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  1. Given the popularity of our board amongst our fans, I think we’ll be relegated.....
  2. It may depend on age group to an extent but I can see a few of the older generation having second thoughts.Also a few with young kids I can see being nagged by the other half not to go for a while until things settle. However it’s great to see that we haven’t lost our enthusiasm on here...
  3. Once football does restart with fans back in the stands in say, 6 months time, I wonder how many people will have been lost to the game. We have social distancing ingrained in our psyche now that I can’t help but think a lot of people will think differently about sitting with people they don’t know in the stands and may choose to give games a miss....
  4. The government made it very clear that they were aiming to reduce the impact on the NHS by reducing the peak and extending over a longer period i’ve been bemused re all these conversations about playing by the end of June. It was never an option and I reckon it’ll be October at the earliest before we see next season underway....if not later....
  5. I get that but this is hardly a normal situation and most of the SPFL are struggling, many for survival. Offering League One clubs 2.7k and League Two half that is hardly going to help. An exception should have been made to protect the game by spreading the cash more evenly when the season is incomplete and we are in crisis imo.....
  6. Lets just open the doors and let people die needlessly.....and all because your businesses are in financial difficulty. Selfish c**t....
  7. I’m sure the £2.7k will be a fantastic help to both Falkirk and Raith Rovers.....
  8. I must say,if the objective of the SPFL was to protect the survival of its member clubs, passing the bulk of it to the arsecheeks and one token diddy club is a funny way of doing it. Looking at TX suggestion, 35k to League One and 17k to league two would surely have gone a long way to helping them. Yet again the body further loses credibility with real supporters....
  9. So are Celtic and Rangers getting the minimum payment of 395k than? And why aren’t the other clubs in the Premiership, except token diddy club Motherwell, also getting 395k?…
  10. Whyever do Celtic need £400k whilst we and other clubs are receiving 2.7k or less? This should not be about prize money in an incomplete season. Complete joke..... Oh, and I note that the top three in the other divisions don’t appear to being paid more than the other clubs. Why is that I wonder? Motherwell getting a fat payment to deflect from old firm bias.
  11. I believe it’s probably 2 years but you can happily validate here: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf Still not clear on your point. Is 20,000 deaths in the UK an insignificant figure in your opinion? I’m a betting man but betting on how many people will die in the UK is not my thing. So I’m out.....
  12. So just to be clear here, if the lockdown works, you are going to proclaim victory as the numbers never reached the levels that we were warned could happen? Priceless [emoji16]
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