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  1. Neilston will beat Edinburgh Utd 2-0 at St.Mirren Park in front of 708 paying customers
  2. Actual fans or just "people from Ardeer?
  3. Was thinking about this at the game on Saturday, and I'd be interested to know how many current junior players are playing for clubs they supported prior to playing. There surely can't be many. I'd imagine there's some great examples from back in the day, but it must be a dying breed now.
  4. So, the season starts for real next weekend with a home game against SBA. Been working away for the last 5 months so only seen 3 or 4 games but fairly confident we can at least challenge for promotion this season. A good start will obviously help. Already looking forward to it
  5. I wouldn't worry about it. There's a trend to suggest the years we've done poorly in this competition have been our most successful. We need to focus on hitting the ground running in the league without having to worry about knockout games in the league cup every Wednesday.
  6. 1) Largs Thistle 2-14) Assorted Diddies Even a broken clock etc etc...
  7. Is this the guy I was continually telling to just grow up? Hardly begging for anything. If people can't take a joke about the football they've only got themselves to blame. As someone said to me earlier, imagine if someone told you your dad was threatening people online over football. You'd be absolutely mortified.ETA: This very thread being a case in point. Rather than have a bit of banter before realising it IS an Ayrshire derby, you've brought out this depressing patter instead.
  8. I'm sick of actually saying this, but anyone who would want to fight someone over a football forum needs to grow up. It really is the most childish thing I can possibly think of. As for "my fellow fans" I personally don't care. I'm only having a laugh and a few of my fellow fans, Theeesel included, often laugh about how easily you get wound up.
  9. So your official club twitter handle doesn't even know the difference between a derby and a rivalry? It's also been extremely obsessed with Largs over the last few days. Very childish stuff.
  10. Sorry, what? That post is all over the place
  11. ^^^ Still doesn't know the difference between a derby and a rivalry.
  12. You aren't. Those who are a bit sharper will have noticed it's the same post from last season but with this season's fixtures. The jokes obviously lost on you....
  13. A good pre - season for us. I'm fairly confident we stand a chance of going up. All we need is to be less more unfortunate than the other teams in the league.
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