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  1. I think it’s one of his better albums to be honest with a couple of standout tracks, Rose of Damascus and Waverley Steps. Looking forward to his upcoming gigs next year if they happen. Whilst I don’t think Marillion would be as good a band as they are today if Fish was still at the helm, he was one helluva writer especially on those early Marillion albums and will always be an all time Marillion hero....
  2. Do you think people on furlough carry on regardless and don’t attempt to cut back given less income and the uncertainty that they may not be able to pay their mortgage when furlough comes to an end? Or maybe you are too stupid to understand that?…
  3. And you think that plan should be those who are willing to spend most should get priority? I don’t....
  4. Agree with this. I topped up but it was to help the club. Nothing else was offered at the time and I’m not expecting any favours in return. I’ll just be happy if we have a club and some football to watch in upcoming years.....
  5. Any doubts whether the average Falkirk supporter is a moaning faced old c**t dispelled right here......
  6. I wish you’d stop saying that. I still have nightmares from the last time it was ‘Our Time’.....
  7. And you are an expert on what’s safe? Let’s allow us all to go to the football then and ban us all from supermarkets cos it’s much safer ffs. Only bit I agree with is pubs should be closed. There is a danger of fans piling into pubs to watch the football ironically....
  8. 750 cases in Scotland in a single day today, yet the experts on here are criticising the Scottish Government for trying to protect the elderly and infirm. Some things matter more than football....
  9. Putting a statement out just now saying we will be ok is an indicator to anyone willing to invest money to prop clubs like ours up that we don’t need help. Not in the clubs best interests to do that at this point....
  10. Yes. Whilst I agree it’s a members club it’s hardly set up to allow lower league clubs to exert influence in their favour so it’s not going to resolve the fundamental issue of how smaller clubs survive. Of course the horses have already bolted on this one so not sure any mutiny at this stage will help in this case anyway. However, longer term, as I have stated before, I think that this so called democratic approach to resolving things only breeds individual self interest and does nothing to move our game forward...
  11. Where did I mention the Government though?.... My point is I disagree that clubs are entirely to blame.
  12. I’ll disagree. A big part of the problem has been the ridiculous split of SPFL cash in such a way that the clubs that actually need it least get overwhelmingly the biggest proportionate share. Indeed the SPFL should also have been setting money aside for years to support clubs getting into trouble, instead they continue to bleat on and deliver little in terms of commercial income. Yes, clubs share blame, but the authorities that run our game have done little to provide support when it’s needed....
  13. Managing Coronavirus is a significantly easier task in an vast area low density population country like Australia, rather than a daily city to city commutable country such as the UK or most European countries. It’s simply not comparable.
  14. Never mind football, how many small to medium size enterprises do you think have a fully costed business plan based on pretty much full spend but no income for the forthcoming year? The club have recently brought in outside investment and talked about a share scheme alongside season ticket purchases that may never come to the purchasers use fruition. I think the club - board - appear to be doing what is expected of them tbh.....
  15. Sorry, you want a pandemic at the same time as we have Hartley in charge? We’d all be suicidal.....
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