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  1. I could be wrong but I think he gets/got a lot of grief from United fans. He had a lovely time today.
  2. It was implied we have a sell on aye. This was the wording when it was announced he was signing with them.
  3. Some laugh that between Campbell and Turnbull it's Wee Al who's in the Barclays first.
  4. #Grezza gets the MK Dons job. https://twitter.com/mkdonsfc/status/1662398245190893568?s=46&t=3_YZzYm0BvTXujcPa64rvA
  5. That's what I was wondering tbh. I get that United had just effectively been relegated but I thought that Goodwin's vibes seemed well off. He seemed pretty much flat out resigned to the fact that they're down.
  6. Aye. I think these games can go either way. We either turn up and everyone has a nice time and a good laugh while Ciftci takes Accies apart or Turnbull shows up in the big daft game against Livi or everyone just chucks it - see the 3-2 final day loss against ICT or the 2-1 against County after we went up inside 10 minutes in an empty stadium. Ironically, those two losses saw both Robinson and Alexander lose their shit afterwards and the resulting GTF lists were a lot more brutal than I think many were expecting at the time. Given the number of players we have either on short term deals, loans or heading out of contract it kind of feels like it's more likely to be the latter. I know Ketts is doing his best to make sure everyone is still invested and on it but equally from a player motivation POV it must be pretty tough not to look at Casey, Paton, Butcher et al all picking up injuries and thinking "f**k that" for the sake of a league place and £65k - that we may hold on to anyway depending on the St Johnstone v. Livi score. It's as a case of 'job done' given where we were a couple of months ago (11th - on the same points as United in 12th) and where we are now (7th, 16 points ahead of United). One interesting wrinkle as a result of our injuries is that it's giving Kettlewell a look at his squad depth in terms of what other players can/can't do and whether our back-ups allow us to play the same system.
  7. Yeah, @Derry Alli mentioned this way back on page 2395 which seemed strange at the time as it was February 19th which meant Kettlewell was only in the door 8 days as interim and we were still only 6 points off the bottom of the league after the St Mirren and Hearts B2B wins. Seemed a weird time to be confirming PCAs. Like @Swello above, I'd file it in the 'sceptical' category. As a kind of sidenote - Don Cowie was one of Kettlewell's signings in his first season as County manager so as a move adding an experienced head to the group is something that he's done. I've also noticed that we still have Clarkson cutting about the dug out on a matchday so I guess Ketts still feels there's a spare coaching role - I'd be surprised if Clarkson combining Academy Director and first team coach was viewed as being sustainable long term.
  8. With Shields it kind of feels like for all his confidence was shot and getting him out to Queens made sense for everyone concerned his loan at QP has really just confirmed that the Championship is probably his level. To that point I could easily see another Championship club being willing to take him on loan. I noticed that Ketts was asked about him the other week and he referenced the point that he'd spoken to him and his understanding that part of Shields pushing for the loan was that he wanted to play as a central/main striker rather than being stuck out wide (as he had been under both Grezza and Hammell) which is entirely fair enough. He got that opportunity but - Queens fans will probably have a better idea than me - it doesn't feel like he kicked on in the way that you'd expect someone dropping down from the Premiership would. He certainly didn't have the same impact for them that Simon Murray did. You can probably make the same arguement of Maguire dropping down to Dundee. I'd imagine that when Kettlewell has his chat with the players next week there will be a few that he's going to point out that while they have a year left, and that's fine, they're not going to be starting so it's up to them what they want to do.
  9. This is kind of it for me. To me Aitchison was a replacement for Shields and/or Efford (given his injury). Which is fine, we'd loaned one out (whose confidence was absolutely shot) and the other was long term injured. It was a short term deal so we weren't on the hook for it. It just leaves us looking at having a bunch of *options* for the same role and gives Kettlewell decisions to make. @crazylegsjoe_mfc is spot on with the post above about having a whole bunch of players who essentially do the same thing. See also the fact that we've got Spittal, Tierney and Danzaki for the #10. That's before you even ask the question of what Lennon Miller is? Is he a #6, an #8 or a #10? Which brings us back to the pathway conversation. I think it's wild that anyone's made any sort of judgement on Aitchison one way or another but as @Handsome_Devil's post alludes to -given where we are now, how do we square the idea of offering a "pathway" if we've got a collection of Aitchison, Efford and Shields ahead of...for example Ferrie who seems a similar-ish player? None of that is to say it can't be sorted out but it's still all a bit messy tbh.
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