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  1. I see our game with Hibs has been chosen for Premier Sports. What additional money do we get for that?…
  2. Three times I tried to correct that and autocorrect still insisted Vandetta is what I need….[emoji3]
  3. Why do I need them as mates? All I care about is they make the correct decisions. Note, I AM a member of the FSS, a shareholder and I’ve renewed as a Prime season ticket holder for this season having not done so the last couple of years…..
  4. Some of us don’t know anyone on the new board. That means we remain completely open minded re what they do right and wrong rather than blinkered into believing that they should be immune from criticism. Just like the incompetents that went before them they will get both barrels when they do wrong. It’s got NOTHING to do with having a vandetta in most cases such as myself on here….
  5. Appreciate our ticket sales tower over other clubs in the division, but I’m not sure I’m ready to celebrate success in selling less than 2000 so far. The bulk of tickets will be bought before the early bird deadline. It’s not bad but I don’t think we are running at the levels seen when we were a Championship club. That’s down to poor performance in recent years of course. Get to Championship sales levels and I’d recognise the achievement….
  6. I think giving last season’s players any concessions by placing the blame on the various managers is disingenuous to the managers to be honest. The truth is that too many players either were not good enough or lacked the commitment needed. That can’t be simply deflected onto the managers that acquired them…..
  7. Not sure anyone could blame Mackie for reacting to a career ending tackle like that in a pre-season friendly. Disgraceful…..
  8. I don’t know. I’m looking forward to a trip to Bonnyrigg and a home game against Hibs….
  9. Ironically Nesbitt scores to make it 1-0…..
  10. It wasn’t that long ago that that was the very debate we were having re promotion from the Championship. How quickly things regressed……
  11. First minute sees Crunchie collecting his award…
  12. Given where we are I doubt we will in our lifetimes sadly….
  13. He failed with a simple header and also had a shot blocked. Otherwise didn’t get a sniff. Was hardly helped by being surrounded by youngsters to be fair…
  14. 1-4. Pretty much our youth team at the end
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