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  1. Absolute sadsack that I am I actually checked this out. In the 3 points for a win era (including this season): Avg league position: 6.68 Avg pts: 47 2 points for a win (and also just after Promotion): Avg league position: 7.44 pts: 34.11 All the seasons in the spoiler below. Sourced the bulk of it here.
  2. Thinking back to last summer one of the main things for me this season was seeing if Robinson could evolve his style of play (spoiler: reader, he has). His fire-fighting to salvage the McGhee season showed he can shit-fest with the best of them, the direct approach got us to 2 cup finals and a comfortable mid-table finish while the tears that resulted were great value but the warning signs were there in the 2nd half of the season where we were struggling to break teams down (Accies at NDP and Killie at FP immediately spring to mind). I'm actually inclined to give Robinson the benefit of the doubt re: the first half of this season. Nothing against the big man but I'd be amazed if Conor Sammon was anywhere near our first choice target. We went from everyone's favourite mercurial genius to Sammon, it was hardly like-for-like. I could be miles out but the more I look at last summer the more I feel we may have missed out on our first choices and ended up having to re-work our plan (to the fabled 12-18 strategy). Similarly I don't blame Robinson for sticking with a fall-back approach that, for the most part, served him well enough the previous season. There's not a lot about the first half of the season that hasn't already been said but ultimately Robinson deserves a huge amount of credit for figuring it out in the end. The fact that he's essentially on his 3rd re-work of a team (in terms of style and personnel) and more importantly is making it work says a lot about him as a coach along with his staff. The praise he was getting in the MFC Podcast with Maurice Ross is testament to the fact that more than anything Robinson is a really, really good coach. If you'd said at the start of the season we'd finish on 50+ points (18 points off 10th), reach a QF, establish a #YoungMotherwell brand, have 2 players up for both PFA and SFWA YPOTY awards (and have 1 win) along with having a midfielder sitting on 15 goals for the season while adding flair and creativity to a Motherwell side that is actually pleasing on the eye I think most would have taken it. I said it in another post but it feels like a 6.8 of a season to me. There are some really fucking obvious downers (losing to Accies and St Mirren along with the cup exit to Ross County and the absolute doing at Ibrox for starters) and it's hard to go too overboard about an 8th place finish but when it comes down to it the 2nd half of the season has been smashing. I'd imagine that this season has been far more educational for Robinson than any of those he's had previously at the club. Edit to add: I'm a big fan of this stats site and now the season's finished it's an interesting read: https://www.soccerstats.com/team.asp?league=scotland&stats=6-motherwell Absolutely mental to see the disproportionate number of goals we've conceded between 31 - 45 mins. Like, really, really weird.
  3. Tackling Tommy Aldred btw... Some boi.
  4. Motherwell - Livingston

    Aye, I've mentioned this before but you can see why the club seem to like him. The more he's finding his feet the more confident he seems to be. On top of the lay-off he had 2 or 3 decent efforts (that didn't go wildly over the bar Curtis Main-style) and his link-up play and general awareness is good. That backheel that played Cadden in was *cough* Zlatan-esque. He'll pull out wide and drop into #10 areas and actually seems far more creative than someone like Main and already looks more capable at this level than a Dylan Mackin. Understandably he still seems hyper aware of opposing centre backs and their physicality. If he can spend the summer tanning creatine and get 6 months in the Championship there's definitely a space in the team for him.
  5. Yeah, I thought there was a noticeable change in Robinson's mood when he "announced" Hastie was leaving a while back. He seemed quite happy just to get that whole thing fucked right into the sea. One of the differences with the 'retained list' as they've taken to calling it in England is that we've already confirmed pretty much everyone who's away. Previously there's been a list of players who have offered deals then a couple of weeks of uncertainty. Cadden aside everything seems done and dusted. He said as much in his interview yesterday but I'd think the closure on that will have the upside that it allows everyone just to get on with it now rather than hanging about waiting on others giving an answer. We know exactly what we need and in fairness probably have done for a while. It's never really been clear what the story is with Tanner particularly since Robinson's consistently spoken about offering deals to 6 players and the assumption (on my part certainly) was that those were: Hastie, McHugh, Frear, Gorrin, Main and Cadden. The gist at the AGM was that we'd do right by Tanner so I'm pretty easy whatever happens tbh. I was watching a few YouTube highlights of those games where he properly found form last season and he was a great option to have. Off the back of the Mo Ross interview it'll be interesting to see what happens with the Reserves whose deals are up for renewal. I could imagine there being quite a cull there.
  6. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Yaaaasssssss! Well in Killie. That is fucking magic.
  7. That had totally passed me by. Not a massive surprise tbh. The contract offer felt like a bit of a token gesture on our part where we've offered him something knowing he probably wasn't going to stick around but we didn't necessarily just want to bin him. He's only started 4 league games all season so it's hardly a massive incentive to stay given he's been a bit part player (for various reasons) during his time at the club. In honesty I'd rather we looked around at different options than just retain a guy who, despite decent looking advanced stats, wasn't actually getting in the team. Offering him something seems the right thing to have done but I'd guess that's the outcome everyone expected. I'm pretty sure he'll be able to pick up another club and a decent wage down south. +1 on the Donnelly comments btw. I thought he had a very decent game all round until he was bumped out to LB, caveat being it was an end of season kick-about but he was putting in tackles and seemed to move the ball a bit quicker than McHugh. I wouldn't be holding my breath for him to cement a starting place but it's probably worth Robinson working with him over summer. It looks like he's replacing Stephen McManus who jumped ship to your lot in January. It's a bit weird as the story broke in the local press in Dundee earlier this week but there's been no official announcement from Motherwell (presumably because he hasn't actually left Dundee yet) but he was being interviewed by Eilidh Barbour on BT as part of their coverage yesterday and he was talking about it in the interview. No idea what he's like as a coach but Mo Ross seemed enthusiastic about getting him on board when he mentioned "a new u18s coach" coming in on the MFC Podcast during the week.
  8. David Turnbull pretty much had a clean sweep at the club end of season awards: Player of The Year Young Player of The Year Players Player of The Year Goal of The Season Top Goalscorer He's the correct answer on every one of them.
  9. Turnbull's done us a turn by signing that 2 year deal as it gives us <Seinfeld>'hands'</Seinfeld>. Anyone who thinks we're not going to reciprocate that in good faith if we get an 'acceptable' offer from a club that the bold Div wants to join is just daft. We're in the business of player trading that means doing deals that keeps everyone happy not hanging prohibitive price tags on players that put money clubs off having a look at them. In the clubs history we've sold precisely 2 players for more than £1m...Phil O'Donnell which is the current 'official' record at £1.75m and James McFadden for £1.25m (with add ons, he may well be the 'unofficial' record). Long story short anything over £2m becomes a record fee. As @Ron Aldo says in the post above, if we get £2m+ with a good sell on we're doing well. If someone comes along and says "here's £5m" then of course we take it, but it's a wholly unrealistic starting point. Burrows has already set out his stall saying publicly that anyone who wants him will need to pay a "record fee". There's your starting point. I'm pretty sure Flow would like as much for the player as possible but there's a certain reality here: there's tons of potential there but he's playing for a club that's finished 8th in the Scottish Premiership (he's not playing in the English Championship) and this is his first full season. We may luck out and see a genuine auction but either way a fee of around £2.5m-£3m (ie: ballpark of Robertson, Gauld and McGinn) clears the debt to Boyle and Hutchison and further stabilises the club for the foreseeable. A sell on gives the potential of getting a bit more rich. Post-match yesterday Robinson set out our market when he effectively said if we get interest from "big" clubs around the top of the Championship or Premier League and there's an acceptable deal then "we won't stand in his way". Which is entirely the correct position to take. All in all though, he's been fucking brilliant and if he does move to the big leagues this summer absolutely good luck to him. With the award nominations to back up the general hype this is a window that should really see him attract proper attention. For a bit of context; he's scored 15 league goals in 30 appearances, aside from being a comparable rate to Moult who was an actual centre forward (15 in 38 in 15/16 and 15 in 31 in 16/17) Turnbull's on par with Stuart Armstrong's most prolific season at Celtic where he scored 15 in 31 league games during their Invincibles season and his 7th full career season. I mean, that's quite good.
  10. There may be a couple cropped out, Tanner definitely is. There's no Carson in the photo either and he was in the squad today.
  11. We signed him from Queens Park and had been playing league games for them. As said above he seemed to generally be liked. He captained the Reserves a few times. As @well fan for life says Robinson was supposed to have pulled a loan move at the end of January to try and get him into the first team but there was also mention that he'd been coming back from an injury. I think he's kind of suffered a bit from the changes at reserves level for us. He played regularly for the reserves under Craigan but less so under Maurice Ross who's been talking up Dean Cornelius (who made his debut today). @Jim McLean's Ghost nails it with his description. He's in the Allan Campbell mould IMO but realistically he's at the age where he needs games.
  12. Aye. He mentions it in his post-match. The big man's speaking after the game as well. Seems reasonably content innit. There they are. Great bunch of lads...Tanner's cropped out next to Frear far right.
  13. Motherwell - Livingston

    Aye, that was just below me in the POD. I saw Donnelly put his laces through it but didn’t see who he’d scudded. There was a fair amount of concern from both sets of players. Hope they’re alright.
  14. Motherwell - Livingston

    Tbf, Robinson said in his pre-match yesterday that he wanted to have a look at him playing as a #6. Not really a game to judge him but a few wayward passes aside he was fine for the most part though he looked a bit more uncomfortable at LB. Didn't result in a goal but that backheel from Scott through to Cadden. OMG.