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  1. Fwiw: this is precisely the point I was getting at.
  2. Did Dundee not bin Hartley just before the split (on 30 points after 33 games)? Granted that was after a run of 7 defeats but McIntyre's on 4 losses on the bounce as it stands (lose at St Mirren and you take that to 5) but Nelms was apparently looking at finishing 7th or 8th this season when he gave McIntyre the gig. At that point Dundee were 2 points off Motherwell (in 10th), now they're *checks notes* 22 points behind us (in 7th, which is what Nelms was targeting). Even allowing for the squad he inherited from McCann it's difficult to say that McIntyre's even close to meeting the brief Nelms seems to have given him in October. From the outside looking in it seems like McIntyre's sold Nelms on the Ross County model of signing a shitload of players in January to keep you safe. It's also worth bearing in mind County fans were pleased to see the back of him and Roy McGregor was pretty comfortable with the decision to empty McIntyre (even if Coyle was a f**k-up). IIRC County fans on here pretty much called what you could expect from him and the job he's done so far has played out like that.
  3. Yeah, ironically thinking back to the first half of the season when folk were taking shots at Robinson and his 12-18 erm, strategy this is precisely what people were advocating. The argument was that we'd bring in better quality for the first XI and bump players who were starting last season down to the bench rather than signing marginally better squad fillers for the bench. Whether by luck or design the upshot of that is we've ended up with exactly what some were looking for ie: guys like Frear, McHugh and Hartley sat as subs giving us a relatively strong but expensive looking bench. I notice Narey's Toepoker on Twitter is asking the question as to whether Motherwell are planning a clear out and it's a fair comment given the number of players whose contracts are due to expire. It doesn't include the loans of Aldred, Ariyibi, Sammon and McCormack so the players he's got listed as OOC are: Liam Brown, Chris Cadden, Elliot Frear, Shea Gordon, Jake Hastie, Adam Livingstone, Curtis Main, Christian Mbulu, Carl McHugh, Neil McLaughlin, George Newell, Ally Gorrin, Craig Tanner, Aaron Taylor-Sinclair. 14 players but only 3 of them (Hastie, Main, Gorrin) are first team starters at the moment and it's arguable as to whether Main would have been starting had McCormack not been a bust. Cadden, Mbulu and Tanner are/have been long/long-ish term injuries. Frear and McHugh are first team players bumped down to the bench. Brown, Gordon, Livingstone, McLaughlin, Newell are all in the Reserves category. (Gordon, McLaughlin and Newell are all out on loan in the lower leagues. Broque Watson and Peter Morrison are also OOC and out on loan) We've already confirmed ATS won't be getting his contract renewed after his loan at Crewe expires. All in all that's a fair amount of relatively expendable bodies. Robinson seems keen on Liam Brown (and rightly so, he's a very good player) but surely Adam Livingstone's at the stage where he needs first team games. He's 21 we've already had him out on loan at East Fife and he's been given (limited) first team opportunities but hasn't made anywhere near the impact he'd need.
  4. I think the thing with Hartley is that his limitations aren't things that he's really going to sort out just by getting fit again. Essentially he's not going to get any quicker, which is fine if we're just sticking him in the middle of a back 3 and asking him to organise but if we're playing with a back 4 then Charlie Dunne's got that position on lock, McHugh's been preferred to him at times this season and presumably Barry Maguire gets a look in there when he's back from his loan too. There's been a lot of talk about Robinson's learning curve and one thing he mentioned after the Accies game before the break was needing players who were physically capable of a sustained run of games (or words to that effect). Clearly that was a comment on ATS but right now Hartley probably falls into that category too. Kipré leaving and Dunne having been out for a chunk of the season probably reinforces the need for pace at the back too which again, is something that's also a problem for Hartley. Presumably he's not really going to settle for being parked on the bench or retained solely on the off chance there may be games where we might want to go with a back 3 given what he was saying about wanting to play games when he signed on loan initially. In fairness, I don't see Robinson being particularly keen about carrying a player like that either given the fairly regular comments about our limited budget. If we were able to find takers for Fisher and Bowman at League 2 level then we'd probably be able to sort something out with Hartley if there's a bit of flexibility on either side. We even managed to get Louis Laing out on loan to Notts County a couple of seasons ago FFS. I suppose it really depends on how motivated he is to play (and I'd imagine he is). Absolutely nothing against the big man he was smashing last season and while it may have brought a frown from the club the pre-match comments and subsequent last minute equaliser against Rangers was great value however given he's the captain and presumably on a decent wedge but not getting any sort of game time it's probably fair to ask where he fits.
  5. He's been putting in extra graft with Hartley in the gym so he seems less broken than before. I hope Ross MacLean's on a good commission.
  6. Music Chinese Whispers

    A-HA - The Living Daylights
  7. Yeah he and Kyle MacDonald both signed pro in 2017 https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2017/06/21/youngsters-pen-professional-deals/ I can't see any mention of an extension so I'm guessing it was 2 year contracts they signed. That said Semple's already had the Hastie hype when he was 14. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/14623203.the-14-year-old-motherwell-striker-lined-up-by-some-of-englands-best-clubs-heads-to-sunderland-on-trial/ Adam Livingstone, Liam Brown, Broque Watson, Shaun Bowers all have their contracts up as well. Of those, only Livingstone's an academy player. The 2018 group are contracted until 2020 but interestingly (or not) we seem to have binned the u18s tag on the official and they're now just grouped as Reserves...
  8. Motherwell 2 - 1 Kilmarnock
  9. Semple for the first team... https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2019/03/18/reserves-come-back-to-beat-kilmarnock/
  10. Strongly agree with this. I can't imagine that being parked on the bench as he is at the moment is what Danny Johnson signed up for when he arrived but clearing the decks up front seems quite appealing especially as (for now) the rest of the XI seems pretty balanced. One of the big things for me this season, as I've mentioned, has been Robinson learning from his mistakes. Given the business model we have you'd expect one or two sellable assets to move on to keep us ticking over. Whether that's Cadden, Hastie or even a Heneghan type move for Johnson who knows but even if they did move then realistically assuming the Gallagher pre-contract rumour is true and we also manage to tie Ally Gorrin down we could be going in to next season with a fairly solid 8 of 11 plus a bit of cash from sales. Gillespie Grimshaw (Gallagher?) Dunne Tait Campbell (Gorrin?) Turnbull RW CF LW It'd be interesting to see how Robinson would get on with a specific area to recruit but he's been hit or miss when it'd comes to forwards so far then again this will be his 4th window and he's picked up Ariyibi based on specific qualities: Hastie was already here Scott was already here Tanner took a while to find his feet but has been broken for over a year Main did a job but now looks like a guy who knows he's done Fisher lasted 6 months McCormack was a great signing on paper... Petravicius = competition winner Newell...well. Ciftci would have been ideal in this team Sammon's been Sammon Ariyibi's been great value Frear wasn't a Robinson signing Both Watson and McLaughlin were Craigan signings. It'll be interesting to see who he's got in mind and what sort of profile they fit. Ideally he'll have moved away from bringing in players to fit a specific shape. Also, the rumoured signing of Gallagher makes me wonder if we're focussing more on knowns. Edit: Scott, Sammon, Frear, McHugh and Johnson all in the Reserves team this afternoon. Semple's the captain.
  11. I thought Robinson's post match comments about the final third came across as being more about Main than anything. Even allowing for the change in role I can't see Robinson being convinced after this season. He's shown in the past that he can be ruthless as far as moving on players from the squad goes and he's given Main every chance really. I don't think Scott's ready to lead the line over the course of a season and I wouldn't be surprised if we took the same approach with him as we did with Hastie and got him out on loan next season. Having said that, if we end up bottom six and he has made some sort of decision on Main then I don't see any real issue with giving Scott a run of starts. I'd like to think that with 8 games to go and the league looking as it is that Robinson would be looking to next season now.
  12. It may be cause and effect but I think this (natural) type of dip in form brings into focus why the "pre-contract with Rangers" rumour and general hype and expectation that's developed around Hastie after a handful of first team games is genuinely mental on a number of levels.
  13. In honesty, while the club, manager and players have made all the right noises about Top 6 when it comes down to it I'm not sure it's something that matters too much. The post-match interview with the players the club put up on YouTube was essentially just a collective shrug. It's been clear for a while that the remaining fixtures were about assessing the squad with a view to next season. In that respect the result and performance yesterday was probably as useful in highlighting our limitations as the bodying of Accies was in accentuating the positives the previous week.