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  1. He's still listed on our Out on Loan page on the OS. It was a bit weird we didn't announce Connelly was away even it it was only short term. We've announced everyone else, including Sam Muir who's away to Gretna. I'd imagine he will come back though, we only have 2 goalkeepers at the club just now and I'd imagine having a 3rd around the place would be useful. It'd drop Connelly into our first team group as well. Morrison staying with you guys makes far more sense given his age and the fact he needs games or to at least be competing for a first team spot. There are another half dozen of our Reserves group who could easily go out on loan just now. Although having said that, Johnson was on the bench at the weekend. From the general chat around the club the gist seems to be we're keen to get as many of those players out on loan as possible.
  2. I'd imagine we'll see Archer at some point. Reading between the lines the Pieman has been brought in as a short term cover eg: filling in on Saturday. If Carson's injury had seen him out for a month or something then we'd probably just have run with Chapman and pulled Connelly onto the bench or gone for a mystery box signing like Xenodochof. Based on his CV alone Archer seems much more a first choice sort of signing with Carson out for a while. Also, non-GK related I see O'Hara's been in the local press talking about playing centre half.
  3. Across those 3 games we averaged 62.66% possession and had a total of 50 shots on goal - we scored 0 but conceded 3 from 8 shots on target (including 1 penalty). The results, 3x 1-0 losses have kind of become misrepresented as poor performances. If we'd had the front 3 of Cole, Watt and Lang available and in the shape/form they were at the weekend we'd have won against County, United and Accies. That is absolutely a hill I'm willing to die on.
  4. I mean, that would be fair warning if this was a long term gig but the hand we've been dealt is that we've one fit goalkeeper at the club outside of the transfer window so we really are in beggars can't be choosers territory. As it is we've brought in a guy with 166 games for Millwall and was largely competent in his handful of games with Oxford according to their fans. He's signed on a short term deal until the January window opens at which point we'll probably reassess things depending on how Carson's rehab is going. Granted the "international keeper" tag is pushing it but equally there's no lie there. He's got a cap and Motherwell's media team aren't going to miss that sort of tap in.
  5. I don't think O'Hara takes his legs, if he had I'd have thought he/County would be claiming for it given the way they reacted to our stonewaller. With Stewart's chance I thought it was O'Donnell's man. Taking it in isolation he just stands watching Stewart run off him.
  6. Depends on how many new injuries we have between now and Saturday (and whether we bring in a new 'keeper by then). Assuming no change and us miraculously being able to go a few days without someone else falling victim to the ML1 Thunderdome the only change I can see is Lang coming in for Long. Chapman O'Donnell O'Hara Gallagher McGinley Campbell Maguire Polworth Lang Watt Cole Not that he'd have started but Crawford won't be eligible to play in this one either.
  7. another +1 on really enjoying the Culture pods. I'm wary of coming across like a complete ingrate; it's a free podcast that people are giving up their time to produce and no one's forcing me to listen etc but the first section of Monday's pod is the first I've swerved like that - either way a single hour of a single podcast from hundreds published is a pretty good ratio all told. The Patreon content this year has been great value even before you factor in everything having shut down so cheers for that as well.
  8. I think you're safe on that one. The chat seems to be that we're looking to bring another 'keeper in. Jordan Archer was the name Nixon mentioned yesterday.
  9. Aye, I mean I'm aware of Heart and Hand/ibroxrocks from their Twitter feed popping up when I search for 'Motherwell' (well aware enough to nearly get the name of the podcast right) so I was able to make the call that it clearly wasn't for me inside a couple of minutes and just skip it. Admittedly I still raised an eyebrow when I saw that Thom's section didn't start until a full hour into the pod. In fairness to Tony hosting with a guest whose normal output is as obviously partisan is going to be a tough shift. Fwiw, I don't dislike Tony's stuff on The Terrace I just find him a bit more of a difficult listen than a lot of the others. We all have our favourites I guess.
  10. NGL I had pretty much the same reaction - except I just skipped the entire section and went to Thom's chat about the Motherwell game and Craig's closing part. Having a Rangers fan on to talk about Celtic seemed a bit of a misstep to begin with but finding out he and Tony (who doesn't fall in my 'most listenable' category at the best of times anyway) ended up talking for over an hour was just massive amounts of "f**k.that". Obviously that's a lot less of a disappointment for me because it wasn't my club that was getting the Hand on Heart treatment (or whatever his thing's called) but still, as you say given the usual balanced coverage the pod usually brings it was pretty tough.
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