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  1. Absolutely it was vague. And it’s not even the first time we have been discussing vague statements fed to us by the current board either….
  2. The situation is clearly more serious this season. I really think in your role you ought to know better, and if ever I needed an example of board defending you are providing a blueprint…..
  3. Plenty. It’s likely not to be the REAL gap between income and expenditure but an estimate based on a number of assumptions that are unclear. Otherwise why the appeal (or desperate begging) if the estimate is going to plan?….
  4. You see, as an outsider to the ITK posters and the defenders of the board I see nothing different from what I saw here with previous boards. At the moment I’m genuinely frustrated that I’m putting my money in every month but I’ve absolutely no clue where we are financially or how much trouble we are really in. That’s Mainly due to vague statements made by our board. If we are now all genuinely part of ‘one club’, it’s time to be more open and tell us where we stand with some numbers and the implications, so we can all make genuinely informed decisions. At the moment I’m not increasing my contribution until I know exactly why and what the implications are of not doing so…..
  5. There’s absolutely no doubt, that certain posters on here think that we should not be holding the current board to the same level of scrutiny as previous boards. Wrapped up as negative posting. We absolutely should treat the current incumbents in the same way as previous boards and feel free to question anything that’s up for debate. That’s one of the key purposes of this forum….
  6. BWAClyde how are you treating the midweek games? Are you reviewing the results that were submitted a few weeks back?
  7. Airdrie 1-1 QoS Alloa 1-1 Dunfermline Clyde 1-2 Montrose FC Edinburgh 1-2 Kelty H Peterhead 0-2 Falkirk
  8. It’s the same pish that was being spouted when Pep arrived. I wouldn’t blame him for going to one of the Spanish giants, after all it’s pretty much any footballers dream, but in reality he will be taking a step downwards, in all probability……
  9. I also worked at City for a couple of years so whilst I agree with comments re some of the supporters the idea that Etihad has a poor atmosphere most weeks is not true at all….
  10. As someone who actually goes to quite a few games at the Etihad this is utter bullshit…
  11. I want our club to be successful. However, Jim Ratcliffe is not someone I want us to be associated with. Certainly not without exploring other avenues at least…..
  12. Yes I think it’s time to stop getting all worked up over some misguided wording, and look at the bigger picture here which is safeguarding the future of our club today…..
  13. Give his selfish determination to shoot every time he has the ball I think his strike rate isn’t that good tbh…..
  14. Is it an option for supporters to contribute less that £10 per month? Say £5 for example? If we are not flexible enough to allow people to pay what they can afford then we have no reason to complain about a lack of members imo…..
  15. Dunfermline 2-0 Peterhead Falkirk 2-0 Clyde Kelty H 2-1 Airdrie Montrose 3-1 FC Edinburgh Queens 1-1 Alloa
  16. I actually thought the couple of delays affected our team more than Dunfermline on Saturday. We were on top and had the Pars under pressure but lost that momentum with those delays. I would welcome a ban on anyone throwing things onto the playing surface. They do our club a disservice…..
  17. One of the worst. Think he’s still around on here…,
  18. I liked it like a hole in the head ( which describes a fair few posters on there)….
  19. To be fair, there were quite a few fuds…..
  20. Good. Quite like Hartlepool but couldn’t follow them with that dough ball in charge. Signed 16 new players for them this season but it didn’t work. Sound familiar? Wonder if he has any more relatives to bail him out for another job…
  21. You may be my Romanian linked alter ego but I have to say I agree with every word …….
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