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  1. Sold more in 24 hours than the first 3 weeks last year. I mean, I'm sure there are caveats to what that actually means but it's a good start...
  2. The renewal campaign was launched 12th April last year so pretty much on the same timeline if different circumstances this year.
  3. Rewatched The Big Short - still fucking brilliant 10/10.
  4. The photo and caption is from this story a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Very "business as usual" chat in the press today - which feels a bit weird. Gallagher saying he's open to extending his deal (it's in The Sun - f**k the Sun but Viva Motherwell has the quote). Robinson saying we're actively discussing contracts and speaking to players in The Record. There's a bunch of other stuff in the interview in terms of the strength and conditioning programs Andy Boles has put in place and how we're remotely monitoring them (in between Gallagher and Watt playing FIFA clearly) and the work Davie Henderson's been doing.
  6. Tea was being served by my PE teacher like... That's why the fences were there innit...
  7. Not going to lie lads, I'm genuinely a bit emosh watching that.
  8. Worth sticking up some clips of 'The Road To Hampden'
  9. Tbf, the original story (re: Hearts) was Stephen McGowan's and ran in the Scottish Daily Mail. I'll not link to it because...f**k the Daily Mail but looking at the spiel below it seems like they're generally just looking for opportunity and want to sit down and get facetime with prospective clubs who might be interested in their investment, they were the mob who were in for Thistle prior to the Weir fan ownership shambles - they also sound like absolute worst c***s tbh. Our name appeared in the follow up story that ran yesterday in the Mail with Budge confirming there had been an approach to Hearts that had been kb'd and the article saying that we were the other club they'd "made contact" with and were "poised to reject" an approach to sit down with them. The BBC article saying we'd also told them to f**k off ran far later in the day. Tbf if their model is "we can make a Scottish club younger, more competitive and self sustaining." then I can see why they'd like the look of us as an option to add to their portfolio but equally we're already doing that without their involvement - so other than financial backing I'm not sure what the incentive would be for us to hand over profits to owners rather than reinvesting in the club. Fwiw - here's Chien Lee's Wiki which gives a fairly detailed list of the number of clubs he/his investment company have tried to acquire - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chien_Lee
  10. Well...this is something. We (along with Hearts) seem to have told Barnsley's owners to f**k off regarding an approach to "takeover talks". Which is nice.
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