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  1. What’s not going to a game got to do with anything? There’s an awful lot of OF fans who don’t go to games but continue the glory hunt from their armchair.....
  2. I don’t believe I did. I said it was right that Raith were promoted and the others relegated last season. However it was still unfair that we and other clubs were deprived of a play off. My concern is the way decisions are arrived at and the lack of fairness in that decisions can be changed on a vote by vote basis for self interest reasons. You clearly haven’t grasped that...
  3. It’s funny, I’m sure we agreed to play 36 games last season but only played 28. Guess what? We called it.....
  4. You know, it would have been more justified than the ppg pish they came up with. And yes, I appreciate it would not have changed matters for my club. I’d have supported that if it had been clearly stated in the rules for unexpected events and would have been difficult to argue against. The point here though is it’s perfectly possible to come up with some preseason ground rules to avoid the self interest conversations from all sides. But they won’t, and didn’t, because self interest was again allowed to rule and @Sergeant Wilson [email protected] Moonster think that’s the best system that we can come up with and we shouldn’t change it. Unbelievable.
  5. Airdrie and Montrose were hardly in serious contention for the title and with a home game to play against the team above them on the final game of the season. I clearly acknowledged the playoff teams chances in my previous post. I don’t recollect our chairman in the media every two minutes saying one thing then voting another ala Raith, nor taking the associations to court ala Hearts and Thistle. Do you? As for our fans. Do you SERIOUSLY expect everyone to say that’s fine, let’s get on with it when clubs continue to make it up as they go along and your club is the one impacted? Jeez.....
  6. Which other club was SERIOUSLY affected? Airdrie and Montrose were long shots, although they were unfairly deprived of a play off opportunity, possibly also East Fife at a push.... Look forward to your response....
  7. Once again, resorting to insults when you have nothing of value to add.....
  8. You know, last season, we had Raith Rovers, Hearts, Thistle and Stranraer bleating constantly re their respective promotion and relegations, all of which got what they deserved in the end. Some of which went to court to emphasise their concerns. The only club that were also seriously put out were ourselves, and whilst we released a statement about our concerns we accepted the situation and just got on with it. Now this season a similar situation is arising and guess which club is going to be adversely accepted by a potential change of heart in voting on the same issues. Yet you try to ridicule any Falkirk supporter who dare question a seriously flawed process based on self interest. Keep on bleating the same drivel for no reason other than to irritate the fans of affected clubs, but it’s not going to change my view that we would be unfairly deprived if the leagues are null and voided for unjustified reasons....
  9. This is not an unfair argument if there is no option to null and void but that’s simply not the case here. As has been stated many times we can start in over a months time and complete the season with 18 games and play offs, so no excuse for non completion rather that the self interest of so many clubs in avoiding relegation at any cost.....
  10. Don’t worry, you guys only have one more level to drop to find yours.....
  11. Democracy isn’t a voting system that’s slanted to suit one set of results, e.g 11-1 etc. Not sure why you cannot see that? Re the independent body, whilst far from perfect, just how do FIFA or UEFA manage to operate as governing bodies? And as for the last point, yep, it’s no more likely under an independent governing body than it is under a skewed voting system where the self interest of the biggest clubs predominates..... Ps. I’m going to say it now, so feel free to bookmark, the lower division clubs will be financially incentivised to such an extent that enough will give in to allow colt clubs to be admitted. Under an independent and fairly run body (a challenge I agree), such bribery would not be allowed to exist....
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