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  1. Aye, and it looks like a day off for you lot too.... Thanks for noticing.
  2. Next fight is likely to be Dillian Whyte first....
  3. Real surprise to see that AJs next fight will be against someone he’s previously beaten.... Too many handing out plaudits for a distinctly average display on Saturday.
  4. Look, there’s no doubt they are absolute diddies, but to compare them with Morton fans is frankly below the belt...
  5. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been blessed to see fighters tear lumps out of each other to win a fight over many years, rather than watch a 6’6” Adonis cower from an overweight fighter half his size to win a bore fest....
  6. Did I disagree that AJ won comfortably? He jabbed his way through and used his reach. However if it had been a true rumble I think Ruiz would have taken him. Not an impressive champion....
  7. Performances like that at the top level do little for the sport though..
  8. AJ used his reach to jab bore to victory imo. However he looks vulnerable to a big punch which Ruiz failed to deliver. Not impressed tbh...
  9. Round 11 AJ. Defensive and Boring as f**k though....
  10. Round 10 AJ..very defensive though. No action.
  11. I’d give Rd 9 to Ruiz...but close.
  12. Overwhelmingly Rd 8 Ruiz. Confirming my view that AJ is not that great. Every time Ruiz throws a big one AJ looks troubled. The reverse not so...
  13. Round 7 AJ. But pretty shite watch tbh...
  14. Really don’t rate AJ. Think Ruiz could win this if he opened up....
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