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  1. People celebrating the fact that Scotland is not allowed to govern itself properly and want us to be beholden to the whims of an increasingly chaotic, xenophobic and racist government. Sad times. All for a flag.
  2. I'd agree with you that we need the currency issue be properly thought out. However I'd counter that by saying they could maybe get a big red bus with "f**k Westminster, vote yes to save 500 million a week" that also might work?
  3. Yeah folk struggling with huge bills and inflation but still beholden to the very union which puts in a government that has left us all worse off than 2009. While spouting misogynistic shite like wee nippy or wee krankie while cheering absolute buffoons like Johnson and truss.
  4. Yeah let's vote Labour the party of the people and who gave us wonderful things such as tuition fees. I think the snp are tired now and need a spell either as a minority administration even with green support, Or in opposition, So let's see a labour Tory and Lin Dem coalition run us. Might refresh some people's memories.
  5. I just think that as long as it doesn't turn out that there's a glut of players earning 5k upwards a week, there's nothing wrong in spending this money to improve the playing squad. As others have said, it's a low cost loan repaid over a long time. Why not use it to try and get higher up the league and thus earn more money? It's not like it's a Wonga loan.
  6. To me it sounds like we need to hope we have some money for adult pampers left going with the soiling on here. Has Elvis infected everyone?
  7. Happier now. Although your "patter" is still tragic
  8. Doubling down on it. Fair play. Enjoy the championship
  9. Says the supporter of the team full of galacticos
  10. Good to see a ridiculous var call didn't stop us winning. United are shite and couldn't have complained if it was 4 or 5-1
  11. The buddies up to third. Always a pleasure to beat Livingston. A team who remind me of Alex McDonald's hearts from the 80s. A shower of dirty cheats. Oh and Sean Kelly's still a saint!
  12. Ebbe at Aberdeen managed to stay after a defeat like this and Aberdeen did ok. Difference is, he was a likeable guy whereas Ross is a self centered arrogant c**t.
  13. Yeah and rangers have the additional embarrassment of having all us "diddy" clubs pointing and laughing and them dying. No matter what they win, they'll always be a tribute act.
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