how he gets on.
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