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  1. I think a version of the latter is more likely but I suppose it's worth bearing in mind that we had a chat with Anderlecht about playing them in Greece as well so we've clearly been open to looking at our options for bounce games against different opposition - which you'd hope would be the case given our squad has had a fortnight holiday and was pumped 4-1 by St Johnstone on Saturday (albeit I've no idea what our team looked like). Clearly we fucking need the minutes. In a bounce game? I don't see why not. I'm pretty sure Livi had a Hibs player playing as a trialist in their game the other day. It's only actual games he wouldn't be eligible for.
  2. Aye, I'm all for getting big Higdon involved. Seems like a good laugh. The whole thing is quite funny tbh. I've clocked a few Spurs-y Twitter accounts listing their strongest possible/probable line-up: Tottenham Starting XI Prediction vs Motherwell Forster; Sanchez, Lenglet, Tanganga; Emerson, Skipp, Bissouma, White, Sessegnon; Kulusevski, Bryan Big Indie Sleaze vibes from Bryan Gil btw.
  3. 16+ minute interview with Hammell. Haud the bus...Spittal's was taken to hospital during the Hibs game and has been playing with cracked ribs?!
  4. Pretty much, aye. I was reading an article about him just there and it mentioned that Bevis is injured, then I remembered a November photo dump Mugabi posted on his IG where his knee looked to be in a brace with a pair of crutches. I know the Blaney story has been around for a while but if Mugabi's injured that basically leaves us with 2 centre backs.
  5. I see @rowsdower and @Busta Nut have already answered but we can sign free agents if they were without a club when the window shut. Blaney was still with Sligo at that point. As Busta says we can sign him just now but we can't register him until the window opens on January 1st.
  6. You've not missed it. We've just not announced it. The Record are saying it's due to be completed this week and I noticed that the Sligo manager confirmed that Blaney's signing for us at a fans forum.
  7. As @Swello mentioned in the strips thread our bit of spiel has it as a nod to the 25th anniversary of our Dortmund homage kit (which various posters on here have been hassling Burrows about on Twitter for ages. Me included.) M'lord. Also, Shivute...
  8. Aye. I take @Busta Nut's point in that the games are cinematic and there's a story arc so, in that respect - given the games are like interactive films in themselves, do we really need this? Tbh, based on the trailers I've seen so far I'm into it. It looks great aesthetically, it's got a strong cast. It's HBO. If nothing else it's making me want to re-visit the games just now.
  9. I take it this was in the bounce game we were playing against St Johnstone yesterday? He's not listed on the Development Team page on the official but having done a quick Google search it seems he's been playing full back with the u18s. https://www.afc.co.uk/report_nostats/u18s-share-the-spoils-with-well/ https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/7536/MATCH-REPORT--MOTHERWELL-TAKE-SPOILS-AS-YOUNG-TERROS-PUNISHED-FOR-INDIVIDUAL-ERRORS.html
  10. New trailer just 'dropped'.
  11. You say that, but then you realise that of Hammell's 4 signings so far 3 have been former players (McKinstry, Moult, Aarons) and 2 of those were known sicknotes (Moult and Aarons). That's not a ding on Hammell as he's been dealt a fairly tough hand given we emptied Alexander 2 days before our opening game and with a month of the window left. Given how thin our squad is it feels like January could just be about getting in a few "easy" deals sorted rather than anything modern or progressive. Tbh, I'm still kind of amazed we weren't in for Murphy in the summer - who knows, maybe we were and he just didn't fancy it.
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