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  1. From where I was sitting yesterday it reminded me very much of the cup game against ICT under McGhee where we benched Moult and went 4231 with McDonald as the lone striker (or target man if you will). We lost that one 2-1 as well. Some laugh like. Yesterday was a shambles from start to finish, eleven guys playing in a shape they aren't familiar with and being asked to do things they're not comfortable with. Charlie Dunne at left back was painful viewing while you had Hartley and Aldred picking the ball up off Gillespie and...looking completely lost. That's before we get to McCormack and Johnson. When you saw Johnson's (failed) attempts to hold the ball up then the 'target man' comment makes complete sense but if you don't actually have a target man...don't start with a system that requires one. I get what Robinson's saying (or trying to say) in honesty. We had a style of play that was effective but while he's rhyming off the players who aren't available the fact is that other sides have long since sussed us out and what was working for us previously just leaves us completely ineffective so we're having to change up our style of play. As has already been said, it was yet another game where we looked completely incapable of breaking a team down. If playing with 2 wingers is going to be our thing going forward we need 3 central midfielders, it's exactly the issue we had when we tried getting Johnson and Ainsworth on the park at the same time. As @well fan for life says, a 433 would have made far more sense with the players we had available yesterday. Anyway, big ups Jake Hastie on his goal. Hopefully the first of many and that.
  2. There's yer cup line-up. No Bigi on the bench, no ATS. Sammon's there. 44-fucking-2. McCormack starts, Hastie on the bench.
  3. The Twilight Sad

    New album out and that lads.
  4. Not wholly surprised we were in for him, for the reasons I mentioned when the news broke he'd left Melbourne City. He's precisely the player Robinson was outlining before the window opened. Equally it's no real surprise he's ended up back in Perth as his career has been pretty much in flux since he left the first time round. Moving back to a club he knows and a manager who's got the best out him makes sense rather than going to another new club and a new manager (and one who's been bookies favourite for another job at the minute). Having said that, given we've got budget tied up in guys like Sammon, Bigi and even Main amongst others that we don't really seem able to shift not to mention Robinson's been vocal about our limited budget it's interesting to hear (even as a rumour) that we'd be offing a "huge deal". Granted he's a known and we've been reportedly in for MOH loads so we may have felt comfortable investing in him but still...interesting.
  5. There's yer Robbo...more than strongly hinting that we're going with a new shape and one that suits Elliot Frear no less. So...433 or 442 then? Aye? Bigging up Jake Hastie as well.
  6. I don’t really pay much attention to St Mirren Twitter but from what I can see the Sammon thing is coming from this tweet which is...speculative to say the least:
  7. Which is why I deleted the post .
  8. Motherwell v Ross County

    It's been pretty low-key for us since the McCormack hype and the team fucked off to Tenerife for the week. There's been no further movement out the door since Bowman which is a bit surprising. I saw Lasley had been saying McCormack may play a part in the game and it seems Dunne, McHugh and Mbulu are all back fit so aside from the long term injuries (Carson, Cadden and Tanner) there should be a full squad for selection. Hopefully that also allows big Chris to exact his revenge on Don Cowie Obviously it was a bit of a second string XI County played in the Irn Bru Cup but given Craigan went 433 in that game and we now have a few actual wingers and wide players around the squad I wonder if Robinson will have a go at a similar line up. With the way the season has gone so far the Cup is pretty massive for Robinson so I can't imagine he'll f**k about with any sort of 'rotation'.
  9. A gentle reminder that Carl McHugh is pretty useful...via @ modernfitba
  10. Thought he'd probably be in with a shout even before I read his name quoted over on SO. The club have made a big play for building an 'identity' and clearly with Lasley, Craigan, McManus, Hammell and Clarkson you had a backroom with a lot of experience in a Motherwell jersey. Even Robinson had his stint as assistant before he got the job permanently. If that's being viewed as a key criteria (and why not?) then it's a pretty shallow pool of options. Certainly the other name mentioned on SO fits more with the Lasley et al school than the bold Mo does but Ross has been bouncing around Norway managing various sides. IIRC he did an interview a while back on Sportsound talking about his experience over there. Taken on face value he seems a reasonable shout to take over the u18s role McManus had. Fairly extensive interview with him here.
  11. That's yer Stephen McManus away to Celtic's Academy as u18s coach.
  12. cc: @Desp It's happening etc.
  13. There's yer Barry Maguire scoring for Queens...
  14. Aye, he has. Not many like but he started in our 2-0 loss to Livi this season and 3 games last season (a 0-0 and a 5-1 loss against St Johnstone and the 3-0 win against Accies). He's got all the attributes and he handled himself really well through the Challenge Cup games but definitely needs the regular first team games though and I'm not sure Robinson feels he's quite "there" yet. He's got the potential to be a smashing player though and (obviously) I hope he does really well for you guys.
  15. Smashing win today. I saw Barry Maguire got a goal, how did he get on other than that?