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  1. Still wouldn’t want him back though……
  2. Brilliant! [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  3. Which is still probably miles better than what we currently have though!
  4. ….and yet he scored a scorcher against us that ended up being the difference between us when we looked decent earlier this season….
  5. Delighted with this one. Suddenly feeling a bit more positive about our defence….
  6. An awful lot more speculation than usual, fuelled by board statements, a missing No 9 shirt, media speculation and an awful lot of “in the knows”. Can only hope Clyde price us out tbh….
  7. So just to be clear here, you’ve jumped ship and now believe what everyone was already telling you.
  8. Whoa! Were you not the first to discredit this story when it broke? Are you now saying this is a genuine possibility that DGW is headed our way?…
  9. Watching the highlights again and surprised no one has commented just how good a cross it was from McGuffie for the first goal. Ironically it’s the one forward area I think we are weakest on. But a few more like that from him and I’d be happy to see him continue to start…..
  10. If you need nearly 5 mins to confirm something is ‘clear and obvious’, it isn’t clear or obvious….
  11. Montrose and Queen’s Park next 2 games. Really need to win both to have any realistic chance. But any chance whatsoever of doing that means replacements for McKay and Hall have to come in this week….
  12. I’d like to think it was Rennie spotting a player. Would give us real hope for any further signings….
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