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  1. I mean, normally I wouldn't waste my time picking out those posts and sticking them in here (lies, I absolutely would waste my time doing exactly that) but the mental gymnastics are sensational and 100% deserve a bigger audience IMO.
  2. Thoughts and prayers with the JKB lads who, for reasons that still aren't entirely clear, had convinced themselves they were in with a shout of signing Campbell. (Despite it being clear to pretty much everyone paying attention that he was heading south). It's been an emotional rollercoaster for the bold dazajmbo.
  3. Going by the way Burrows was talking on the podcast (and the subsequent spiel in the PR) I'd imagine the deal was all but done and everyone was quite happy with it. I mean, unless we really needed the money in the bank now (which it seems clear we don't) then it makes sense not to take the Tony McCarroll deal and bet on Campbell being quite good.
  4. Aye, roughly. This is what Rowett was saying in February after the window closed in "London News Online": It's pretty much accepted that one of those offers they had rejected was Campbell. The McCormick to Millwall story popped up 7th March (I'll not link to The Sun). That write up in Bristol Live is very Campbell-y. I mean, I'm not sure how reliable NTOF are for breaking transfer stories (not very would be my guess so a pinch of salt and all that) but it's an interesting name and it must have come from somewhere as a Chelsea u23s player to Motherwell isn't an obvious transfer punt for the clicks. It's a slight twist on our previous approach in terms of players from EPL academies when you consider that Grimshaw, Kipré and Seedorf had barely played any first team games before pitching up here. Yer man has had a full season in League 1 and by all accounts was a stand-out (albeit in a team that got relegated).
  5. Doing a bit of digging beyond his namesake and it appears Millwall were taking a look at him back in March and the story seems to go that Chelsea were happy enough to release him from his deal this summer in exchange for a bumped up sell-on clause. It was a Nixon story in The Sun. I don't know how much stock you can put in Bristol Live's sports journalists but make of this what you will: Hmmmm....
  6. Enjoyed that a lot. I'd been hoping we'd get some sort of a season debrief from Flow so it was nice to get one and he covered pretty much everything that piqued my interest on the podcast. I thought he was suitably diplomatic in terms of the difference in approach to recruitment between Robinson and Alexander and it was also interesting to hear his comments on Foyle leaving and Daws taking the HOR role. Similarly his comment about Alexander pretty much patching any notion of philosophy after the Accies and St Johnstone games and just focussing on getting results confirmed what I think a lot of us suspected to be the case. Edit: In other recruitment news...this is interesting: https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/news/chelsea-midfielder-luke-mccormick-becomes-motherwell-transfer-target/ Sign him up...
  7. I was thinking about that earlier. I mean, we've obviously had the bad old days of Samson, Hollis, Twardzik and Nielsen in fairly recent memory but, I could be wrong, it feels like a lot of that is down to how arsed the manager is. Obviously he lucked out initially as he inherited Randolph but was the story not that McCall delegated everything goalkeeper related to Marshall or something? Chapman was what he was, an emergency signing outside the transfer window in an extremely fucking weird season. If you look at our recent run of #1 goalkeepers then Carson > Gillespie > Kelly is pretty good. Even Baraclough signing Ripley was perfectly fine once he found his feet and McGhee benefitted from that in finishing top 6, it got fucked when we decided to just hand the gloves to the ginger prince because he'd been hanging around. IIRC Alexander signed Hladky for Salford so if nothing else I'd take that as a sign that he's at least switched on to the importance of a decent goalkeeper.
  8. It caught my attention that he's only really had the HOR in his last job at AFC Wimbledon (which he combined with assistant manager) where Beneghan was one of his signings. The rest of the jobs he's had have been coaching roles. I suppose Foyle was similar in so much as he'd managed eg: Port Vale, Hereford and the like he moved into HOR at Northampton in 2015 with Chris Wilder then on to us to replace Gary Owers. Tbh, I'd always had the impression that Foyle had been known as some known lower league recruitment Svengali but it seems he'd only been in the job at Northampton about a year when he moved to work with us. I'm not sure what specialist knowledge you need to transition successfully from coaching into recruitment (and then factor in, like Alexander, he's never worked in Scotland before) but it's interesting that the level of club he's been working at (AFC Wimbledon, Scunthorpe, Rotherham, Barnsley and QPR) looks like a step up in the EFL pyramid from the non-league level of Foyle and Owers (no disrespect to either). As soundbites go that seems pretty cool. It'll be interesting to see what it actually means in terms of implementing a strategy though. In hindsight the turnover and churn of players we've seen is probably unsustainable (regardless of whether it was a club or manager dictated strategy). In principle "working smarter" is probably preferable to having a core of targets then casting a wide net on a range of punts and hoping more come good than not. Again, not necessarily a criticism on the HOR as such as he'd only have been working on instruction from management but it felt like our recruitment under Robinson had become a bit predictable (a forward who can play anywhere across the front three anyone?) so either way, a fresh set of eyes feels like a good thing on that very basic level. When you compare how fresh Robinson's first window proper felt in the 17/18 summer and the influx of quick, physical players and the conscious lowering of the age of the squad with last year and erm...Ricki Lamie, Jordan White et al (then even accounting for the 'Rona) there's definitely an argument that things had gone a bit stale in terms of identifying what we needed to kick on as the likes of Lamie and White were pre-contracts all but confirmed before anyone was even talking about shut-downs. "See you soon brother"...indeed. I've said it before but I'd be surprised if Foyle was directly responsible for the Scottish based signings he seemed to be taking flak for (eg: Lamie, White etc) given he was/is Stoke based but albeit some ended up putting in passable performances after Robinson resigned, last summer should surely have been a warning to the club/board of what can happen if you get a window wrong.
  9. So for reference "shortly" is anything up to 22 days. Sound.
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