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  1. Some great players being mentioned but surprised no one included Ivo Den Bieman, even on the bench…
  2. Pretty sure I heard the number £6M but I think it was part funded by the council. However there are others ITK who can confirm….
  3. I don’t think Romania gave its 12 points to Moldova. (Could be wrong). However most of the votes they did get probably came from the Roma and other ethnic groups rather than Moldovans who are pretty few in number anyway. There’s channels on the TV over there dedicated to traditional songs very similar to the Moldovan entry. It’s a good listen for 5 mins or so but jeez does it get on your nerves after a while…..
  4. Thanks for clarifying. I’d still question whether we are at a stage where this needs to be up amongst our highest priorities for now…..
  5. Both teams looked distinctly average compared to teams in play offs in prior seasons. Next seasons clear relegation favourites if they do get past St Johnstone……
  6. If you ask me the question do I think an artificial pitch can contribute to injuries, my answer would be yes. HOWEVER, if you asked me whether a grass or artificial surface is more likely to contribute to injuries, I’d say grass every single time. Too many jumping on the same ill thought-through bandwagon….
  7. Can ANYONE actually explain what the problem is with an artificial surface that’s been used for a few years? I watched Arbroath v ICT last night and a player ballooned the ball over the bar due to a bobble on the grass surface. Yet no-one complains that it’s desperately time to replace the grass surface (even though it is). I can’t remember watching a game at TFS and thinking if we had a better surface we might have scored there or that a player wouldn’t have tripped and got injured due to the pitch specifically. I can on grass surfaces though. Given our alleged financial predicament, I can think of better uses for cash whilst in the third tier playing teams with tinpot surfaces….
  8. Absolutely loving this contest between Tampa and Toronto. Every game is completely unpredictable and that comeback by the Leafs in game 5 was incredible…
  9. Utterly shocked to find out that this finished 1-1….
  10. For restructuring, read, “cost cutting” I think…..
  11. I think the key statement here is played over 100 games at Premiership level for them. Clearly he was well rated by Livi. He wouldn’t be joining us as a striker……
  12. On what basis FFS? Are we now saying that we shouldn’t sign an outstanding player if he became available because he played for us in the past and won’t be as good? Someone should have told Crunchie that….
  13. Amazing that at a journalism do of all places, it appears to be hush hush and no one recorded anything of note…..[emoji3]
  14. The collapse in a matter of a couple of months from the previous season can hardly just be put down to not bringing in new players although it certainly didn’t help…
  15. I don’t think I’ve claimed that Latapy didn’t have influence. The question is whether Hughes was a good manager for Falkirk. I maintain he was for the majority of his tenure…..
  16. You can’t ignore the quality of players he brought to the club. That wasn’t solely down to Latapy. The team ran out of steam after a number of successful seasons. Much in the same way it did under Houston…
  17. Rubbish. We were never a one man team even with Latapy….
  18. Hang on. At least Yogi is consistent in giving the Falkirk fans exactly what they want. As proven again today…
  19. 6-4. Did both teams borrow Falkirk’s centre half’s for this one?….
  20. Airdrie 2-0 Peterhead Alloa 1-1 Montrose Dumbarton 2-1 Clyde East Fife 0-2 Cove R Queens P 1-0 Falkirk First goal 2 mins
  21. The point is, if you don’t know, which it appears you don’t, why are you pointing at the finger at any individual? You’re not the only one though. I just treat most of these comments with a pinch of salt until there’s more information forthcoming. I’m not sure of any real issues behind the scenes that we keep being told need to be addressed. What I do wish for is that we would focus on the REAL issues which are in front of our faces. I can’t see much being done at the moment to address them at all. Just a few poor appointments to date by our current board…
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