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  1. A decent write up with the bold Christy Manzinga on their The Record/Sunday Mail's site just now. Recommended to the club by Kipré and part of the same PSG side as the big man (who was visiting with Moult and Johnson at the Hibs game yesteday):
  2. That is, of course, a route that I am very much in favour of going down. Make it happen Burrows. Bring him home.
  3. It's the slowest of claps in my direction but with all the chat about "replacing" Cole it's really only clicked with me that Scott is (probably) being viewed as Cole's replacement in the wide area of the starting XI rather than Ndjoli. The plan is presumably to see out the season with a first choice front 3 of Hylton, Long and Scott. The bold Mikael is probably just here to fill out the squad with a bit of pace. On the striker conversation I'm inclined to agree but again it's a question of who's available and I empathise with Robinson in terms of what sort of value we're going to get. We seem to be trying to make Chrissy Long a thing with the contract extension offer. So if he's going to be our main guy Is it better for us to stick with Scott, MacIver, Manzinga or even giving Semple a run as a #9 rather than chucking money at a Sammon or Fisher type to be parked on the bench? That's the gamble I suppose. I think it was @YassinMoutaouakil who was talking ages ago about using Div Turnbull as a 'False 9'...I mean, why the f**k not? Obviously it'd be smashing to get a goalscorer in but it's the January window and clubs are generally quite keen to keep proven goalscorers on their books if they have them. Speaking purely in hypotheticals, in the absence of a James McFadden/Scott McDonald-type former club icon landing in our lap realistically what sort of experienced forward is available at the moment and could possibly be an option to rotate with Long off the bench? Lads let me tell you, it's not a route I'd be keen on going down.... For avoidance of doubt that's not a suggestion. More an illustration. I mean, I'm sure there are options out there but in the absence of someone good or a McDonald-type (which I'm all for) if our options are bringing in some dross in the hope they'll do us a turn or giving the players like Scott, MacIver, Semple etc who are already at the club minutes to try and develop then yeah let's do the latter.
  4. I think @Swello referenced it in the match thread but Robinson sounds like he's pivoted back to us not doing any more business (at 1:20 in the Tweet below). He's bit more equivocal speaking to Sky than he was in his pre-match press conference on Tuesday. Obvs there's still a week or so to go and his position during the other day was along the lines of "things sometimes turn up late in the window, so if something that suited and it was in budget we'd consider it" but it definitely sounds like it'd have to be something landing in our lap to consider it.
  5. The 0-0 is a novelty - first in a while. We've had a few results/performances this season (and historically) where we've either just not turned up or shot ourselves in the foot with daft mistakes after a decent run (Accies & County at FP specifically this season). In that context a decent performance, a clean sheet and a point feels fine - despite possibly doing enough to nick a win. Especially after a 3-0 in the Cup and a 1-0 up at Pittodrie during the week. As @Casagolda said earlier most suspected we might struggle for a bit of quality in the final third without Long and Hylton. Good to get a look at MacIver, Ilic and Manzinga at various points though. Stating the obvious a bit but the difference between this version of Liam Donnelly and the one who arrived at the club is unreal and Allan Campbell is fucking brilliant.
  6. Manzinga on the bench...and Scott presumably the #9. Probably projecting here but it feels like this will be a bit of a test to see if we need another body in up front (spoiler: we do). It definitely feels thin.
  7. Seems to be Long out along with Maguire, Semple and Hylton a doubt. Dunne & Turnbull still long term injuries. It kind of shows how fortunate we've been injuries-wise this season that this is probably the most we've had unavailable and only 2 of them have been regular starters (Long, Hylton). I wouldn't be surprised to see Ilic get a start to keep his chin up after the tactical sub during the week. Robinson's been talking him up and by all accounts he did a turn at Pittodrie and scored twice for the Reserves on Monday - which should put him miles ahead of Seedorf for the position. Gillespie Grimshaw Gallagher Hartley Carroll Campbell Donnelly Polworth O'Hara Scott Ilic The Accies game at FP is still fresh enough in the mind to be unsure about this one tbh.
  8. Sticking my oar in, from watching on the sidelines I'd guess TW has argued the case for keeping hold of Kennedy and as he says he's been told he can't bring anyone in unless he moves players on. He's been given 3 weeks of the window to shift the deadwood and save Callachan there haven't been any bites so you're in the situation where Kennedy's the only real asset that can be moved quickly for cash. Presumably all the other "assets" are tied up on longer term deals and those are ones you don't want to get shot of anyway. Maybe in previous seasons the club would have gone the extra mile but for whatever reason this time it's a case of having to make a choice; he can either have whatever players Dundee loaning Ross Callachan gets you and keep Matty Kennedy or cash in whatever Aberdeen were willing to chuck you a week before the deadline closes and use that money for the squad. Either way, it's some interview.
  9. Was the Wighton thing not effectively cancelled out on the books by Hamilton going the other way?
  10. ^^^ very this. I'd guess that Livi's offer of a small fee + loan back (plus presumably a sell on?) would probably have swung it if we were just going with a straight pre-contract to sign at the end of the season as we did with Gallagher & Polworth. By all accounts it looks like Livi have taken the same approach with Alan Forrest this window. And absolutely fair play to them.
  11. Tbf, it's less McCall's words and more the boy doing the blog - it was him that mentioned Motherwell (and your lot). He's a Motherwell fan and does bits and pieces of writing here and there. A lot of his pieces are really just very literal takes on clickbait stories so it's almost certainly one to be sceptical about. McCall's quote is just a very bland, generic "a couple of Premiership sides were interested"-type thing. Having said that, the article @Casagolda linked to at the top of the previous page seems to have come from a Robinson press conference so it suggests some sort of access though again I definitely wouldn't be hanging my hat on it. All in all, with the frequency with which we make Brian Graham look like Zlatan there's a very good chance we were interested.
  12. Totally, there wer plenty of factors with that Cup game - home team form, their record against us (that's 10 games on the bounce we're unbeaten against them 9 wins, 1 draw), they bumped the ticket price up to £20/£15 from £15/£10 in the week leading up to the game etc - on top of it being on council telly and a 19:20 kick off. I think if it's the right sort of fixture then a Saturday evening K.O could easily work...under the lights and that. The key thing for me is that he's actually asking fans and trying stuff out. Some things may not necessarily work but the more engagement you have the better a feel for what connects.
  13. Noticed that, specifically because it came quite quickly on the heels of our game against Dundee where we had more away fans at Dens than there were home fans and one of the "factors" explicitly cited for for their erm..poor turnout was the K.O time. Absolutely fair fucks to Cormack for looking to start a conversation and engage with your fanbase though. He seems to have done more on that front in the past couple of months than Milne had in years. Fwiw, Burrows seems like he was taking note too as he was asking our fans what their thoughts were on the idea the other day.
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